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  2. Modern Violins - Visiting Violin Maker Joseph Curtin
  3. Modern Violins - Visiting Violin Maker Joseph Curtin
  4. MUSEUM LIGHTING - PURE AND SIMPLE Jack V. Miller and Ruth Ellen Miller The Aging Eye: See into Your FutureCommon age-related vision complaints include: "I can't see as clearly as I used to." "I have difficulty seeing objects close up." "Colors don't seem as vivid." "It's getting more difficult to see in the dark." "I'm less able to adapt to glare." "I need more light to see."
  5. Kenyon Seaton Chest Saws Mahogany Kenyon Half-Rip Wenzloff Panel Saws Pax Handsaws handsaws Pax Hand Saws
  7. What is CNC?
  8. Human touch much more sensitive than thought, down to nano-scale ""This means that, if your finger was the size of the Earth, you could feel the difference between houses [and] cars," Rutland said. "That is one of the most enjoyable aspects of this research. We discovered that a human being can feel a bump corresponding to the size of a very large molecule."" Read more: Sensitivity of Human Ear Can a Human See a Single Photon? "Th
  9. "Being able to see color is a sensation, just like smelling a pie fresh out of the oven or tasting your favorite meal. Different foods smell and taste different to each person, and likewise, no color is seen exactly the same by two people, because each person's rods and cones vary." -
  11. Standing from left to right: Maurice Bouette, Joe Thrift, John Dilworth, James Rawes,Patrick Webster, Malcolm Siddal, Koen Padding, Anne Houssay, Loise Round, Dave "Paganini", Julie Reed, Roger Hargrave, Paul Weiss, Andrew Fairfax, Ron Thewlis, Brian Stone, Patrick Jowett, Gordon Stevenson, Bill, Glen Collins. Sitting from left to right: Brian Lisus, Lionel, Mervin Frost, John Johnston, Juliana Nicholson, Helen Michetschlager, Hans Johannsson
  12. "Stradivari" by Stewart Pollens," Chapter 4, “Violin fittings and setup” is of particular interest to those concerned with the historical-performance-practice perspective. "The chapter to which the Early Music reader will pay particular attention is ‘Violin fittings and setup’, in other words: what is a ‘period instrument’? The answer is frustratingly difficult to pin down, not through lack of evidence but rather because of the wide range of information the evidence yields. " -
  13. "These are the Stradivari models of bridge that I could find: Models for cello "
  14. "The profile of the bridge of the Stradivari's "Tuscan" tenore is ..... Unfortunately the original curve of this bridge was later modified, making impossible to know how it really was. " Stradivari's models of bridge
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  18. CARVING A SCROLLHANS PLUHAR looks at making a copy of the head of the 'Viotti' Stradivari
  20. Carving a scroll step by step (or almost)Started by MANFIO, Feb 18 2008 11:03 AM