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  1. The woods been used a few years now, can have very high lucchi readings .
  2. John, i put that link on in 2002, 18 years ago! Not surprised it no longer works.
  3. Looks to be a a more recent crack across the top of the head as well.
  4. Jacob, pretty expensive ,probably a Swiss price premium, as all decent Swiss made machinery costs a fortune. Only 170mm max. cutting height . Why do they only sell 3mm wide blades and the teeth look funny
  5. Thanks ,interesting topic ,so beech is in categary 4? I read another paper stating that beech grown in the last 150 years was often lower density with wider early growth but they were sort of jumping at conclusions as to WHY it was less dense.
  6. Martin, isnt that the wrong way around fast growth /very wide grain spacing usually means lower denity not higher!
  7. It also looks like abeille wood with a reddish finish.
  8. Thats where the grey area comes in again, a general auction house that sells everything from fridges to bottles of wine honestly wouldnt be expected to accurately describe an instrument but an auction house that specialise and advertises years of combined experience in that specific field should know what minor repairs mean and if they are going to say anything at all then they should be acurate . But in reality that doesnt always happen.
  9. I would sort of agree with you but its a very grey area. Especially as regards to when they started the culture of online auctions. But has you`d supposedly examined it(though i dont know your personal experience of instrument examination),it would limit your options. If your that way inclined you can make a small claims case of it which doesnt cost much but not guaranteed to work but may do if you were just asking for some compensation ,say to get the repair done. Its a while since i sudied the sale of goods act relevant to auctions. Ive been `stung` myself a few times before ,but could put it down to my own stupidity but it still annoyed me for a while. What i totally agree with you is if as you say they were /are totally avoiding your correspondance. Thats very common when theres a problem between a seller and a buyer.
  10. I think this has been discussed quite a few times but often feels like `flogging a dead horse`. There are also other woods with similar looking cell structure to pernambuco, so that used alone without using colour ,grain structure isnt always a precise way.
  11. Sounds like the frog is already off if she can see the broken eyelet screw.
  12. The sold lots are actually slightly up on the same auction last year . oct 2016 81.8% , Nov 2017 93.3% , Nov 2018 84..6 %, Nov 2019 85.6 % The last two T2 auctions for comparison have been 100% and 99.6% .
  13. Just a bit of sleuthing though being in the Uk i dont even know where New Britain is!
  14. I think i got it, there was dentist who i believe was also an amateur maker called Ralph C. Dunham. There is one results on skinner.