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  1. Tax proposals

    A dirty little political secret is after all Reagan's tax cuts, revenue to the Feds actually increased! The natural tendency is for government to grow, and it happens because we let politicians buy our votes with our own tax dollars. I mean, "go figure!"
  2. Tax proposals

    No matter how much revenue the government lays their hands on will be spent, and more. If you "wouldn't have a problem with that", you're not paying attention.
  3. Tax proposals

    Yes, speaking of clowns....
  4. J&A Beare diploma

    In the second paragraph the man plainly says it's a "200 hour exam." (He also says it's "coveted", but that's pro'ly a different story altogether...)
  5. Anyone else think the art world has gone mad

    If you think all would be copacetic if only there weren't "the rich" and the poor, I invite you to change it on your own dime. It's still his money to spend as he wishes, and if you don't approve, that's probably just one more reason to do so. I bet you wouldn't be so judgemental if he spent it on a $20mil. Strad.
  6. Violin Strings You kiddin' me, Pancho? This is a luthier Website. Dial 1- 800) 248-7427 and get a serious answer.
  7. Anyone else think the art world has gone mad

    I'm not sure what any vanity has to do with it; last I heard, the buyer is yet to come forward. And anyway, why disparage a man's spending his own money? A decade or more ago, a Japanese businessman spent $250 mil. on a Monet, and was said to store it in a warehouse. I don't recall any animosity in his direction. On another topic altogether: who really gives a damn if it's entirely 100% "by the hand of" da Vinci, anyway? Would you discount the value of a Strad if you knew one of his sons might have done the purfiling? I think some of you are simply setting up roadblocks because you're excessively judgemental and suspicious. (now excuse me while I mix another post-concert drink)
  8. Anyone else think the art world has gone mad

    Five words: Supply & demand.
  9. JB Vuillaume cello

    I can't answer your question directly, but I'll tell you that it's not uncommon for a 19th. century instrument to bear marks of having been played in the areas you mention. I have the left shoulder of my instrument protected with a layer of transparent material for this very reason.
  10. Carving Violin Bridge for Violin with High belly arch

    I'm pretty sure the censors of MN don't cotton to dirty talk on the forum.
  11. Carving Violin Bridge for Violin with High belly arch

    A good beginning. Probably a good guess that he hasn't been too terribly satisfied with his tone too, or he'd have noticed that the feet aren't making really good contact with the belly properly. But seriously, use heat to straighten the bridge as much as possible, teach your customer to monitor it more closely to make sure it doesn't warp again, and charge him $100 for the remedial lesson. Tell 'im it'll save him $ down the road. PS - I'm not a luthier, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express recently...
  12. turtle shell frog bows

    Seems to me this is going to severely impact the marketability of English bowmakers, yes? I mean, even if you happen to have a supply of old ivory, how would an American (for instance) order one and be able to prove it's not "new"-ish?
  13. Back in ancient history (up to the early 80's), Moennig used to publish their "World of Strings" a couple times a year. I don't think they listed prices, but I do remember salivating over the availability of instruments. The publication was well-done, and on heavy, glossy stock, and must have been quite a "cost of doing business." I won't admit to being totally compulsive, but I did buy a gorgeous Forster cello that way for $27,000 USD (It was in "mint" condition, still with the wax stamp on the scroll from a collection). When I traded with them for the Venetian 12 years later they allowed $55K for it, and put it on the market for $80K.