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  1. Peccatte?

    So the bow was never actually sold through Christies ?
  2. Peccatte?

    Cant seem to find it in the Christies online sold lots search, just wondering what their description was. If she died in 2011 how could she buy a bow in 2014 , i assume she bought it alot earlier.
  3. Peccatte?

    Hi, yes i forgot about this one and remembered it after i opened my mouth. can i ask how many Peccattes have you seen with mortices for the frog like a Sartory era bow?? Peccattes usually have a wider top facet where the mortice is . I am not saying that the previous owner couldnt afford or have a Peccatte,it doesnt matter if the family had 100 Strads ,i `m just saying what i see. There are a few bows like this around with collaboration between Peccatte and makers like Eury or Henry. I seem to get a Pajeot impression of the button,i dont know. See the collar on the button ,it is octagonal inside like some of the rings that are soldered on to save on gold. I notice other little things as well. Any idea when the original Christies sale was ?
  4. Turner violin Mittenwald imported

    Who in their right mind would stamp the belly right where the bridge fit go.
  5. Peccatte?

    Interesting bow noticed it a few weeks back, theres a few elements that dont fit with Peccatte,it seems like a mixture of parts or makers but thats just my impression. One thing that stands out is the width of the facets on the stick under the frog ,the rather small pearl eyes and the contruction of the button. Its obviously a Tourte inspired bow, at least the frog and button,cant quite get a good view of the head.
  6. Baroque bass bars

    They are actually good interpretations of instruments,particularly violin family, compared to a lot of painters of the time. The bridges dont look particularly low to me,but as you say they are paintings.
  7. An Eccentric Violin with 5-Ply Purfling

    Part of the flaming at least looks stained on to me unless im blind??? Such as why if it has super deep narrow flames on the side of the scroll but no evidence of it on the worn area on the front of the pegbox. looks like the type of graining the Victorians used in houses over here.
  8. Unusual violin bow

    The hair on these bows is not a lot different than a normal hank of hair but the ends are pre tied and fitted into a brass tube with a slot cut in . The slot acts as a spreader for the hair ribbon. Some experimentation with hair length would be necessary though.
  9. Unusual violin bow

    Martin, i think the latest research suggests Persoit probably invented the Vuillaume style self hairing bow . Pajeot (occasionally stated as inventing them) or Fonclause and maybe others have also produced odd looking bows so i dont think anyone knows for certain who produced the first self hairing bow.
  10. Any ideas on origins of this bow?

    It doesnt jump out at me as amourette ,wood could be anything looking at those photos which don`t enlarge very well.
  11. Advice Needed for Cello Repair

    I would get rid of those silly long cleats at the top and bottom of the top plate,they look to have actually caused cracks rather than preventing them or are those lines at the end of each pencil lines?
  12. Straight Gouges or Bent Gouges?

    Yes like that ,they are known in the Uk as ``sow back`` gouges. Some people may find them useful for violin work but i never found a use. I had a load with even more curve and weird shapes. More used for sculptural carving work.
  13. Swedish scroll gouge set

    If you bought direct from sweden 14 gouges would be around 800$ US and being in the US you wouldnt be charged VAT. Its all a matter of personal choice. some people pay a fortune for a holtey plane up to around 10k, i use a chinese plane and a lie neilsen block plane. Also in Europe we pay more for almost everything from tools to power ,unlike US citizens who expect everything at low prices.
  14. Swedish scroll gouge set

    Yes i use the larger sweep ones , i`m particularly fond of the narrow 27mm sweep one at the bottom of the photo.
  15. Swedish scroll gouge set

    I`d like to add (dont know about Kelvin) that despite being called scroll gouges , i use them on the entire instrument apart from a large stubai roughing out gouge i use with a long homemade handle. So calling them strictly scroll gouges are a tiny bit of a misnomer. Ive always found the short handles that fit comfortably in the palm far easier to use for fluting edges etc....