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  1. C. Bazin bow ID

    That's pretty tricky! The stamp looks right for Charles Bazin "Le Charlot" but the bow looks too old school for that - I know CN Bazin (grandfather to le Charlot) used a C Bazin stamp but I'm not familiar with it, and it's hard to believe this stick could be CN Bazin. It seems to be an ironwood stick, not great quality. The adjuster looks Mirecourt but I don't think it belongs with the frog - or maybe the ferrule is the extraneous element .... fiddlecollector? help...!!
  2. There there Addie no need to get your knickers in a twist. Would you like us to come and tuck you up and read you a nice story?
  3. Yes I was sharpening my knives, doing stretching exercises, and hailing the return to the good old days. Now I feel we are all condemned to early bedtime with a cup of cocoa and a nice warm glowy feeling. So dull ...
  4. A Stainer for only $66,000?

    Haha! No just the one n ... not related to the Swann of Marcel Proust either.
  5. Although I say it myself, I think rowing with a Swan offers a particularly good workout.
  6. Conor was it the 30 minute or the 60 minute argument you were after ...?
  7. I agree with Conor. I would think this is a "fancy" MK trade violin from around 1920 knocked up on a Thau milling machine - in terrible condition and not worth restoring. But perfect for practising on ...!
  8. L Bausch bow - Genuine?

    The violin appears to be a Saxon instrument from the early 20th century - for some reason all the varnish has been removed from the top ... The bow is a student bow with nickel mounts - the stamp is most likely genuine but I'm afraid the bow is very low quality. It may also be a composite, since the frog sits so close to the end of the stick that it would be unusable - or maybe someone has enlarged the mortise unduly.
  9. J&A Beare diploma

    I was trying to find information about Michael Phoneix and found his name listed here : Does anyone know what the purpose of this list is?
  10. Help identifying violin

    This seems a very typical JTL of the Medio Fino type. A fullsize one might well sell for €1200, more if it was in exceptional condition - they are ugly as sin but they do tend to sound very good. However, 3/4 ones are worth a good deal less, more like half of that. The varnish is a very basic preparation and easy to touch up. The open seams aren't very challenging and any old numpty can glue a saddle back on. I'm more concerned about what appears to be a crack in the lower left table - I think this would devalue it quite a bit. Maybe another repaired crack running up towards the soundpost from the bottom edge? Another issue is the stained fingerboard. This would need to be replaced with ebony if you hope to get a good price.
  11. Bow Id

    Yes, Mirecourt circa 1900 I would say. I would simply describe this as brazilwood. The style is very like Prosper Colas student bows branded "PC".
  12. violin linings

    Some great Prague violins use walnut - the only reason these are not regarded as violins of the first quality is because they are not Italian. Matthew Hardie used mahogany - I would not argue for him as a consistently great maker but a few of his violins sound tremendous ... so in principle mahogany can be used.
  13. Bow, what kind of wood?

    Looks like pernambuco to me ...