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  1. What the heck type of wood is this?

    its not pernambuco
  2. What the heck type of wood is this?

    Looks like a type of wood the French liked using, and id go out on a limb and say its a French bow.
  3. Scroll Quiz

    Agree with Manfio ,Degani.
  4. Looks like a cheap bow - but gold mounted?

    Looks like pinchbeck from the photos or a similar alloy of which there were several. The underliner is probably copper. Ive had several similar bows in the past.
  5. Looks like a cheap bow - but gold mounted?

    Probably a variation of ``Pinchbeck``, relatively common on some German bows.
  6. Bow familiar to anyone?

    I wonder if Raffin is seeing Chardon in it, though the button is ??? And its lacking the usual id marks.
  7. Unknown Bow Up For Discussion

    Sounds like a bit of a sweeping statement of fact. Sounds like you have been talking to Schmidt. There are hundreds or more likely thousands of these Knopf type bows and only recently has there been a splurge of Moritz Knopf bows appearing in shops and auctions. I feel its a bit spectulative !
  8. Who was "D.Johnstone" (around 1900)?

    Could be this person (no mention of violin though) but again could be anyone, as there were hundreds of amateur makers who sprung up after Heron-Allens book came out.
  9. Bow familiar to anyone?

    Ive had some French and German bows that play well but not that light, maybe 52 gms, some were still strong but some were very weak.Seems to have hair on so you should be able to tell if its whippy. Not sure what your refering to in regards to the 10" long section. 724 mm is a little shorter than many German bows but would not explain the very light weight.
  10. Bow familiar to anyone?

    Just wondering ,what is the length of the bow stick alone (not including nipple )?
  11. Guns and violin making

    And who votes for those politicians ,the 90% majority and the rest,so what happened
  12. Guns and violin making

    `ignorant ass` people , why because people are making a comment of their views only one or two have mentioned politics. The real problem is `deliquency of human nature`.
  13. I may have failing eye sight but that Fetique looks like abeille wood(brasilwood), not usually seen on bows by fetique that are silver mounted. I may be wrong on the wood though from those pictures.
  14. Guns and violin making

    Jezzupe i may be misunderstanding your comment but guns are not banned in the UK (Scotland is stricter i believe even on air weapons) ,you get a firearms license which are strictly controlled and you have to be a member of a gun club . .Also shooting is only allowed on ranges or private land. If you carried a gun around in the open you would more than likely be shot by a police firearms officer before you knew what was happening..
  15. Guns and violin making

    I would assume hunting involves killing wild animals not animals that wouldn`t be here but for food consumption.