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  1. The acid in sweat easily corrodes away mother of pearl/abalone due to the constant contact ,unlike the pearl slide..
  2. Lotte was another maker of pillot bows. Most Pillot bows were sold through the J Lavest shop.
  3. They were made by various shops ,if i recall ef & emile ouchard being one. Ive seen and had various others but cant recall exactly who made them. But probably the usual culprits like Bazins, Morizots etc...also i think from some of the big wholesalers like JTL etc... Yours looks like one of the better ones.
  4. a piece of soft aluminium sheet or perspex with a hole for the screw to protect the button and one of these but a bit better quality
  5. Or Hxtal NYL-1
  6. Thanks ,i suspected so , so no bows by him exist as far as the latest knowledge goes.
  7. Martin, slightly off topic but if you have L`archet, has it any bows by Jean Simon?
  8. Gold is in fact currently 88x the price of silver or are you refering to the price of a gold mounted bow versus a silver mounted one from new?
  9. A432 that`s a bit of a sweeping statement , surely it depends on the individual bow and instrument you`re using! I`d much rather have a JA Vigneron than a Sartory for playing purposes.
  10. Yes is is ill , i dont know the exact details but he has/is retired and he was selling off all his wood etc for the last year at a certain auction house and privately.
  11. Yes i know but ive found it very tight and if its in a hard case it will be bigger.
  12. I totally agree 1200- 3500$ is extortionate. Nearly every package ive received from China was by EMS ,they must get some huge discount or something though as they often ship for free. Also even packages ive received where i`ve bought something for several hundred pounds sterling have had a declared value of no more than 10$ US. That said even putting in for quotes for something the size of a packed cello at say your options rapidly diminish,especially if over 120 cm long. I think only 2 shippers came up in the quote, and that was TNT and UPS.
  13. They seem to be standard fedex prices .So i assume you don`t have multi shipping brokers like Interparcel or parcel2go in Slovakia? Even with shipping brokers the insurance is often more than the shipping price and they usually have a 2000GBP limit(through interprcel) unless you can get higher limits. You also dont know if you are properly covered with shipping brokers due to exclusions. Its a chance i usually take as the cost is far lower than standard courier prices.
  14. I dont think you can compare state sponsored shipping discounts from China to any other scenario in other countries. Between £200- £300 is usual in the UK to the US for a cello + whatever you can sort out for insurance.
  15. Hogo ,that seems very expensive ,i assume your paying a large amount for insurance.