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  1. Approx metronome markings : Allegro assai 108 (quarter) Presto 88 (half) Maybe it's edited in your notes, but bar 74 - 80 etc... in allegro assai are arpeggiated accords, so you have a degree of freedom there in how to play them.
  2. Check there, they've got it : free download, no delivery time ! http://www.mutopiaproject.org/
  3. My fave is Oistrakh but with Rozhdestvensky !
  4. My favorite recording of op. 77 ( and with the unfinished quartet) is by the quartet Mosaïques (members of the Concentus Musicus Wien). Really fabulous, and all their Haydn recordings are great. Try their Mozart too !
  5. Maud Powell with George Falkenstein, 27 may 1910
  6. Rostropovich with Rozhdestvensky (better than with Bernstein).
  7. especially unwound ones. These are ONLY playable without fine tuners ; recommended only for baroque playing, tuning 415 Hz.
  8. The solo part (especially the one in G) are VERY DIFFIULT to play well. Nevertheles beautiful music.
  9. Kagan, Gutman, Richter ain't bad either... Listen to some recordings on Live Classics (Shostakovich, Schumann, Tchaikovsky are very good). My favourite recording of the Archduke piano trio is by Kopelman, Berlinsky and Richter. The Wanderer are fabulous too ; and I've superb recordings of Ravel, Debussy aud Fauré trios by Kantorow, Muller and Rouvier. I never liked the Heifetz, Piatigorsky, Rubinstein recording of the Ravel ; only french trios captured the real essence of the piece. For Brahms, my favourite is Suk Starker Katchen, but Szeryng Fournier Rubinstein is almost as good. I find Dvorak best played by the Suk Trio. The Beaux Arts Trio and the Borodin trio are almost every time very good, you can't really go wrong with them. And don't forget some old recordings of Busch trio, or Oistrakh trio (Schubert and Mendelssohn are superb).
  10. My favorite is the one of Roger Desormiere, a live recording (of 1950), coupled with the concerto in D of Strvinsky, Le soleil des eaux of Boulez and Satie's Troix morceaux en forme de poire. It's an INA cd (IMV041), it costs 13$. By the way, listen to Desormiere's recording of Debussy's la Mer, a fabulous recording (Sviatoslav Richter used to say it was the most beautiful recording of music) (I assume it's quite hard to find, I have it on a Lys release). All of his recordings are really outstanding, his Bizet is phenomenal too.
  11. You're 100 % right, many chances that the two Gauk recordings are the same, I have only the Russian Disc CD. If you're interested, this is a reference not in Molkhou's discography, which is a authentic Oïstrakh: Pedro de Freitas Branco, Symphonic National Orchestra Portugal live 27 June 1960 Strauss Portugalsom SP 4084 (CD).
  12. Ok, here are the 12 recordings by Oïstrakh : Gauk, Moscow State Philharmonic (3 - 5 Feb 1938) Gauk, All-Union RSO (1939) Kondrashin, USSR State Symphony (1948) Dervaux (1958) Konwitschny, Staatskapelle Dresden (1954) Ormandy, Philadelphia (14 Dec 1959) Rozhdestvensky, Moscow Philharmonic (27 Sept 1968) Kempe, Rome Radio Orchestra (1959) Kempe, RAI Torino Symphony (26 April 1963) Samosud, Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra (1959) Pedro de Freitas Branco, Symphonic National Orchestra Portugal live 27 June 1960 unknown conductor, orchestra on Hall of Fame /Allegro LP
  13. There are 12 recordings by Oïstrakh as soloist. I believe Pag's version is the one of the 27th of september 1968, with Rojdestvenski (Rozhdestvensky for english-speaking people, although it isn't a very satisfying transliterration) and the Moscow Philharmmonic, distributed by BMG. I recommend (especially to people who don't like Oïstrakh) to watch the video fo him playing the concerto ; there are extracts on the "Oïstrakh : artist of the people ?" dvd too. I find it quite impressive. Way more than the video of Gidon Kremer at the Tchaïkovsky competition (don't know if it's available, I bought my dvd on the Tchaikovsky competition at the last competition in Moscow). I prefer Oïstrakh's version (with Rojdestenvensky) ; I don't really like the Auer modifications (I guess Mr. Redrobe won't agree with me ).
  14. Strauss Ein Heldenleben, 4 letzte Lieder Shostakovich 1, 15 Mahler 4
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