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    Lang Case

    She is 11 turning 18. Just bought a new 'old' violin for her and she has been eyeing this case for a while.
  2. allegro

    Lang Case

    Hi All Merry Christmas. Has any one seen or used the Lang case? What is your opinion? My daughter wants me to get one of these for her new violin...... http://www.chilli-music.de/lang-cecilia-ki...eries.6338.html Cheers, Michael
  3. Anyway, we have discounted the one with the repaired crack but found another one which sounded good. Wish I have the money to buy both violins .......... :-)
  4. Thanks, violinfan. The price is comparable to what the dealer is asking for.
  5. Thanks, Jeffrey. We went to the shop again and he went through the violin thoroughly and told me about the repaired crack. It a stable repair but we have lost interest in that violin.
  6. Thanks, Andrew. Both violins are from a very reputable dealer and so I have no doubt that the Mayr is genuine. Anyway, the violin with the repaired crack. The first crack I found was along the grain of the violin, starting from the foot of the bridge (closest to the E-string) to the edge of the violin. Approximately 8mm to the right of the crack, there is a parallel crack, approximately same starting point and finishing at the edge to the violin. Both has been repaired.
  7. Hi All My daughter tried two violins today, both good violins for professional level playing and they cost approximately the same. One has no label except a stamp London and has some repaired cracks (good job done). The other is with a label Andreas Ferdinand Mayr, believe to be a genuine Mary - he is supposed to be the maker who made Mozart's first violin. The no name one sounds a bit louder and brighter than the Mayr but not as sweet and as warm. My daughter is inclide towards the no name violin but we are worried that the repair might caused problems later. Would you buy the no oame violin or would you logically go for the Mayr violin. Incidentally, I tried to look for the price of Mayr violin on the price page and there is none. Is it so rare? Cheers, Allegro
  8. I changed to the Tonica strings for my daughter's 1/4 size violin (as we were not very happy with the Dominant for both her 1/8 and 1/4 size) violin and the difference in sound was significant. We were very happy with it until we started using Warchal strings - great for her 1/2 size violin. After she moved to 3/4, we started using Obligato and stayed with Obligato now that she is on a full size violin. Since the change from Dominant, we have never used any Dominant strings for her violin. When the strings was changed to Tonica - we noticed that the sound was fuller and less scratchy. It projected well too.
  9. Hi All Please have a read. I felt strongly about what is happening to the arts funding in Australia, therefore, I am sending this out. I am not sure if this is the correct forum but I would like your help to sign the petition. A brief background: Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) is the elite school for music education in Melbourne. It has existed for a while and it has produced some of the most brilliant violinists in Australia. If you like, you can sign their online petition www.anam.com.au. Many thanks. Cheers, Michael > The future of the Australian National Academy of Music is in your > hands > > What's happening at the Academy? > > You might have heard in the media that the federal government has just > announced that they will not be funding the Australian National > Academy of > Music in 2009. This has come as a considerable shock to the Academy's > faculty, student and alumni body, and management. Minister Garrett has > concerns that "the Academy may not be the most effective nor efficient > model for the delivery of national programs supporting elite level > classical music training", and has asked his Department to "investigate > alternative options". The federal government has provided unchanged > funding support to the Academy of around $2.5m over a number of years. > > > What does this mean for the Academy? > > The federal government's funding provides the Academy with the means > to > provide a program for Australia's elite young musicians. Without it, the > Academy would be unable to pay it's faculty; it's visiting national and > international artists and it's staff, let alone run the operations > necessary to provide Academy musicians with the challenges and spaces they > need to develop their skills. Whilst various conservatoria and music > faculties in universities offer terrific degrees in music performance, it > is only at the Academy that musicians can immerse themselves intensively > into training that will make them ready to tackle life as a professional > musician. The Academy is the only institution in Australia that allows > musicians unfettered access to their principal teachers, and the only > place that brings together visiting artists from around Australia and > overseas to spark their imaginations. This year alone pianist Emanuel Ax, > the Julliard Quartet and tenor Steve Davislim provided a totally unique > experience for Academy musicians. > > > What's the long term picture? > > Without funding, the Academy cannot exist. The Academy is currently a > significant feeder into the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the > Australian Chamber Orchestra, Orchestra Victoria, the Queensland > Orchestra, the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, the West Australian > Symphony Orchestra, the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra > Victoria, the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra and the Sydney Symphony, > amongst others. In fact, Academy woodwind players currently occupy > seven principal positions in Australian professional symphony > orchestras around the country. So without an Academy, there will be no > place for the most elite of Australia's top musicians to intensively > prepare themselves for musical employment, and our orchestras and > concert platforms will be all the poorer for it. > > > What is the Academy doing about it? > > The Academy is continuing discussions with Minister Garrett with a > hope to > come to an agreement whereby the Academy can continue it's operations in > 2009 and beyond. We're also garnering as much support as possible from our > friends and supporters to