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  1. Hi,

    I hope you're keeping well.

    I seem to have appointed myself defender of Alex Gartsman. In fact he's a direct competitor, and it would be more in my interests to keep quiet. I just thought there were a few misunderstandings, particularly in relation to pricing of pure examples, and I suspect people are a bit out of date. 

    Here is a screenshot of the Neuetaxe retail price guide for Capicchioni - obviously Mario Capicchioni is considerably less valued ($55-65k), but Marino is second only to Poggi when it comes to mid 20th century makers.


    Personally I would look towards the bottom of the Neuetaxe estimate for a Tertis model viola so I would agree that the price is quite high, but not unusually so.

    Best wishes, Martin


    1. l33tplaya


      I still think it's high, and had forgotten the diff between Marino and Mario....

      Anyway, I have admired your website, and samples.  Sometimes I thought your prices were a bit high - about only 10% or so - but they were all really good examples, and had great descriptions.  Also appreciated your test impressions.

      Hope to see you if I ever make over to the UK.  Or perhaps...if we have the VSA in October (Anaheim IIRC), will you be there? Lunch is my treat. 

  2. Hi Jeffrey,

    I wonder if this locked thread doesn't reflect rather badly on Andreas, and whether it would be kinder to take it down altogether ...

    When you locked it I was in fact just in the process of posting that although an insurance valuation was not the same as a certificate, and no purchase should be based on one, I know Andreas well, he is a highly respected expert in Dutch and Flemish instruments, and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Italian instruments. People bring instruments to him because he is scholarly and rigorous (and very well known in northern Europe).

    I suppose his certificates are generally in Dutch, but he is a very serious expert. I think someone should point that out, as otherwise the thread could be misconstrued.

    Or am I missing something?

  3. Is your friend's Nurnberger frog for a cello bow?

    If so please do read my response here


    1. PhilipKT


      Sadly, no, it’s for a violin bow.

  4. Hi FC

    Don't suppose you would consider linking to the Millant sale after the auction rather than before it ? :D

    1. fiddlecollector


      You can guarantee it`ll be advertised everywhere anyway so not much point.

  5. Hello, my post is not appearing in the main thread re: fake Roger Hargrave violin, but is worth a try. Apparently they act more quickly than other parts of Ebay. or


  6. Hi Martin I have been on to e-bay all morning but it was no use. I also tried the addresses you sent. Thanks but the number did not match. They are just too smart for me. But I will talk to the Strad and see what they can do. I thought that it was just me but it seems not. Once again thanks.