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  1. A long time since i made this thread but thanks for clearing up who Isidore was . If your interested here some not too good photos of the violin in question, i had many others but lost them when an image hosting company went out of business. The violin had thick red varnish that was heavily craqueled etc...
  2. Potassium Permanganate is pretty benign in terms of dangerous chemicals, more chance of causing a fire or explosion than actually damaging your health. Its widely used for allsorts of things including a disinfectant for skin infections etc... These msds safety data have similar warnings for common table salt. Potassium dichromate is a different matter ,also used as a stain but highly toxic .Only recommended for use by people who know how to safely handle chemicals . By the way your title "hazard warning--Potassium " is misleading . Potassium is actually by itself an alkaline metal which reacts violently with water .
  3. I suspect the instrument is a violin from Yitamusic (the seller has bought several from them and the photo style /background is the same)
  4. Looks like one of those type from the Morizot??( i think they are from Morizot workshops ,never certain with these types of bows) workshop which have a faux mother of pearl slide made from some sort of plastic material. May be wrong though as cant seemuch of the slide in that one photo at a bad angle.
  5. It does happen occasionally though, and is often very confusing when it does. The bow just posted looks like abeille wood or maybe just the photos.
  6. The button silver appears to have been added later , you dont usually put what looks like pre made octagonal tube onto a round ebony core. The outer ring of the eye on the frog is not concentric with the inner circle and visa versa.
  7. Could also be BAUSCH . The stick looks like abeille wood.
  8. Sorry i thought the subject was refering to the usual head spline repairs. I cant comment on a bow ive never seen .
  9. Bowmakers would generally splice the wood at the handle if the blank was not long enough ,not at the head.
  10. I also have to gild this pretty large frame when ive restored the painting. The frame is around 1.3metres high .
  11. One tip use transfer leaf and not loose leaf, it absolute pain to handle unless you have a lot of experience. I was only yesterday using 24ct looseleaf to re gild a regency longcase painted dial face . Heres a frame i made out of scrap wood and left over wood decking for a Beatrice Cenci painting. I used the sgraffito technique . i used both red and black bole. I have many interests.
  12. I was looking at the slight rounding over on both inside corners whereas currently the outer corners of the ferrule are sharp. i suspect its been like that for a long while as well . A photo of the flat side of the ferrule would be helpful.
  13. The oneon mine was nickel though the bow was silver mounted. It was common to use nickel for the pearl slide backing as its stiffer and also not really visible apart from the two thin edges ,where the green colouring of copper oxide is.
  14. I dont know if its just the photos but i think he has the ferrule on back to front / wrong way around.
  15. Klaus Grunke told me that this method of small heelplate and pearl slide all encased in metal on German/ Markneukirchen bows is from the mid 20th century but didnt point to any particular makers.. The frog mortice look in about the right place compared to this photo but has been enlarged and messed with.
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