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  1. I couldnt find anything, i did a genealogy search as well . The name appears all over the place, many emmigrants from Germany .Sweden etc...
  2. An fx tourte for reference, it is fully rounded at the back of the head.
  3. Also can you clarify, if the chamfers on the back of the head come to a point in the middle or is there a narrow central facet (confused by your replies to me and Martin.)
  4. Yes also silmilar to yours. It probably hadan ivory frog andbutton originally. When i mention Tubbs im looking at the very wide width of what the original heelplate on the frog probably looked like. The pearl eye looks a little small for a Tubbs (or Dodd)cello frog but it could have originally had no eye (common with Tubbs) and its been added later. Im only going by what i can see in your photos. What is the length of the bow with and without the button??
  5. Im leaning towards a John or James Dodd with a repurposed /remounted Tubbs frog and button but could be wrong ,as English bows arent really my thing.
  6. I know what you mean Martin but i dont think that one does . I think it has a very narrow middle facet down the back of the head.
  7. Another indicator is the length of the bow, Dodd cello bows are often longer than the violin bows.
  8. Apart from the makers martin mentioned also John Dodd made some with large chamfers in the swan neck style which look very like the bow stick in question. https://www.bcu.ac.uk/conservatoire/research/hic/the-collection/string-bow/10-1 Peccatte swan neck bows are broader from the side and dont have as long a nose. I have seen one or two Henry's similar though.
  9. BF im wanting a photo of the chamfers , i 'm wondering if its an optical illusion and the whole back of the head is rounded off at the corners or totally rounded off. I can easily believe the whole frog has been remounted badly forwhatever reason without addressing the frog damage ,including the underslide.
  10. Can you take a photo of the chamfers on the back of the head from behind the head?
  11. Looks interesting, enormous chamfers on the head. Looks like there has been some remounting of the silver going on,look at the large gaps down the sides of the heel plate.
  12. Frog looks a bit like laberte ,is it nickel/maillechort thats been polished? There isnt many French makers who made such a 'long' looking button, Vigneron buttons can sometimes appear long but i dont think its one. Also Tubbs model buttons ,but the bow isnt a Tubbs model.
  13. Is there any pin in the button?
  14. Very thick thumb projection on that frog with usual split bone adjuster.
  15. No they come in all sorts of woods ,most pernambuco ones have been remounted with a normal style frog, as have alot of the amourette , ironwood ones etc..... As said yours could be Bauwaua wood. It reminds me of the wood on a Maire workshop viola bow i used to have, though mine was originally covered in a slightly darker finish.
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