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  1. Have you read this?,-jasa-camber-and-flexibility.pdf from page 6 in the pdf: (ignore some of the maths in the last two lines as its garbled when i copied and pasted it) " the base line, a point was first marked off along the base line equal to the height of the first perpendicular representing the initial 110 constant diameter section of the stick. At the end of this section, a new vertical line was raised to intersect the sloping line. Using a compass, this length was added to the first section. The process was then repeated until the remaining sections exactly fitted into the length of the bow stick.The height of the 22 mm upright at the end was chosen so that the fractional decrease in length b = 1-(A-B)/700=0.874 between successive sections had the correct value to allow this perfect fit. Apart from the initial, constant-diameter, section, each subsequent section marked the lengths over which the diameter decreased by 0.3 mm (3.3 mm in total). Vuillaume presumably determined the length B by trial and error. Mathematically, this requires the sum of the lengthsAP11obn¼700 mm;with a ratio of lengths B/A¼b12¼22/110¼1/5. This gives the above value forbwithAP11obn¼700:5mm"
  2. Also agree the cracks look a bit odd and more like knife score marks or something sharp marring the surface like anti kickback pawls or something on a planer machine.
  3. The Jtl ones etc.. are just like normal tailpieces with pearl decorations usually flowers.
  4. Someone has attempted to put a Vuillaume signature in it
  5. Germain, Have you some photos of the bows??
  6. Just the first one. I get the impression that the people you deal with (at Tarisio) don`t have much of a clue to be polite, despite appearing nice and courteous. Unless its written down in front of them.
  7. Nothing simple about it that i can understand ,how do you explain my example a few posts up???
  8. Whether he is asking about whether or not it is authentic doesnt really matter does it?? People who buy violins etc.. buy at their own risk. Its up to you whether its worth the risk. Some of the worse purchases ive ever made have been at top regular auction houses rather than ebay. Which more than often have far less information than the regular ebay auction. No point in crying like a baby as its a risk you take otherwise you shouldn`t be in the business of speculating on what it is or whether you found a great buy and can later sell at huge profit. I bought from the south of France on ebay years ago , most turned out similar to description or in bad condition with bad photos. One seller i remember was selling under several id`s and had a North African /Arabic name? Ive also noticed a lot (as in 50 or more instruments /bows at one auction)of similar instruments to the OP`s sold recently at one or two Southern French auction houses.
  9. I thought that the frog mounting looked nickel silver , its polished but the texture (sort of hard grainy texture when polished) looks nickel silver .I wouldnt be surprised if the button is original unless i missed something(just hasnt been polished)
  10. Martin seems to have an issue with this seller, the listing claimed it to be nothing other than reading the label.etc . Tarisio and many other auction house do the same every day of the year. Very nice (beautiful) adult violin set, including the violin, the case and two bows, as found good playing condition, only cleaned a little. No soundpost break on this violin. Length of back is 355 mm. Label inside reads: "Ch.J.B. COLLIN-MEZIN Luthier à Paris Rue du Faubg Poissonnière, N°.10 CM 1890". One hand signature to be noticed inside on the back. More pictures as needed so you can make your own opinion about authenticity as I can not help more. Good luck to all at the auction!
  11. I think their estimates are all over the place especially comparing London versus New York. For example, i recently sold Good French bow by maker `A `at London with Parisian expert ,similar bow at New York but only `workshop of maker A`,in far worse condition with cert. by American expert had estimate almost 3 times as much???
  12. He has the deluded impression that evrything made of silver and sold in the UK has to be hallmarked, i mentioned this on a thread years ago regarding the same person. It is only a requirement supposedly if an individual piece of silver is of a weight over 5gms. No individual part of a bows silver parts are over 5gms in weight so no reason to hallmark anything on a bow.