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  1. How many good years do you have left??
  2. This is pure nonsense. A well-cut and cared for bridge can last forever. The only time a new bridge might be called for is if the previous one proves too low, as a result of a change in string type preferred by the player. As someone mentioned, it's a lot easier to lower a high bridge, as opposed to the other way.
  3. Yes. Get the bridge you have on the cello cut down properly by a properly trained luthier. It will be $100 well spent to get your A string down to spec at 5.5mm.
  4. "I want a man with a slow hand, I want a lover with an easy touch. I want somebody who will spend some time; Not come and go in a heated rush!"
  5. When I was 16, I used to fervently wish Mrs. Goldstein would "statutorily" rape me. Tall, thin, red hair and freckles. Just my type, even if I wasn't aware of it previously.
  6. No young man agrees to homosexual acts with another unless he, himself, is already homosexual. There's no sexual abuse going on if it was mutually acceptable. I don't know about you, but I knew my sexual proclivities since I was about 11 or 12. I really don't care what standard of power dynamic you want to apply here; if it's mutual (and it was...), it's not abuse. Those young men were perfectly free to decline the opportunity at any point. I actually think the St. John story is much more plausible (but then maybe I'm just trying to cover up my latent homosexual desires...?)
  7. 1) If an "artist" gets his name in the press, correctly spelled, why you you think it's necessarily "negative"? As I've repeatedly tried to explain in this thread, Ms. St. John has always been an attention seeker, starting at least as far back as when she posed semi-nude for her debut CD (and garnering oodles of public attention for doing so...). Hard for me to believe she was ever a weak, retiring wallflower. Hard to imagine a more efficient way for a middle-aged, over-the-hill "artist" of getting press, especially since she knows the accused has no way to defend himself. This is why I recommended reading "The Me Decade" by Tom Wolfe, ca. 35 pages that will open many peoples' eyes.
  8. At one time, it was "pretty common knowledge" the earth was flat. Fact is, I'm no longer so sure myself, considering what comes out of government these days.
  9. Or possibly elevate that of an accuser...
  10. "...commonly known and numerous illegal actions." SRSLY? And you know this because...?
  11. Thirty years on she "remembers" she reported it. And her "corroborating witnesses" seem to have a severe case of shyness, especially for "artists", who normally want all the press they can get. In fact, I know first-hand of a case where this happened. They were married for 30 years, and she went on to win a prize in the Tchaikovsky competition. Today she's a university professor on the East Coast. I don't know that that's true at all. Probably more likely they "practise" on HS friends, or on the Internet. You shouldn't automatically assume that today's "strong" were yesterday's "weak." One on one teaching is of necessity an intimate relationship. If you were a guy, you'd understand why it's so unlikely an elderly man would even be capable of raping anyone. (or you could ask your husband to 'splain it to you...)
  12. Who "studied" this issue? Surely a college professor can give us a source for your claim. How do you know Levine is guilty? Hearsay?
  13. A "better intro" to what? Something most sentient human beings find self-evident? I think what we're really discussing is the degree of truthfulness of a "recovered memory" of a woman who's always been comfortable baring her soul (and other things...) in the spotlight. (You might want a refresher on "The Me Decade", by Tom Wolfe.) In addition, you might consider the likelihood of an elderly man "raping" anyone without prior consent (which, of course, is not rape). My third reading of the story says there were multiple students claiming him a gentleman beyond reproach. Let me just say I hope none of you judge me 30 years after my death. Even if found guilty by this kangaroo court, I will still demand a chance to defend myself, which is more than you've allowed Mr. Brodsky.