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  1. The only thing that makes the writing German(ic) in my opinion is the capitalization in the gothic script. That’s clearly fractur. Gothic was popular in London and New York. Different capitals. The rest is ordinary business hand of the era.
  2. Addie

    Can anyone help translate/read this?

    I noticed that the ink in the date appears different from the rest, that the writing of the whole is “Italian/business hand,” and is likely later than the alleged late.
  3. Addie

    Any tips on seeing if a label is fake...

    Unless the maker had a scanner and ink jet printer... in the 1920’s...
  4. Your end pin is missing its removable pitch pipe. No kidding.
  5. Addie

    ID bow swan head

    I think the finish colour is called Swan lake, but my French is a little rusty. No madder.
  6. Addie

    Who can read and recognize this NAME?

    I like the idea of double doors in the back, for setting the sound post. Or is it an ash dump?
  7. Addie

    Cucumber! ... page 66+
  8. Addie

    Mysterious violin - French or Cromonese

    According to the VAR certificate, it's French. It says something about blockology and hands-on review.
  9. Addie

    Laurel or Yanny?

    The interesting bit being the clip that isolates the high and low frequencies... Not the dress colour.
  10. Addie

    Laurel or Yanny? A high vs low frequency puzzle.
  11. Addie

    Strad (and other) models database?

    I have seen top and back casts. The bridge dents are deep!
  12. Addie

    We need a "Like" button on Mn.

    How about i think we can afford these if everyone donates a Bitcoin.
  13. Addie

    Laberte Label?

    It's still good handwriting.
  14. Addie

    Strad (and other) models database?

    I had trouble matching the cast to the ct scan. Although excellent overall, the edges of the plate casts are not well defined.
  15. Addie

    Strad (and other) models database?

    Thanks! I usually only get negative feedback.