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    Traditional piece when a musician dies

    The Popper 3 Cello Requiem is often played, so I hear, at cello teachers' funerals. (Luckily all my teachers are alive and well!)I played a funeral where "Over the Rainbow" was the featured piece (it was the couple's "song," the wife had died). It was so sad, everybody (including me) was bawling, actually sobbing.
  2. What do you all think of this violin? Any guess on a maker?
  3. Simone

    What would you name a string quartet?

    One of my younger students had a cute idea for her quartet: "The Musical Chairs." Unfortunately her idea was out-voted by the other members in favor of "The Golden Notes..." BLEHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
  4. Simone

    Another ebay???

    Ack!!!! NO, I am not thinking of buying this thing! I posted the link for your general amusement. I am amused!
  5. Simone

    Another ebay???
  6. Simone

    Ebay violin opinions?

    What do you all think of this violin?
  7. Simone

    Cellist and new user to this board.

    The Cello Chat page is at It's a great board!
  8. Simone

    Stage Presence

    What I think makes or breaks stage presence is the performer's communication with others on-stage, whether it be with an accompanist, orchestra, etc. I love to see eye contact in a string quartet, I love it when a soloist has a line with our section and they glance over. Just awareness. It makes the performance so much more effective!
  9. Simone

    New practise room! - furnishings?

    Hi Laurel, I do agree with HKV, but if your room sounds like a gymnasium (we have a room here that did, though it was a smaller room!) you could always hang a "tapestry" on the wall. In our case, this is a really pretty throw blanket. We figured if it didn't dampen the sound to our liking, we could use it to keep warm! (It worked, though, thankfully!)
  10. Simone

    Rap Masters and a Question

    Hi Theresa, Interesting post! I have a different view of rap due to an experience I had in junior high. Our orchestra went on a field trip to see a production called "Project" put on by people who lived in Cabrini-Green. After the show we got to talk to them one on one...the stories they told about their lives still make me shudder. One bright point was a man whose talent was rapping. Along with his buddy (who was basically the rhythm section) he improvised a rap for and about each of the girls (giggle!) with perfect rhyming and interesting rhythm. I think what is sold on cds today (Eminem etc.) is bottled rap, no matter how "extreme" and cool these rap artists try to be. This guy from Cabrini-Green seemed very uniquely gifted to me, and is always who I think of when I hear any popular rap artist reading from their "script."
  11. Simone

    Ornate Ebay Violin

    Would this violin really be Italian? Just curious, and thanks for any opinions!
  12. Simone

    May "The Force" Be With You

    Hee hee, my stand partner always says, "May the Force Be With You" right before every concert. I'm glad because the color of MY universe during our concerts would otherwise be a muckish grey. This is said toung in cheek, HKV!
  13. Interesting topic. Here's something weird... When I was growing up and "Bye Bye Miss American Pie" would come on the radio, I would get this sort of "homesick" feeling (that's the very thing it was like, I couldn't explain it any better if I tried). Well, I asked my mom about it once, and evidentally she listened to that record all the time--BEFORE I was born. The record got broken during a move they made just before my mom gave birth to me. But I still get this honest to goodness homesick feeling everytime I hear it, though not the Madonna version! But wait, maybe EVERYBODY feels this way about this tune. Anyone?
  14. Simone

    Praise of Shar.

    I've always had good luck with SHAR since I started playing in 6th grade. I bought my new case there, even though it was more expensive than other places simply because they were the nicest on the phone (this is a luxury). They had the case here way before they said they would and in perfect condition. (Music I order is always early too!)
  15. Simone

    pieces that make you laugh

    Great topic, violagoddess! For me nothing beats "Three Little Maids From School" from the Mikado, played by string quartet, yourself being the only female member. Tee hee!