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  1. Im not so sure about the suess this time though as im sure i can see extra letters.
  2. And another person called Beluga asked the same question in 2019 with the same photos
  3. OkThanks to all who replied, i didnt know whether it was the same person, was going to start ranting but my politeness has got the better of me!
  4. Anyone know of them someone called Thomas Palmer ? Who i believe was with Bromptons.
  5. Its probably pernambuco, When shops say a bow is Brasilwood ,it usually refers to Abeille wood or more properly one of the Manilkara species. I hate the term for bows of describing them as brasilwood as it doesn`t refer to Pernambuco in this context,whereas it really should ! PauBrasil wood is pernambuco , abeille(manilkara),often refered to as Brasilwood is NOT.
  6. That isnt exactly a step it just appears because of the chamfer on the top edge of the pegbox.
  7. Phthalo pigments/dyes have extremely high tinting strength.Only tiny bit needed.
  8. Yes i know ,but weedkiller was the intended end use of common consumer products. Its also highly poisonous if swallowed.
  9. Sodiumm chlorate (potassium also though more expensive usually) was and is used as a total weedkiller on gardens ,it also kills the grass. Banned in the Eu for weedkiller use in 2008 i think.
  10. Cleaning it will make the copper base metal of the tinsel more prominent ,the silver plating has worn away.
  11. Ben , it looks like pernambuco. Winding is silk and tinsel which is usually silver plated and has tarnished and worn off.
  12. Where does it say that , Hermann Richard was the son of Carl Richard , Herman Richard had a son Richard Hermann? Different line to GA Pfretzschner.
  13. Had a couple in the past that were similar and carried Maline brands inside.