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  1. Praise Yahweh, I was outbid on the Ceruti cello!!!
  2. Workshop space Chicago - moving

    Oh, nevermind...
  3. Workshop space Chicago - moving

    Museum of Science and Industry (not as dry as it sounds!)
  4. Workshop space Chicago - moving

    I'm sorry. I grew up in Flint, but I don't like to spread it around...
  5. Workshop space Chicago - moving

    1) It's hard to imagine a more comprehensive public transport system than Chicago. You have to work pretty hard to get too far away from a bus or "El" stop somewhere. Naturally, it always helps if you love to walk. 2) Be assured you probably won't get mugged or shot unless you spend too much time south of Millennium Park. I've been on Michigan Ave. when there were 4 cops very visibly standing on the street corner by Water Tower. They're effective at keeping violent scum at bay, but you'll still get hit up by the bums. 3) Yes, there's a real orchestra. Bad news is, you might very well not be able to afford a ticket. I seem to recall the world-class art museum offers one free day admission every week to Chicago residents. It's one of my fave places to hang out. 4) Yes, leave the pickup in TN. And speaking of the art museum, may I present Mrs. LeMaster #4..?
  6. Thanks, but it's not necessary. I'm just relieved, based primarily on your photos, that I'm outbid. As I said, I received very valuable information. Thanks again!
  7. I did not get a video, but I did get valuable information. Thanks again. Larry
  8. I'd appreciate a couple detailed photos of lot #43, i.e., bridge fit, f-holes, etc. Thanks for asking!
  9. string grooves position at nut

    OK. Got it. Thanks.
  10. string grooves position at nut

    Jerry, can you please clarify this point for cellists? By "tip up the A string space" are you saying the vertical distance from the fingerboard of the A string at the nut should be somewhat higher than one would expect? (I have a very...uh...personal...reason for asking...) Thanks.
  11. string grooves position at nut

    I'm relieved to learn this officially from a reliable source. I suppose there could be more than one reason, but from a player's perspective, you do a whole lot of long-distance shifting on the E string (or the A string for cellists). If you don't have enough real estate under your finger it's easy enough to feel insecure, and that's the last thing you want. (Well, you don't want to feel insecure because of a lack of practise either, but I hope you already knew that...)
  12. string grooves position at nut

    I don't know if it's considered "standard practise", but as a player, I'll tell you it should be.
  13. Stradivarius Sound

    Other than that, how did you like the play, Mrs. Lincoln?
  14. Should I Hate This More??

    What can you possibly lose? You said it's in budget, you're obviously intrigued. Buy the thing and be happy.