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  1. Tax proposals

    Politics unrelated to taxes and violin businesses, which will put Uncle Jeffrey in a bad mood when he reads this topic...
  2. Just for fun - violin ID

    I would look online for old Miami Florida directories. You've got the full address and part of the name. I see I posted a minute too late! As for the plate plateau, never seen one. I have seen a trench along the center seam of a back plate.
  3. Atypical construction violin

    Don is quite right. This is a violin that was used for experiments, not unlike some of Don's.

    The human experience starts over with each new life. Lovely in children. In adults, it's why we still have things like genocide... Anecdote: sitting in a restaurant with my cousins and their children, the youngest, two, was intent on food mischief. Cousin's spouse: "The forces of good and evil are very near the surface in children."
  5. I find the Jos. Winner handwriting quite convincing. No way of telling if the brick is his, unless he signed it.
  6. Violin geometry references

    Sin and geometry? No, it's trigonometry, along with cos and tan. In 1753, Americans still mostly spoke English, not 'Merican. Remember that When in the course of human events stuff? Not exactly how the Kardashians speak, is it? Oh, I mean not exactly how they talk.
  7. Violin geometry references

  8. One Very Loud Note (A5)

    Reminds me of Galamian's good technique is pretty, bad is ugly comment.
  9. One Very Loud Note (A5)

    I would try that under the tail piece and under the fingerboard as well, and try a clothes pin on the E side of the bridge. Also have somebody gently squeeze the red areas of Don's diagram while you play the offending note, E5.
  10. Violin geometry references

    OK, two...
  11. Violin geometry references

    Just one, OK?
  12. Beady eyes... extreme version of fisheye

    I have mostly encountered fisheye in painting metal, and prevent it by preheating the object before painting. Since preheating a violin isn't practical, I suggested warming the varnish. It might help, or it might not. Ultimately, I think we all know the solution, but nobody wants to say it: file under 'r' for "reject."
  13. Violin geometry references

    A baroque monocle would be called a quizzing glass.
  14. Beady eyes... extreme version of fisheye

    Intuitively, I would try warming the varnish. You might also prep the previous layer with turps or turps and a bit of oil. Artists used to leave their under painting to dry for a long period before proceeding, and then prepped the underpainting with a thin layer of oil well rubbed in.