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  1. I don't know if there's anyone from Denmark on MN, but I would question why your "go-to luthier" would sell you a cello that needed a new nut, with a bridge whose slots are "off center." These are items that can markedly affect how an instrument sounds and responds.
  2. We don't in fact know if the OP's instrument is mediocre. All we know is it cost $4,000 and he's currently not happy with it. I have a very nice modern cello that responds like a dream for which I paid < $10,000. People are led to believe there's a direct relationship between an instrument's cost and its quality; in fact, this is largely untrue. Rather than spend tons of money on an old Italian instrument, the gentleman is well-advised to seek professional help (for his cello...)
  3. I suggest you invest a couple hundred into the instrument you own to get it set up properly by an experienced and talented luthier. There's no telling how happy you could be, and there are plenty of ways to spend money in modern life. If you tell us where you're located, someone here will suggest someone for you to see. Professional players know "It's not the arrow; it's the Indian." I've sat on audition committees for 45 years and only once in that time did I reject someone because of their instrument.
  4. Not a lot of advance notice to make travel plans.
  5. Why!?

    Someone thought it was a clever idea at the time..?
  6. rags to riches??

    If it was a Strad it'd be another $100
  7. 1) I seriously doubt it. 2) Tony S. had to make a living, so I seriously doubt he was concerned with any "romance" in his workaday life. Common sense tells me if power tools had been available he'd have used them to his economic advantage.
  8. Violin lost its voice...

    The use of Dampits aside, does anyone else think those ASM pics make her look like a doppelganger for Jane Fonda?
  9. Violin lost its voice...

    Yes, among many other possible causes. Since you've successfully identified this one issue, your next step should be to have it properly glued (emphasis on "properly" HINT: you don't use Elmer's for this!)
  10. I know a high-level cellist who affixes his "cheap rubber mute" on his G string to act as a sort of "woof" reducer. In fact, the entire cello section of this particular orchestra (of which I speak...) uses the same type mute, and I've heard nary a complaint about any buzzing, annoying or otherwise.
  11. Carbon Fiber Cellos

    One has to ask: if they're so great, why did you need three? They fall and break their necks? As to your question, the easy answer is NO.
  12. Carbon Fiber Cellos

    How about a simple set of strings that plays in tune for < $200..?
  13. Kevlar taipiece attachment

    String players being the neurotic perfectionists they are, they're always seeking something they don't have. It can be the "right" string, a "lightweight" tailpiece, a smattering of faerie dust, etc. It could be a number of different issues. Sometimes the only thing missing is enough hours in the practise room. I think the idea of "tone optimization" has some room for flexibility, depending on the desires of the player, so I can appreciate what a luthier has to go thru to please a (hopefully repeat) customer. I always try to be cognizant of this when I walk in with a complaint. I remember the Cello God recommending I switch to a lightweight tailpiece; I declined because being the contrary old fahrt I am, I decided it was just the "fashion of the moment". When I saw him again a few years later and queried him about it, he admitted he'd given up on the idea, because like a lawyer confronted with a legal question, often the only true and reliable answer is "It depends!" (I'm sorry, what was the question again??)