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  1. Incredible indeed! It was said of him that he planned his bow usage down to the last millimeter. It was also said of him (by Jascha Heifetz) that his entire repertoire could be written down in two lines. Assuming both these stories to be true, is there perhaps a connection?
  2. Mr. Molnar: Compared to Corelli Alliance Vivace, Dominant, Evah Pirazzi, Obligato, Helicore, Zyex and Infeld. And probably some others that dont come to mind right now.
  3. bryan, frank@thomastik-infeld.com The strings were sent by Thomastik's US distributor.
  4. These pieces are an absolute gas to play with piano.
  5. Thomastik was nice enough to send me a trial set of Vision strings (mediums), and, one good turn deserving another, I am happy to report that I think they are absolutely terrific strings, hands down the best I have ever used.
  6. Thank you for giving us all the chance to see this very nice photograph of a most extraordinary artist.
  7. u shud try towards the middle of the bow -- around the balance point. depending exactly on where the "warp" indicator is on your metronome, short, slightly marcato strokes will cause the bow to lift and re-settle on its own. Then the real fun begins: matching the bow bites to the left hand. Enjoy. May your path be strewn with rose petals.
  8. Yet another thread on strings!!! Ye Gods!!!! With that disclaimer out of the way, I'd like to say that I now have a set of Evah Pirazzi strings on my viola, stable and broken in, and while my viola sounds good with every different string I have ever tried, I think the Evahs take the cake. They really are very fine viola strings: brilliant yet warm, responsive, and nice under the finger. I got them free from Pirastro, as a trial set, and this thread is by way of a thank you to them. If you haven't tried these strings on your viola, you should.
  9. florea, I just received a set of trial strings from Pirastro (Evah Pirazzi's, for the viola, mucho bucks); i did not get an email acknowledgement of my request. Thre strings simply appeared in the mail a couple of weeks later. Nice strings, too.
  10. This is a sad state of affairs, and I sympathize. But I wonder if the guitar-shape of the Luis Leguia viola might be helpful. www.luisandclark.com. My very best wishes for a successful resolution of this cruel problem. K544
  11. Yes, I read the obit when it appeared. Like many of the obits in the Times, it is both graceful and informative. I heard the Amadeus in person only once, but many times on records. It had a truly distinctive and very distinguished group sound, and they were all very probing musicians. I felt a pang of regret when the quartet disbanded, and a pang of grief when I read of the death of Maestro Brainin.
  12. LWL, whose presence on this discussion board is greatly missed, played, I believe, the first concerto, not the second; the first being, by the way, in my view at least, much more interesting than the second.
  13. I have experimented with the system mentioned by GlennYorkPA from time to time. For my part, I think the instruments sound better without a chinrest clamped on to them: fuller and more resonant. My experiments always run aground, however, because I dont seem to be able to stabilize the instruments without quite a lot of downward pressure from my jaw, with resulting shoulder discomfort.
  14. I second Elfrida's motion for the Britten Lachrymae. Yes, there is a published version for viola and piano, and it is a very fine piece. If you don't know it, it is a theme and variations in reverse, with the theme coming at the end: a beautiful, plaintive song by John Dowland. another possibility would be the Shostakovich sonata. This is a deeply affecting work (his last) and it contains an hommage to Beethoven in the last movement. If you can play the Brahms, you can play either the Britten or the Shostavich.
  15. Musical zoo, Larry makes a very good point. In my experience, those little plastic sleeves really do subtract a lot of zing from the string. I have parchment bridge protectors under my fiddle e and viola a, and they give a much more lively sound while still protecting the bridge. Christopher Quinn will sell u a baggie full of those things for about $3 as I recall, and they are easy to glue on with Elmers.
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