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  1. On closer reading, you're absolutely correct. Thank you. Larry
  2. The majority of Heifetz's career was documented on 78's, which, as I have always understood it, cannot be edited.
  3. As the blogspot says, "in the early days of the LP." So Heifetz was fascinated with new technology. That doesn't prove he needed to edit tapes for technical reasons. In the related story, it's clear he asked to edit in one note for musical reasons, i.e. NOT BECAUSE OF TECHNICAL ONES.
  4. Excuse me if I'm misunderstanding you, but with "current close mike standards" everything gets edited to a faretheewell (I speak from experience...) Yes, tapes were edited prior to digital technology, but I don't know if tape editing extended back to the Heifetz days. I think back in the pre-union days when musicians worked for a double cheeseburger and a biggie fry, it was most likely a lot simpler to just go ahead and re-record. The answer as to whether the Heifetz tapes are edited or not would be highly informative if anyone has a source to that information.
  5. Tape itself was not a perfect medium; "wow & flutter" plagued tape just as it did on LPs. Considering Heifetz was active half a century before Stern, I'd suggest that comparing tape and live is inappropriate.
  6. Fascinating. Notice how Maisky TWICE references himself as a "great artist", all the while trying to appear to be modest* about it. The only other cellist I can think of with a "transcendent" career would be Yo-Yo. I suppose I could look his teachers up if I had enough interest, but then Rose would be the most obvious candidate. * = at least in the relative terms a professional performer understands the word...
  7. Do you have no interest in history just because it didn't happen last week? I see no need for Stern's influence to be forgotten or whitewashed.
  8. Old news. The ultimate oxymoron.
  9. If you take a moment to watch the film you'll find your answer. It is not uncommon for people in any profession with a great deal of power to be wont to exercise it; Stern apparently was no exception. According to other stories I've heard over the years, it sounds as if it would be in his character, not being the first incident of its kind of which I've heard. The guys at the top are fully aware that traversing the gradus ad Parnassum is a long and hazardous journey. Presumably, both Zuckerman and Perlman would have made it there on their own, but Stern certainly cleared a path. Rosand was a great artist, but just as a powerful man can help a career, so can he also hold it back. I'm damn glad he was successful enough to buy a great violin (back in the day when $5,000 was widely thought to be a great deal of money...), and the fact he shared his good fortune with Curtis should warm all our hearts, and make us proud of what we bring to the world of arts.
  10. [ Sorry, I misunderstood the topic ]
  11. I hope I speak for the majority when I inform you that this is, generally speaking, a "politics free zone." You're welcome.
  12. If they can hack into your bank account they can hack into MN.
  13. AtlVcl

    Domenico Busan?

    Excellent point!
  14. AtlVcl

    Domenico Busan?

    A lot of scrolls are "later", but that doesn't mean they're necessarily crooked.