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  1. J.Tournier Paris Bow

    Most are from JTL with the J tournier stamp , but ive also seen them by Morizot pere, Ouchard Pere, Bazins and possibly supplied by the Nurnbergers. The stamps vary as well often just Tournier or j Tournier without Paris.
  2. Bow wood

    Its usually refered to as swartzia bannia , or ironwood (but there are dozens of obscure species of ironwood) . It could be something called swartzia eriocarpa but i am not certain. the samples of bannia i have had didnt have the yellow coloured lines that is usually typical of this wood which the French used a lot in the 19th century. To confuse further these wood grow in several neighbouring countries and each country tends to have its own common name for the woods. Even amongst the same species there is slightly different subspecies. Raffin never goes into details and probably is really as confused as anyone else when it comes down to exact species , he calls everything bois de fer ,or simply ironwood.Anything that doesnt look obviously black /dark brown ,gets called bois d`exotique. Even old mirecourt catalogues vary greatly in their decriptions ,often using bois de iles instead of bois d`exotique. They often had bois de brasil, bois d`abeille and pernambuco on the same page. All very confusing.
  3. Violin bow ID help please

    I had a Schaffner viola bow years ago ,the frog button weren`t original but the stick was stamped twice ,on the handle and under the lapping or in front of the lapping.
  4. Carminic Acid extraction from ci75470

    You do realise that what you have is a lake pigment.??? What is the maltodextrose part you mentioned earlier.? Ive heard of making fake carmine from fungal cultures .
  5. Frog first rehairing question

    Gilles Nehr did some good videos with a nice break in the middle but unfortunately he seemed to get side tracked and didnt finish the series.
  6. removing button from screw

    Great idea , i have one in my draw but never thought of it.
  7. Bow i/d - views appreciated

    Probably F Peccatte or his workshop
  8. removing button from screw

    Try to find a spare old eyelet that is a tight fit on the screw,as they generally will still have enough grip on the thread. Then drill a 3mm hole or wide enough for the screw through a piece of wood around an inch thick. Find two small piece of metal sheet aluminium will do and drill a hole just larger than the screw through each to act as a sort of washer. Put one piece of the sheet over the screw to butt against the button,then pass through the wood and the other piece of sheet /washer. Put the suitable old eyelet on and screw it in a little at a time until the button hopefully comes off the screw tang.. Hope this is clear enough ,hard to explain without a diagram.
  9. American Maple on Mittenwalder?

    martin, that Bernardel ??? violin i posted earlier this year which i used to own has what i thought was an American maple back. Cant be certain but the distinctive hard grain lines are what i usually associate with some type of American maple and look identical to the American maple tonewood i bought years ago.Bigleaf??? i think but could be wrong.
  10. Hills shop records

    Ben, i think a bit of research needs done on Delunet , i brought it up in 2006 , when checking census records. i since found out the Isidore Delunet was the father of a Leon August Emile Delunet . There may be more than one August Delunet as well such as a August E Delunet who was born in 1881 and worked in new York and Toronto as a violin maker. Also the question of Charles L. Delunet , a violin maker ,probably Augusts? brother and was resident in Hanwell in 1901 and born in 1865.
  11. strange bow with silver eyes

    Cant be sure about Pfretzschner but the Knopf family and others certainly used pins and screws.
  12. strange bow with silver eyes

    Comparison of heads ,Pfretzschner bottom.
  13. strange bow with silver eyes

    I also think the bow has a sort of Pfretzschner look about it.
  14. strange bow with silver eyes

    I was really generalising, many arent silver often nickel or even aluminium or some similar alloy. Also should have said that they are more usually just a plain eye as well without a ring. I see many Bausch school type bow frogs with a small metal eye. Such as these just grabbed from a broken frog box.