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  1. [i think the idea that stabbing a soundpost will have an acoustical effect can be fairly easily verified. Start with a solid soundpost measure it's resonance profile, stab it and measure again. If there is no change then the likelihood of it changing the sound of the instrument is near zero. I would be seriously surprised if there's any change, after all no wood is removed, neither stiffness, mass nor damping properties of the post are significantly changes by stabbing. Oded ] I believe the scientific method calls for hypothesis testing, peer approval etc.
  2. Posted 07 September 2011 - 09:16 PM I use bee wax as well on bow screws, fine tuners, IF slugs in radio coils, or any place you want a clean, dry lubricant. I think the bee wax has enough stickiness to prevent threads from turning by themselves. = = = = = = I think IF slugs in radio coils went out in the '60's. But if I had some bees wax back then I would have used it in calibrating my oscillators and so on.
  3. dogmageek

    Set up help

    It may be that the fiddle just is not loud. I have several fiddles that sound loud in the parlor but when in performance it is clear they are "sweet". I think you have to resign yourself there are some good "recording" fiddles (not loud) and some good performance fiddles (loud). You might be able to maximize this one but it may not be a performer.
  4. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Posted 29 December 2010 - 09:09 AM Finally got mine set up, 3mm behind the bridge foot, 2mm within the outer edge of the foot. Post fits flush with the top,but the bottom is slightly rounded from setting up the post. Post is vertical. I found this post much easier to adjust than the old post, as this is made of softer spruce than the old one. The old one also looks really dark, really dense, higher ring when tapped, and holds the sharpness of the cut edges much better than my new post. The volume of the violin seems the same, more complex sounding. I wonder if the old post is of better soundpost material than the new one. After all, I bought sound post material from my violin shop for 6 dollars, but I paid 120 dollars to have the old post fitted. Don't notice a difference yet, but would be interesting to hear if there is a difference. The new soft post is easier to wedge tho.. the old one was so hard when you wedge it it tends to skip instead of compress. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = downhere: I have noticed a lot of old posts in violins I have acquired are hard wood. Maybe put in to counteract some tone issue or the previous owner just used dowel material that is not soundpost material. If your new post sounds more complex, then store the old one away - - for a long time. -dogma
  5. When the bridge is thinned, it focuses the tone more to the treble, but cutting and tuning other parts of the bridge also do this. Where you wind up depends on a lot of areas on the bridge that can be cut and shaped so that certain strings will blast. Or you can attenuate certain strings.
  6. I've ordered from svs before: https://www.tonewood.sk/
  7. QUOTE Who was it that said... "better to be silent and thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt..." "That was stated by some fool " I'm going with Mark Twain.
  8. Keep the old bridge for reference. It may take several tries with new blanks to hit the exact sound of the old. Do not just stop after one try with making a new bridge to match the old. Use the old bridge as a template etc.
  9. Could be a decision that was made in Czechoslovakia ...
  10. I agree about Michael's theory. Here is Star of Bethlehem: http://free-music-downloads.ws/en/Artists/James_Bryan.49439/
  11. Resistance is going to be a function of post and top wood resonance / damping so moving the post will affect the bow feel as you say.
  12. I use a piece of 3/4 galvanized pipe. Pretty short, at Home Depot. -digma
  13. Here are some tops: https://www.tonewood.sk/ click on Semi-finished Violin Parts -dogma
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