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  1. It has a 2 piece bottom rib, a delta at the back of the scroll, and it seems that the scroll carving stops at about 6 o'clock on the underneath of the volute? Maybe you could take a picture clarifying that?
  2. The principal way in which people go wrong is to buy something described as by such and such a maker, or something described as in good condition, and not have the eye to know that they are being conned. We have a thousand stories here on Maestronet of people who have gone wrong, and badly so ... many people end up with a shed full of crap before their eyes are finally opened! If you're going to make things genuinely safe, then you would need to show everything you buy to seriously knowledgeable appraisers and restorers before your return window expires. You will quickly find such pe
  3. Are you sure this is Mittenwald ...? But with regard to the issue of tone, there are thousands upon thousands of violins which sound great, except for a couple of odd spots in the register which are weak or pokey, dull or harsh. Occasionally these are set-up issues, but more generally they are in the nature of the violin. As time passes I am less and less concerned by whether a violin is bright or dark, smooth or aggressive - the quality of a violin seems to me now to be almost entirely to do with even-ness of response and consistency of tone across the register. This seems to be ver
  4. I remember some unusual interaction with the Roth firm about a violin from the late 1930s. It left me with the distinct impression that there were some skeletons in the closet. In particular the relationship between the firm in Germany and the retail arm in the US seems to have got a bit out of kilter. I'm guessing that a few violins of indeterminate origin became EH Roths complete with labels, brands and serial numbers, although they didn't start out that way.
  5. 1920s Roths of the better grades can be excellent. I also think there's a wealth of great French violins, superior JTLs, Dieudonné, Charles Bailly, in fact a huge list.
  6. Maybe I am a fool for expecting a "Stradivarius 1700" to look in some way like a Stradivarius. I would be interested to know what EH Roth have to say about the serial number - a few clever people have access to these records, and even if the labelling and the serial number match up, do they actually belong in this violin?
  7. I think this is a bit of an optical illusion caused by the wear to the table corners. The back, which presents a truer picture of the original state, has the purfling very centred in the corners.
  8. Is it ever possible to get a safe distance away from a viola?
  9. This is more informative I think :
  10. That's not inconsistent with pressed plates, which were often done in 2 halves ... This looks like a Mirecourt violin to me too - but many Maidstones are/were.
  11. We have already pointed out that this violin cannot be correctly labelled, that the serial number is dodgy and the brand may not be original. Maybe if you send all your pictures to EH Roth they will tell you this in a way that is somehow more believable - the mere act of paying $80 will surely lend credence to their opinion.
  12. Exactly. "It seems clear that you would be better off spending a further $1000 at Brobst to get a genuine example rather than trade in your current violin under the illusion that you're saving $1000." Not much room for misunderstanding ...
  13. Personally I think the $100 is a waste of the OP's money. The violin is clearly not what it claims to be, either in detail or in general, and I wouldn't contemplate wasting any more time on it.
  14. It isn't a Strad 1700. It seems clear that you would be better off spending a further $1000 at Brobst to get a genuine example rather than trade in your current violin under the illusion that you're saving $1000.
  15. The brand doesn't concern me - it's identical to an authentic brand from the 1930s. Which is not to say it was used on this violin in the 1930s.
  16. I don't mind the brand, so this could be post-war basic Guarneri model that's been upgraded with a new label and a doctored serial number ...
  17. "The varnish is of a transparent brown, highly polished and shaded in the centre" - according to the EH Roth brochure that George H showed us. Anyway, the elephant in the room is the model
  18. I am convinced the label is not correct - this is not a Strad model. Whether this is some kind of EH Roth violin remains to be seen, but even in the most basic model I would expect some shading in the varnish and a less generic scroll.
  19. In my opinion there's something not right about this violin. As Strad O Various Jr. says, the Stradivarius 1700 model is the most basic EH Roth model. I haven't seen many EH Roths for the late 1930s but none of them had this kind of very smooth tradey varnish. My main concern is that this is a Guarneri "copy" not a Strad model, at least judging by the f-holes. Also the serial number seems iffy, or at least the "C".
  20. As Match says ... If you pay the import VAT then you can sell according to Differenzbesteuerung. If you reclaim the import VAT, then you can't use this scheme and must charge your customers VAT. Far be it from me to remoan (!) but I would at least like the UK to align with the EU with regard to the sale of second hand goods, since any other option (such as what we have now) is perverse and ridiculously complex. And when you start to read the small print governing UK - Northern Ireland transactions, you have to wonder what on earth kind of drugs those negociators were smoking.
  21. We should form a club - though I don't think there would be a big membership ... When this happened to me I was so clueless, I thought it looked a bit tatty and hung it on a nail in the workshop for about 6 months. Eventually I showed it to a knowledgeable friend who had a kind of seizure cos he was so excited. That was really the beginning of my fascination with bows - to think that I had simply no idea what it was! I might even have thrown it out if it hadn't had a bit of silver on it.
  22. I don't think this is correct. If you are an EU VAT registered business and you buy an instrument from the UK you will need to pay (and not reclaim) import VAT if you want to sell on the margin scheme. If you do reclaim the import duty then you must charge your customer VAT. I know the maths varies from item to item but in most cases this means a higher price for the buyer and more tax going to your government instead of going back into your business.
  23. I think everyone checks the bow - the problem is more as Blank Face suggested, that dodgy broken or composite bows are put into cases in order to sell even dodgier violins. Having said that, at the very beginning of my violin dealing days I got a free Henry with a 200 euro Mirecourt violin. Nothing like that has ever happened since, though I regularly hear of people getting lucky with instruments.