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  1. Thanks for the pictures, Bruce! I was just wondering. Does anyone know why the cello is called the Sleeping Beauty? Most important instruments have former owner's names. I hope Disney's Sleeping Beauty was not one of the ex owners of the cello.
  2. Since I am not a personal friend of this family, I probably won't be seeing the pictures or the cello in person anytime soon. But, hearing from Tets that the cello was recently sold gave me a pretty good sense that this family bought it. Maybe I could ask to see it when I visit Taiwan next time.
  3. Hi everyone, A friend of mine told me that her friend's family recently bought the Sleeping Beauty Montagnana. How do I know if they bought the real deal without looking at the instrument? I am not planning on asking my friend to ask her friend the transaction/financial details. The only thing I know is that they could afford it.
  4. I don't know if the previous posts mentioned this, but the Chicago School where I graduated from did not require an entrance exam. I don't know if they do now. I didn't know how to use a plane or sharpen a knife before I entered school, so I am glad they took me. I learned a lot in school. Then I went on to work in a violin shop. I also learned a lot there. My boss at the shop Margaret emphasized learning and training in an actual violin shop, but I liked having both.
  5. We used propolis when I was in school. I've also tried very thin hide glue (gelatin), which along with Albumen (Vernice Bianca/egg white), is a classic sealer for painted surfaces. I have left the inside unsealed for the last few years, but I might try different things in the future.
  6. I don't know how many instruments Paul or Jennifer Becker make per year if any, but don't forget the other member of the family who is actively making. Eric Benning is the only other maker that I know who shares the knowledge of Becker instruments. He went on making trips with Carl to the Wisconsin cabin. I believe he is a second cousin of Carl's.
  7. I don't know if it is fashionable among the forum participants to engage in mockery, but I personally think it's culturally insensitive. See ABC News coverage of Rush Limbaugh comments
  8. By the way, does anyone know why the violin was in pieces (assuming that it had been in pieces for years)? And Michael, did you see it in John Becker's workshop?
  9. Is someone making fun of a Chinese name again?!
  10. He was one of the nicest person around. When I was in school, he would always bring instruments over to show the students. He was especially fond of violas, and would give us advice on what players wanted in a viola. He will be missed.
  11. I totally agree. No one expert knows all the makers that ever exited in history. A dealer could sell thousands of instruments in his or her life time. It is impossible to have the correct names on all the instruments that passed through the shop. For example, experts like Beare's and Warren's might not know about American makers as much as David Bromberg. Additionally, lower price instruments do not get as much care as hight price instruments. Gross negligence and deliberate misrepresentation, however, are what could be considered criminal.
  12. What Mr. Hargrave sees in a violin firm that deals with the top instruments happen everyday in shops all over the world. Instruments are sold with wrong attributions, wrong certificates, and mismatched parts. The violin dealing industry is not well regulated at all. Instruments cross borders all the time without proper customs procedures. Customs offices are not equip to check valuable instrments. In other trades, this would be major smuggling federal felony. I am glad I got out of working for someone else, and just focus on making and selling my own instruments and bows.
  13. Thank you Brad and go-oa. I have seen a few pictures but haven't seen an actual instrument done this way.
  14. I am not sure what you guys are talking about. Does anyone have a illustration?
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