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  1. The main thing we can say is that no-one really knows, and there is a pitiful lack of understanding and of clear information. I don't believe the UK government actually understands its own position, and a lot of provisions are being brought in without any democratic participation. I don't think the ability to sell on the margin scheme is affected by paying an import VAT, but I could be wrong. We charge 20% VAT on our commission - we do that for UK and EU consignors already (apart from EU VAT-registered dealers). I don't see that there would suddenly be a 20% VAT on the entire sale p
  2. I don't suppose anyone takes our tone review too seriously - like any data-based extrapolation it depends on the size of the sample, and I have played one Craske since (in a dealershop, not at auction) that I thought was pretty nice. I also liked a Craske viola I saw recently at auction. Yes we've discussed Craske before, but if you look at our database another way you might find yourself asking why we see so many Craskes at auction - they seem very over-represented. Personally I feel the popularity of Craskes is to do with the fact that he's an affordable English maker, his violins
  3. I know who Jim Davidson is - I just couldn't understand how moving from Scotland to England would cause us to miss him or indeed help in avoiding him ...
  4. Weston Super Mare is in a different tier so we can't go there ... more likely Skegness
  5. EDIT : surely a small business that isn't VAT registered was paying UK VAT on all goods bought in the UK and (for example) German VAT on all goods bought in Germany? So even if the place where you pay the VAT changes, there won't suddenly be some incentive to register for VAT that wasn't there before ... It does seem incredible that we are all trying to work this out for ourselves 4 yeas after the referendum. The BBC meanwhile continues to obsess about what Brexit will mean for Britons wanting to go on holiday to Benidorm.
  6. Although I am massively against Brexit and all of its consequences, the Dutch bike company's rant would be relevant if we hadn't struck a last minute free trade deal with the EU. Also the mechanism they are attempting to describe and which I think they have misunderstood is about OMPs or online marketplaces. The measures which are being put in place are an attempt to make sure that online resellers of manufactured goods do in fact pay tax somewhere rather than nowhere - which is surely a good thing.
  7. Not really - it's a very subjective account based on very brief playing of all the instruments I encountered over a 2 year period (back in 2011-12), and it's very much geared towards saleability. The rating system, between 0 and 3, is very broad, so these are not subtle distinctions. 0 = unplayably horrid, 1 = nasty sound, 2 = a workable violin but not appealing, 3 = a nice violin that one might be confident of selling to a client. I would further say that in my experience, no amount of set-up or loving attention ever made enough of a change to turn a 2 into a 3. Unless you're prepar
  8. I got excited seeing the title .... But as Michael says, just a very ordinary German student bow with a strange splodge of mould on the head. For future reference, if you find a self-rehairing bow that's been converted, the round dowel filling the hole always sits on the bottom line of the head.
  9. The politicians have always been to Eton, and being gay is neither a necessary nor sufficient condition for being a shirt-lifter. It's true that we moved south two years ago - you know, the only thing I really miss about Scotland is Scotland.
  10. You mean our dear sweet Nicola? OK ... let's review this time next year. I bet you £100 that Scotland will have voted in favour of independence. It's not just Brexit, which was overwhelmingly rejected by the Scottish electorate - it's also seeing the damage being done in Westminster by a bunch of Eton shirt-lifters and their myopic henchmen.
  11. Bingo .... Kennedy's first address as an independent maker was Princes St (also Shoreditch) from some point in 1804. So Jacob's cello was probably made before he became independent - is it a Forster?
  12. As far as I can tell, Brexit will have as its direct consequence the break-up of Great Britain, since Scotland wants none of it and Northern Ireland wants much more of it. So very soon we will be talking in glowing terms about the possible re-unification of Great Britain.
  13. All I can make out is xxxxxxxxx Kennedy, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, London 18xx
  14. Not just that, but if you are in fact hearing what you think you're hearing (one massive philosophical conundrum there), can you ever be sure that someone else is also hearing (or thinking that they're hearing) what you think you're hearing ....?
  15. I don't think it's in any way complicated - more that no-one wants to believe the bad news or to tell their customers.
  16. I would also be interested, though I would expect a stony silence ... it's pretty clear that if an auction house is going to ship an item they need to do it with full customs paperwork - so anything bought from a UK auction will incur import VAT on arriving in the EU. Also the inter-EU VAT exemption rules won't apply any more, so if you're VAT registered and have been benefitting on a VAT exemption on the buyer's premium, that won't happen any more. The impact will definitely be worst for private individuals or businesses who aren't VAT registered. For VAT registered businesses on either
  17. At present the UK government has no idea, and is putting out contradictory information even on its own websites. So it's no wonder that plonkers like Tim Martin (owner of Wetherspoons and arch-Brexiteer) don't think they will have to pay import VAT on EU goods after Brexit! In brief, if the deal is ratified by parliament tomorrow, what it means is that there will be no tariffs between the UK and the EU, but that any goods coming into the UK from the EU or going to the EU from the UK will be subject to import VAT at the appropriate rate. In the UK this is 20% for musical instruments o
  18. It would have caused both - partly because as you turn the peg, inevitably some part of the string that crosses over another part prevents the peg from turning well. So in turn you get catching and then slippage ... Also, because there's no space at the back you can't push the peg far enough into its hole for a clean fit Bushing is of course a solution to this but it's a very convoluted and time-consuming solution that requires a lot of gear. You probably had a thin chisel somewhere around the place.
  19. Since the D string was being caught between the peg and the pegbox that's probably why it wasn't functioning well. On such an inexpensive instrument I would just have taken a bit more wood out of the back of the pegbox - a two minute job. I fear you may have fallen into the gumption trap on this one ...
  20. Wasn't it just one peg which was slipping ... the lengths people will go to in order to avoid paying a competent professional
  21. To me it looks more like an additional line of varnish covering the seam