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  1. Id be concerned about a gap of that size. The frog will pull unevenly on the eyelet and probably strip it in no time .Also looks like someone has filed the facets down to be level with the collar of the adjuster. Many Vickers bows ive seen have a collar slightly smaller than the stick diameter. The button doesnt look genuine either.
  2. I think this is possibly a techler stamped stick with a lupot model frog button from another bow. Both from the german workshops. If you look very carefully at the stick wood grain through the finish ,it possibly is a type of exotic wood such as Angelim and not pernambuco. All the examples posted by George H, look like abeille.
  3. Very hard to tell by those photos but going by the last photo id say probably abeille,but could be wrong.
  4. No 5 looks more like pernambuco on the stick behind the head but handle and side of head not so much. Hard to tell from photos like this .
  5. For what its worth only the first and last (probably not certain) look like pernambuco. 2 and 4 probably abeile wood. bow 3 looks like some type of exotic wood.
  6. The resin from pine and spruce are almost identical ,so the smell can be similar ,especially if the spruce has resin pockets.
  7. It looks like it either has been re-entered by the paying bidder last time or someone didnt pay and its been re-entered.
  8. The 3rd from the left looks the most interesting ,could even be something to do with the JJ Martin or Maline shops. Hard to tell if the head has loss at the bottom or not its a slightly odd shape. What is the height of the head ,may explain the thick lump of ebony on the bottom. Has it any stamp, as im sure i can see something faint? Also looks like an idiot has tried recambering behing the head as well.
  9. Dont look knackered to me, good clean and some minor repairs!
  10. for those who like buying books or have big pockets. I personally stopped buying violin /bow related books years ago ,though nice to have and probably an interesting read.
  11. yes basically ,most mirecourt instruments from that era will have purfling where the bee stings pint into the corners on the c bout sides. All the work on yours doesnt look crisp enough for French work. There also appears to be pins in the top and bottom which i dont think a Mangenot instrument would have. But basically i agree with what Blankface says.
  12. Just compare the corners to this trade Mangenot cello!
  13. They are using as Mike says above , old fence posts, railway ties ,etc........
  14. Ive never seen anyone splitting pernambuco logs ,they are usually sawn.
  15. The frog and button look quite nice but i dont like that head shape at all. Whats those marks along the frog undeslide either side? (look at a bit like pencil marks to see where the underslide is touching the stick)