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  1. Do you build Bergonzi?

    My brief foray into modelling was not a success... the two Bergonzi forms are drawn from the existing artifacts.
  2. Brushes for retouching

    I made a bunch of quill ferrule brushes for a museum exhibit. I have great respect for anyone who would do that for a living!

    Dr. Addie's was a Reichert, similar to this one:
  4. Brushes for retouching

    Addie is apparently behind the times. Sable, marten, weasel, Kolinsky weasel....
  5. Brushes for retouching

    If you plan on taking good care of them, get sable. Red sable is squirrel tail, btw. Some synthetics handle well. But you have to try them out to see what works for you. That goes for size as well. Lots of different sizes is a good plan. You don't want to be in the middle of touching up and only have brushes that are too big or too tiny.

    My Grandfather, Dr. Addie, had a similar microscope. He started practice in 1918, I think.
  7. Viola d'Amore check in, please?

    That's Jadis from The Magician's Nephew. That's the first book in the Narnia series. Thankfully, I spent much of my childhood without television. I read a great deal, and still do.
  8. Viola d'Amore check in, please?

    LOL again. Mike V probably doesn't know the image I posted, and I have no clue what he posted. (Addie suddenly feels old... )
  9. Viola d'Amore check in, please?

    LOL! I confess that this image from my childhood (the first one) was probably in the back of my mind when I wrote that. No offence to VdA...
  10. Viola d'Amore check in, please?

    Hopefully not literally whacked. The reports of gangs of looters with machetes add a grim twist to a dire situation.
  11. Viola d'Amore check in, please?

    Good to hear from you. The magnolia is the silver lining in the cloud. Stay cool.
  12. Although I imagine VdA standing on the backs of two alligators, with the reins in one hand and launching thunderbolts with the other during this storm, it would be nice if she could check in. Any other members in Florida?
  13. include model on label?

    I think having the model on the label works for Burgess...
  14. Perry Sultana...

    Ernie, I think the biggest risk with red maple is that you wind up with a dashed line after you carve it. A dark line can be worked with, or if it all carves away, that's fine, but if only bits of it carve away, it won't look very good.
  15. include model on label?

    I agree, putting the model on the label is a low-end thing. And I really hate it when I hear someone say their VSO "is a Guarneri model." No, it's a horrid sounding Mk-Sch with long, squashed sound holes. And anything with two rows of purfling is a "Maggini model." No, it's a Mk-Sch "Stradivarius" with double purfling. And...