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  1. And don't forget Bottali-Roth-Pelitti ...
  2. Violin makers have been known to change address ... But as a general rule it's safer to discuss instruments rather than labels - if you wanted to share photos of the instrument we might be able to tell you if the label belongs or not.
  3. We sold a nice Laprevotte violin a year or so ago ...
  4. I also think that the violin has only sentimental value. It's a very inexpensive student instrument that would require quite costly repair to get it into playing condition (particularly the button repair). It's important to know what something is and what its actual financial value is in order to determine whether restoration makes sense. This is what the OP was asking and Jacob's initial response was what the OP needed to hear. My apologies for contributing to the digression ...
  5. Where is England on your map? You don't seem to understand that the United Kingdom is 4 nations, and England is one of those 4, along with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. England is a nation that's south of Scotland and east of Wales, like this :
  6. Yes I do. Look at your map - it shows Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, but not England. It seems to have been drawn up by someone who doesn't understand what the United Kingdom is.
  7. This is a very strange map - it seems to be missing "ENGLAND".
  8. I assumed PaganiniGuitar would also consider Scotland to be in England.
  9. I hope you won't think me arrogantly English if I say this is patronizing and silly - all the more so if your understanding of geography is so poor that you think Wales is in England. People are people all over the world, and if you have only met English people who aren't worth two shakes then this reflects badly on you and the people you mix with.
  10. Barbé ... But I didn't see it in the flesh and it's kind of a guess. Just observing that the head is very close to Voirin but it ain't Voirin, the frog isn't stylized enough for Thomassin and the thumb projection and throat aren't skeletal enough for Husson. To be honest I haven't seen anything exactly like this bow but Barbé is the closest for me. A wisp of original lapping don't impress me much - various seedy dealers have such things tucked away to apply to otherwise compromised bows in order to make them look sexy in auction. Also I would say it's a fool's game to buy any bow without hair on it - lifts in the head are easy to conceal, lateral weaknesses in the stick can't be detected etc. Most hairless bows at auction are without hair for a reason - most commonly that they have the strength of an overcooked rice noodle.
  11. It's a very nice French bow and I have an idea who made it ... but it's light. This is the sort of thing that benefits from "sleeper hubris" - if it had been correctly attributed and in a more mainstream sale it wouldn't have got as high a price.
  12. Sorry George, I didn't mean this in any sort of personal way - I just felt the OP was fishing for opinions in a rather indiscriminate way, instead of looking carefully at the relevant details ...
  13. As Jacob says, violins are not identified by a democratic voting process. Certainly not when it comes to valuation or a responsible sale process. I follow a few "identification" groups on Facebook and am alternately amused and horrified by the dogmatic opinions voiced and taken seriously by people who clearly know nothing. But that's Facebook, and in a sense that's our modern world where everyone can find validation for their opinion, however cauliflower-brained. The standards of a serious violin dealership are different - the identity of a violin doesn't depend on a straw poll, but on what can be demonstrated and backed up by reference examples. I'm afraid I don't see any significant similarities between the 2 violins on your overlay - indeed the models look very different to me, in terms of length of bouts and c-bout shape. The only thing I would add in terms of ID is that the rib joins are BOB, pinched together, filed off, joining largely in the middle. This feature alone definitively excludes South Germany/Prague etc, and your Danish experts are not so expert if they failed to notice that. I don't believe you will get a name for this violin, but if you do, it will be from someone who specializes in Saxon violins of the period, and can show you an identical one with an original label. You might want to check with Wolfram Ries in Halle since it doesn't seem to ring any bells for Jacob or Blank Face.
  14. 3 vowels .... and 13 letters Cryptography
  15. also a few late 19th century Nürnberger models
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