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  1. fiddlecollector


    Possibly same workshop ,but finding who made it would probably be an impossible task. The heads look a little pfretzschner like to me. The second frog is different, look how the throat of the frog is squarer in the first and the second tilts back into a tighter curve like peccatte style.
  2. Yes well spotted , as the auction states that its the contents of his home and OTHER Irish estates!
  3. The violin was sold at auction in Ireland on friday in a well publicised sale ,mainly due to the fact he (Flatley ) was selling a load of belongings, including ` Hannibal Lectors mask`, from the movie as well. The estimate of the violin was 2-3 K euros, but dont know what it sold for. Photos are identical to the auction photos.
  4. Nice black poreless ebony looks nice but it shouldnt be a reason to decide if a bow is any good. In your photos the top bow looks more black even in colour but has large pores, the lower looks to have smaller pores but is streaky in colour. Ive mentioned this before but even the very cheapest German bows usually have good quality ebony whereas the French seemed to use any quality to hand for the lower price bows. Even bows by top French makers can have very streaky ebony. If you dont like streaky ebony then dye it black.
  5. It could be Pajeot and probably is, just ive seen a very wide `U` in Lupot occasionally, but the image i put on was a genuine LUPOT brand .Your bow is probably from a large commercial dealer. Possibly supposed to be some kind of Louis Simon Pajeot model.(though not very like most real ones ive seen). The letters on yours look stamped one at a time,making a mess.. On a slightly different note ( about stamps)whilst looking for something on the net ,came across this collection of Gand & Bernardel branding irons from their shop,,quite a lot of them and each beng handcut wont be identical.
  6. Looks like mis-stamped LUPOT
  7. Cant believe this is now 7 pages long, when something interesting is brought up lucky if you get 2 pages of discussion .
  8. Earliest French Del Gesu model i saw was supposedly made by Augière, never seen the Lupot ones in the flesh. It was also around 1810-20.
  9. Read this thread
  10. Yes they are rough bow blanks very generously cut ,they are pernambuco. When they have been sitting for years the surface of the blanks go a dull aged greyish colour. The L shaped blanks are sitting on top of others. Ive added a photo with the surface planed. The colour also varies from pale yellow to dark red/brown. Colour doesnt always indicate better qualities either .
  11. Supposedly but most bows i see are at some sort of angle . Andreas Grutter wrote on the net (chapter 4. wood) that if the grain is at a slight angle it makes it an ideal allowance for the player tilting the bow , grain tilting in opposite direction for cello.Sort of makes a bit of sense to me. But i find they are just all over the place in reality . His ebook is worth a read. With a few examples of actual bows discussed.
  12. Also the grain direction from side to side through the stick can have a big effect. Heres some sticks cut by Garner Wilson where ive indicated the big variation of grain direction ,some good ,some less than ideal.
  13. Of course it depends where a lift is and what direction the grain is running. In cheesy diagram i just done , seriousness of lift increases for positions from A to C........ and the angle from 1 to 5..... In the second photo the two quite nice bows suffered grain lift breaks corresponding roughly to C and between 1 and 2.
  14. Thats the point im trying to make. fig1.2 is an awful idea , fig 1.3 is technically better but more preferable if the long grain went up gently at either end of the board. (rather than to have to cut a `S` shaped blank and then straighten it , rough plane it and then bend the opposite way.) Regardless, in a finished bow it would be very difficult to tell how the stick started out. Anyone else in the UK having a strange problem with Maestronet pages lagging and white screens ???