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  1. Hi Jackson. Could you tell us a little bit about Brian Derber's book? Thanks James
  2. Hi Rue, I know that this doesn't pertain to your question... but you are a Canadian. Just for your own interest, check out some of the guitar makers of the "Canadian" school: Jean Larivee, William "Grit" Laskin, David Wren, Linda Manzer, Sergei De Jonge (my opinion, the del Gesu), Jim Friesen, Alistair Miller. Amongst others I can't think of at the moment. I sincerely hope that the guitar and you will get along! Have fun, James
  3. Workshop safety, I think, falls into two categories, health and potential injury. Rue makes good points here. Read the label on the can of stuff you are about to use! Gloves and mask etc. Machines are better than apprentices as long as the user is trained. Keep your space reasonably clean and organized. Work with a clear mind. Don't rush (too much). I try to keep these things in mind at work. Safety is so important, it's good to read this.
  4. Let the lamp affix it's beam. The only emperor is the emperor of ice cream.
  5. Do you have much natural light in your workspace? What colour are the walls? I use a combination of incandescent anglepoise lamps, fluorescent tubes and led lamps. I don't have a lot of natural light in my space but the walls and ceilings are bright white witch seems to help. J
  6. It looks as though you are making a Les Paul model with a Maple cap. While hide glue is good for this , you really need to get the clamps on in a hurry. This is a joint where Tight Bond may be a better choice. I have had no problems with hide glue for all joining of electric guitars. I avoid epoxy altogether. J
  7. I used the space that Gibson puts a cover over the neck tenon and extended the fretboard 2 frets. I based the neck joint on a '61 model.Thanks for the interest. JA
  8. []So what is the scale length for your 24 fretter? It's 24.65". I omitted the plastic piece Gibson uses there. Thanks jezzup.
  9. I make violins and guitars also. I make electric guitars and basses. One day I will make an acoustic guitar.
  10. I make violins and guitars also. I make electric guitars and basses. One day I will make an acoustic guitar. Sorry for the double post.
  11. Well, he has been charging me a very "friendly" price of $??cdn. per piece! I just removed the price, it's very low. He is retired but is still a violin maker. James
  12. I get maple from a man in Ontario near the ski hills. His prices are good and his wood is cut in the late 8t's and early 9t's, air dried and nice looking. I am an amateur, but I like it. I visited Metropolitan Music (also near the ski hills) and bought some spruce from Simeon Chambers. I think it is very nice. James
  13. A needed break from the violins. Now, let's rock.
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