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  1. Thank you so much. Before I started play 2 weeks ago, I didn't even know how msny strings were on it. So imagine my shock when the pegs were slipping. Thanks for letting me know I am not alone, and that it is fixable! D
  2. Thanks...I appreciate your help! D
  3. I am having a problem that happens randomly when I tune my violin. The G and A string pegs while slip, making the string very loose on the violin. Does anyone know what is going on here?? Thanks, D
  4. Well, thanks to bad weather I didn't get to go to my 2nd lesson. . But I knew enough from my first lesson to teach myself the 2nd lesson. SO know my song list has increased to include Jingle Bells and Old MacDonald...My eldest daughter loves that . Knowing sheet music definitely helps. D
  5. I thought all the really advanced violinist might get a kick out of my Mary had a little lamb. But I am also just truly excited that I got it to sound like it is supposed to. I always plan worse case, so I had a vision of my children crying while I was practicing. But they actually seem to like it.
  6. I took my first lesson on saturday. It really seemed to go pretty smoothly. I have a chorus background so at least I went into the lesson knowing how to read sheet music. I got a shoulder rest to help me hold my violin better. I can play Mary had a Little Lamb pretty well now. SO I am on my way. Practing has been really fun, and relaxing. I am really excited about this new adventure/hobby. Not to mention it is cheaper than skydiving!
  7. I liked the Red Violin. I did find the sex scene rather strange, and I didn't really get why even someone suffering a loss like that would stab their loved one and use their blood to varnish a violin. But other than that it was pretty good. The violin did sound a little odd, but I chalked that up to filming...I guess I should say I may not rent it again real soon, but I didn't regret renting it.
  8. My husband never having touched, or even thought of a violin before he bought mine was playing around with it and actually had something that sounded like Mary had a little lamb. I can't wait til my first lesson this saturday. I am curious to see how hard this instrument is to learn.
  9. I just always wanted to play. In 6th grade I was going to sign up for violin, but was informed by my parents that the funds were just not there. So I just stuck with chorus. I love to sing and I am pretty good at it, but I wanted to learn something new. Something classy, SO naturally I chose the violin.
  10. Playing at my daughters' weddings would be the best! Having my daughters' dance would be a blessing. My 3 yr old did ask me to "do it again" when I had put the rosin on the bow and got the violin to sing. Course, singing at this point isn't a whole lot, but it was still nice, and my daughter seemed to enjoy it. SO maybe my critics will take it easy on me. D
  11. I really appreicate all of the advice and kind words. It is very refreshing to find a board that is supportive and responsive to a new violinist. My girls are 3yrs and 1yr, so I am very aware that they will be interrupting me. I just want to have fun, and maybe not have my family cringe when I am practicing. I work for a company full time, but I work out of my house so that should help. Course, on the other hand I have my kids all day too. So I guess I will have to see.
  12. I picked up the only book I could where I purchased my violin. It is called Strictly Strings. Violin book 1. My question: How does it compare to the Suzuki Books, and where will I most likely find them?? I am in Atlanta, GA if that info would be helpful with suggestions. D
  13. Well, I just received my violin yesterday. I haven't even heard her sing to me yet. She is a very classy lady, I want a name that suits her. D
  14. I am a 26 yr old mother of 2. I have always wanted to play the violin, but didn't have the funds or the support necessary in the past. My husband bought me a violin yesterday. I am going to call and schedule lessons tomorrow, but I wanna start today. I am SO EXCITED! My daughters love music, and I always play classical music for them. I would love to be good enough to play professionally, but if I can just play so that my family enjoys it I will feel successful. You all seem so passionate about this wonderful instrument. Please feel free to share any advice you might have. Any and everything will be gratefully appreciated. Best Regards, D
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