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  1. Michael's Violin bLog
  3. P. Guarneri tuning peg lathe
  4. Violins: How has the design of the violin changed over time?
  5. "Click to view bridge weight and measurements" "NEW!!! Hover your mouse over the image to see the measurements."
  6. "Click on a maker to find their websites Standing from left to right: Maurice Bouette, Joe Thrift, John Dilworth, James Rawes,Patrick Webster, Malcolm Siddal, Koen Padding, Anne Houssay, Loise Round, Dave "Paganini", Julie Reed, Roger Hargrave, Paul Weiss, Andrew Fairfax, Ron Thewlis, Brian Stone, Patrick Jowett, Gordon Stevenson, Bill, Glen Collins. Sitting from left to right: Brian Lisus, Lionel, Mervin Frost, John Johnston, Juliana Nicholson, Helen Michetschlager, Hans Johannsson"
  7. WORK ON THE ‘CANNONE’: THE TECHNICAL AND HISTORICAL REASONS "This bridge was purchased by the Conservatory’s collection around 1880 and we can reasonably believe that it was part of the Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume collection and that perhaps it had been on the Giuseppe Guarneri ‘del Gesù’ violin made in 1742 called the ‘Alard’violin. Nevertheless it is not possible to perform a true control. Unfortunately, we can only decide if we believe a little card that was attached to the foot of the bridge with ‘Guarneri del Gesù’written on it. This little but very interesting collection sugg
  8. Paganini’s Bridge from ‘il Cannone’ (note multiple notches)
  9. "Violin Nicolò Amati (Cremona 1596–1684 Cremona) Date: 1669" " Bridge height (maximum) before 3.35 after 2.95 " "height above belly at end before 2.1 after 1.15 "