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  1. AtlVcl

    UPDATE: Returning to playing after 38 years

    It's always possible they're just hanging around in order to be fed...
  2. AtlVcl

    Morey Amsterdam’s cello

    Regarding that last pic: either of those two postures would be awkward!
  3. AtlVcl

    Lord Aylesford Cello

    The Lord Aylesford is well-known in cellist circles as the largest instrument ever made by Tony Stradivari, as was long-advertised on Janos Starker's Mercury recordings from the early 60's. That said, I seem to recall something about a harp somewhat recently being affirmed by him, which, if true, would seem to contradict so-called "common knowledge."
  4. AtlVcl

    Appraisal Help

    In the modern world, on the topic of children, there's your common sense, and then there's....the other. But then as has been said a lot in recent years: "Common sense isn't as common as it used to be."
  5. AtlVcl

    Appraisal Help

    Another troll...
  6. AtlVcl

    Appraisal Help

    Actually, "poor and desperate people" shouldn't be having children anyway, but then everyone seems to have their own axe to grind these days.
  7. AtlVcl

    Case humidifier

    "When all else fails, read the directions." - old saying...
  8. AtlVcl

    UPDATE: Returning to playing after 38 years

    "Up there"...? A lot of advanced players say, "you make your money in first position" , meaning you better be able to play in tune, if you expect to make money (buskers anywhere are the exception...) Thus, the value of the drone is to help train one's ear to correct intonation.
  9. AtlVcl

    UPDATE: Returning to playing after 38 years

    I know, right? Just imagine! Anyway, welcome back, and have patience with yourself. I think community orch. is a wonderful goal. You can look forward to a lifetime of psychic reward once you get there. Also, there's probably no cure for earworms, except replacement. If you want to try something new, you might listen to Tchaikovski 4 online. That oughta' do it!
  10. AtlVcl

    Cello sound test

    You only have to get the C string working right during the first octave. The opportunities/necessity to play any higher are very slim to nonexistent. Take the advice of your professional cellist friend and don't worry about it.
  11. AtlVcl

    Cello sound test

    Have you ever had occasion to play in "the upper octaves of the C string..." ..?
  12. AtlVcl

    How Often and How Deep Do You Cut Ur Fingernails?

    Cut your nails when they become uncomfortably long. Problem solved.
  13. AtlVcl

    How Often and How Deep Do You Cut Ur Fingernails?

    First-world problems.
  14. AtlVcl

    What I found inside my viola this morning

    Some wise player put it there for safekeeping.
  15. AtlVcl

    12-20K Viola Suggestions

    Just one of several reasons you don't go downtown to your local, commercial violin shop to either buy or sell a del Gesu.