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  1. Does anyone out there know a place to rent or buy the string orchestra parts for the Bach E Major violin concerto? Does anyone at least have suggestions of where to look?
  2. The "violin" that I saw was wooden (although I think it was pine or something like that) and pink. My mom saw it in KC and I saw it in small town Oklahoma where I go to school. Sorry that ya'll couldn't enjoy the pleasure that I recieved from seeing this instrument.
  3. Has anyone else seen the pink Barbie 1/2 size violin that is currently being sold for only $50 by major retailers? My mom called and told me about it while I happened to be at Walmart. I had to go check it out! It totally made my day, although I kinda felt weird standing in the aisle alone and laughing. Oh yes, and there is also a guitar and piano if you would like to begin your own band!
  4. So has anyone else recieved the advertisement that Shar has the Infeld Red strings on sale for $39.90? Yet they only offer free string shipping on orders over $40.00. Is there a possiblity that they would go ahead and do the free shipping? The literalist side of me says no, but why would anyone buy them at $39.90 if they would then have to pay shipping? If anyone has any input it would be greatly appreciated. Tabitha
  5. My old violin was a male. I couldn't ever choose a specific name for him though. Now I have a new one and I'm not sure that I've decided if it is a male or female or on a name. It's still less than a year old and I'm still seeing the character develop.
  6. I've accompanied many choirs by playing in the orchestra and in string trios/quartets. It's always fun, but a little different. Especially if the choral director is conducting it can be different than an instrumentalist. I've also played obligato parts by myself with my church choir (miked of course). I always enjoy that. My dad is a singer and I've played with him lots growing up so playing with the church choir was kind of just a larger version of him
  7. Honestly, I like the Spotlight on Strings.
  8. Thanks for all of your suggestions! I will definitely check on the tension in her left hand/arm. Thanks Again! Tabitha
  9. I am looking for something like the Hanon piano excercises but for violin. Something with a consistant rhythm and that will work technical ability to play faster. It's for a student of mine who is a senior in HS with a piano background and who has been playing for about 5 months. Her biggest struggle seems to be the finger dexterity to play faster passages. My plan is to have her start slowly with a metronome and work up little by little until she can play it well at a fast tempo. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Tabbicat

    Pinky Pads?

    my teachers used corn pads.
  11. I owned and played a Maggini copy for six years. It was completely unlabled, but it had the extra turn in the scroll, double purfling and it was slightly larger than other violins. It had a very nice dark, rich tone, especially on the lower stings. It was actually a difficult instrument to play. I'm not sure if that had to do with it being a Maggini or not, but I grew so much as a player with that instrument. Mostly I wanted to post because at the end of the summer I traded that violin for a new one. It was a really difficult decision because I loved it so much and I had spent so many years learning to play it, but I love my new one!
  12. Well, I took the plunge. I traded my violin today. I really love the new one and I think it was the right decision, but I still cried when I said goodbye. The violin shop owner seemed to understand and went on with a speech about how the violin takes on the personality and soul of the player. It made me cry more. I tried to control myself in the shop because I felt really dumb, so I imagine I'll cry myself to sleep tonite. Thanks to everyone for their advice! Tabbicat
  13. I made a mistake this week. I went to the violin shop to pick up my bows that were being rehaired and decided to try a few violins while I was there. I wasn't really interested in getting a new one, but they're always fun to play. My problem is that I've found one that I really like. The tone is better and the new one is much easier to play. And the last thing my violin teacher said to me last semester was that he thought I needed a new violin. I think I want to go ahead and make the trade. My problem is going to be saying goodbye to my violin. I've had this violin since I was 13 (I'm 19 now) and I really love it. It is unique and has a lot of character taht I'm going to miss in the new violin. It has been my best friend and with me through a lot. I can't afford to keep both, so how do I say goodbye to my violin? I don't have a lot of time since I leave to go back to school on Thursday. I'm hoping that fellow string players can understand and help me with this. Thanks, Tabitha
  14. I have a moustro mute on my violin. I leave it on all the time. I usually go ahead and put on my black tourte mute when I know I'll be using it (orchestra rehearsals and such), but I leave the moustro on. He's my playing buddy! It works as a regular mute, but I think it mutes the sound too much and that's why I go ahead and put the other mute on. Tab
  15. Quote: And if you are looking at Austin, TX you should look into North Texas (Denton, TX- 20mins North of Dallas/Ft. Worth). I have a friend who plays the violin and her dad teaches Chemistry at North Texas, but she's a math ed major. That's just a side note. I would like to add my congratulations to the seniors on auditions as well as almost being done with high school. College is sooo much better!