demonstrate that the Academy is an important > place for Australian musicians, and critical to the continued success of > Australia's orchestras and cultural life. > > We have, however, had to put a hold on any planning for 2009. Until we > have the funds to continue, we cannot make any plans. This means that > all the applicants to the 2009 program, the current students, the > teaching faculty and the management are rapidly considering a future > without the Academy after 31 December 2008. > > > How can I help? > > Show your support of the Academy! The more people who show their > commitment to enriching Australia's cultural heritage, the better. > > You can send your thoughts to Minister Garrett: The Hon Peter Garrett > AM > MP > Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts > Parliament House, Canberra, ACT 2600 > Tel: (02) 6277 7640 Fax: (02) 6273 6101 > http://www.alp.org.au/people/email/garrett_peter.php > > Or post your comments at > http://www.aph.gov.au/house/members/memfeedback.asp?id=HV4 > > Please contact the Managing Director, Robert Clarke if you'd like to > pledge your financial support on 03 9645 7911 > > Don't forget to give your contact email address to the Academy so we > can > keep you updated on our progress.
  10. Hi All I need your opinion about this e-bay violin. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Fine-FRENCH-violin-...1742.m153.l1262 or e-bay item: 190252517139 I am looking for a good violin (as in a violin which can project with good sound when playing a concerto with an orchestra for my daughter). Cheers, Michael
  11. Hi All A few years ago, my daughter's violin teacher started a foundation to try to help string students (scholarships, instrument banks etc). She now has 4 instruments donated to the foundation and I am assisting her in writing the guidelines for lending out the violin. Before I re-write history, wonder if any one here know about any existing guidelines which I can use as a model? By the way, the foundation is in Western Australia. Cheers, Michael
  12. I live in Australia and I have bought both the 3/4 Bobelock and the BAM case from Johnson Stings. Their mail order service is very good and the price is very reasonable. Cheers, Michael
  13. I just bought the 4/4 Bam France Contoured Hightech 2002XL Shaped Suspension for my daughter, it is great - only 3.5lbs and very string. Great protection for her violin. Try Johnson Strings - from my search on the net, they are the cheapest. I considered the GEWA but it is too heavy. If you want something like the GEWA, consider the BOBELOCK, I have used the BOBELOCK half moon for may daughter's 1/2 and 3/4 size violins, both excellent case and great for protection (she has to bring her violin to school and students are not know to be careful!!! ) Cheers, Michael
  14. Hi All I was told by a retired violinist that a violin with a grafted scroll is generally a better/more valuable violin. Is this true? Cheers, Michael
  15. I would love to get hold of his books and recording. Cheers, Michael
  16. Thanks, Jeffrey and Falstaff. Michael
  17. Hi All I am looking for a new violin case for my daughter who is changing her violin soon to a full size. I have been using the Bobbelock case for her 3/4 size violin but it is heave (6.5 lbs) - she is only 10 years old and her built is small. When she takes her violin to school, it is hard for her to have the case, school bag, laptop and some days a sports bag.................... For the full size case, she is keep on the Bam Countoured Highetch 2002XL (photo attached). The weight is only 3.5 lbs which is wonderful. The oblong one weighs 4.2 lbs (which is OK but the price is a lot more). I know Bam Hightech is pretty strong and provide good protection. My questions expecially for people who have used this sort of case before: - Can she fit a shoulder bar (KUN) insider this case? - Other accessories such as spare strings, pencil etc. easily fitted? In general, what is your opinion about this case. Thanks. Cheers, Michael
  18. Now that my daughter is learning the Sonatas and Partitas, I went and bought her the Tognetti's recording, only to be told by my daughter that he violin is tuned to the baroque pitch - i.e. a semitone lower and it is very annoying to her................................ The style of playing is good and I enjoyed listening to it (since I cannot tell that it is one semitone lower). She refused to listen to it. Any of the other recommended recordings (especially James Ehnes) is recorded in the baroque pitch? I thought I would ask before spending more money........... Incidentally, she really likes the Hahn's recording but it is incomplete. Cheers, Michael
  19. quote: Originally posted by: .Violint. well, I saw Russell Crowe playing a violin or viola in the movie Master and Commander but I don't know if it was really him playing. Also, supposedly Jessica Alba took violin lessons for six months to play a solo in her new movie The Eye. I believe Russell Crowe had lessons with Richard Tognetti (the artistic director/leader of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, he is also the one playing the 1743 Guarneri del Gesù) before he starred in this role.
  20. Richard Tognetti (Leader of the Australian Chamber Orchestra) Bach Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin Richard Tognetti 2006 ARIA Best Classical Album winner 2 CD Set I always like his playing. Cheers, Michael
  21. I wonder if any one of you have found the same observation. Might be just me!!! I had to change the A string for a friend's son who is using a 3/4 violin. I tried to put in a 3/4 Obligato A string and it will not fit in the hole in the peg, no matter how much we tried. In the end, we used a Dominant and bingo, it went through without any problems. Do they come in different thickness? Cheers, Michael
  22. I was "lucky" (or unlucky) enough the other day to turn on the TV and saw snippets of André Rieu's concert. Apparently, he is using a Stad. I almost chocked - can you consider him a serious violinst, or should I said does he deserves a Strad? However, I believe he is earingbig $$$. Any thoughts? Cheers, Michael
  23. Jesse I just send you an e-mail about one of your violins on e-bay. I got an e-mail offering the violin to me and I know it is not you. Cheers, Michael
  24. Thanks, erich_zann. It works. Michael
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