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  1. He has about 6 accounts, probably leaves feedback for himself Some buyers are far enough away from any expertise that they take things on trust - for instance it would have fooled you. Others leave positive feedback when they have returned the instrument and got their money back. To me this looks like a Reghin cello that's been knocking around for a while and then been distressed and had a bit of soot rubbed into it. It has absolutely no Mirecourt features.
  2. Absolutely not - and the signature is laughable.
  3. How do you judge projection in a Tarisio private view?
  4. I think it’s pretty good for MK trade, just not anywhere near as good as your expert says. A top level EH Roth Guarneri model is quite something - and then there are all the really good MK makers ...
  5. Sounds like someone wants to sign you up for a “first class set-up”
  6. They are not genuine. perfectly decent new student cellos ...
  7. Model, arching, varnish, f-hole shape, scroll carving ... Looks like a midrange JTL or similar
  8. Good call ... the flame in the back is also very characteristic but I didn't see it till you said it!
  9. Ireland is debatably within the British Isles but not part of Great Britain and emphatically not part of Britain. Sore topic ... But an Irish violin is deffo not British.
  10. And yet that's very much how the violin looks to me too ... Besides, if the top had to come off to fake the signature then they wouldn't have had to poke the label through the f-hole
  11. Agree - very basic Saxon violin ... post 1850
  12. I'm seeing a lot of nasty retouch in the bridge area but not much else that sticks out ... You are seeing the face of the Virgin Mary or what?"
  13. In1931 the Laberte H. Denis model sold for 174 Francs. Their cheapest violin cost 58 Francs and the most expensive was 736 Francs.
  14. Not to be contrary, i would have said Markneukirchen.... The purfling sits in the centre of the plate corners rather than favouring the c-bouts. The rib corners are far from parallel suggesting this wasn't made on an outside mold. The scroll has a generally chunky and Germanic air, the pegbox walls are rounded off and the varnish shading is something I don't associate with Mirecourt. But I agree that it's a tricky one ... Is the back seam cleated on the inside?