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  1. Of course not - with the possible exception of Abba. But you are making my point - the music we call classical music was mostly court music or church music. The notion of a classical canon is a bit more recent.
  2. Glad you enjoyed the clip ... Yes, I concede that when these pieces were written there must have been performance expectations (though in the absence of recordings we don't know what these were), but they were de facto not the expectations that Carl Stross and others would hold all performers to - his objections (legitimate as they are) are more to do with preserving a tradition and a work ethic (conservatism) than to do with music.
  3. You're slightly missing the point, which is that to modern ears they are part of a canon or a well established repertoire with its own performance traditions. When they were first performed they weren't.
  4. Philip, I know you're not a big fan, but I was struck while listening to this by the fact that what she's talking about is exactly the same debate as we have about new v. antique instruments. What modern luthiers forget as they slavishly make antiqued bench copies of Strads is that at one time these violins were NEW - they were shiny, impudent and surprising. Similarly with Beethoven or Tchaikovsky, these pieces were the latest biggest new thing - when the pieces were first heard they weren't "classical music". So I think the idea to inject a quality of newness is a serious artistic endeavour, and not in any way charlatanism. I hope by listening to her talking about it you will accord her the respect she deserves. Without giving the game away, I think her Beethoven cadenza clarifies a lot of the issues.
  5. If anyone is interested in knowing more about Kop's particular path as an artist, and her own reasons for her highly personal performances, then this is worth watching, particularly from about 13 minutes, when she talks about performing well known classical repertoire as an act of "dancing with skeletons". .
  6. 363 and beech blocks ... along with everything else I'm still in the early (ish) 19th century
  7. Here's a Chappuy from the 1770s - obviously the f-holes are distinctly Chappuy and very different to the OP violin, but I think they are related, and not necessarily separated by more than 30 years. So the little filler piece in front of the neck root may in fact be a little filler piece in front of the neck root ...
  8. I think this is French and older than you would first assume - we had a Chappuy with exactly this varnish, certified by Rampal. It conforms to a very early type of French trade violin, probably Mirecourt ...
  9. Almost always, but I have seen a couple of Scottish violins done this way ...the only name I can remember was Keddie.
  10. I'm just asking, not stating an opinion. These very round and narrow blocks are very much a feature of British Isles violins, as is the nice yellow/red varnish, and the screw through the neck is also not uncommon. But in fact there seem to have been any number of attempts to stabilise the neck, so I think the screw is more likely to be a later attempt at a dog's dinner repair ...
  11. English amateur or semi-pro violinmaker?
  12. Why are all these bows short? That they are falsely branded goes without saying ...
  13. Or Morizot Freres or Charles Bazin or Marcel Fétique - I think Prosper Colas might be a bit early for Coné & Fils since that brand only dates fro0m around 1930.
  14. So is someone a charlatan because they fail to understand a composer's intentions, or because they pretend to understand them, or because they don't give a fig for the composer's intentions? These are three very different issues ...
  15. People make baseless claims all the time ... But this is to do with whether something has a basis in fact or not. Kind of irrelevant to this discussion, which is about aesthetic judgments, not facts. Some of the comments here show a lack of respect for the person behind the performance.
  16. I see two Pajeot brands ... what does the bow look like?
  17. Well I would run a mile ...
  18. Was it a certain online retailer in Munich?
  19. Love it when Carl starts using CAPITALS! Kop! Refreshes the parts that other classical musicians can't reach ...
  20. Strange, it works perfectly for me .. you have to choose which forum you want to search and make sure it searches "all of my search term words". Or example, searching "David Caron Cello" takes me immediately to every mention of yours or your beloved cello ... It only seems to work from within a specific forum post.
  21. I would endorse what everyone here has said already - this is a really nice project that you've undertaken for your dad. I want to play like that if I ever get to be 89 ... The sound of the microphone you are using is fine, his playing is very soulful and he has a unique tone which comes across well. However, there are two things which are probably disturbing him - one is the dryness of the recording, which comes from being quite close to him in a rather small but reflective/bright acoustic. The other is that you have an automatic gain control (probably on the camcorder) which brings up the background noise when he's not playing and which crushes the dynamics of his playing. You can surely over-ride this somewhere in your camcorder's menu. If you can do that and then get him to play in a larger room with a slightly wider shot (or the same shot but from further away on a longer lens setting) then I think your problem will be solved. The mike itself is more than good enough for the purpose, although very directional (shotgun) mikes would never be my first choice for a neutral room sound.
  22. Don't suppose you're talking about the search box up above us on the right?
  23. The Collin-Mézin on Goodwill is undoubtedly genuine, but I can't see the date, it's definitely post 1900 and it looks a bit manky. The bow photos are tiny but the brand looks good - however, the thumb projection is worn. So whichever way you cut it I think it's neither a bargain nor a lemon ... The one at T2 is an active auction so I wouldn't want to pass comment, except to say that it seems to be in good general condition.
  24. Indeed - if someone's such a "reputated" seller, one wonders why they need 6 Ebay accounts