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  2. "In softer wood or if the punch point had to go through too much wood, the anvil on the other side (outside) could leave dents in the surface. These can be steamed or scraped out, but once in a while they’re visible." -Michael's Violin bLog What's going on in the shop at Darnton Violins and Darnton & Hersh Fine Violins
  3. The Strad (May 2007) Making Accurate Arching Templates
  4. Classical EdgeworkRoger Hargrave
  5. The Channel Scraper $75.00 + $3.00 s/h in U.S. Jonathan S. Franke
  6. The varnishes of the Italian violin-makers of the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and their influence on tone by George Fry ...
  7. Hide Glue - Traditional & Practical Applications.
  8. Assembling violin ... Brian Lisus
  10. Chapter Eight, Stradivari's Method of Construction "We now come to the modelling, a feature which Stradivari treated with his characteristic freedom." "Now, at the period of which we write, arching templates or models such as those generally, although not invariably, used by makers of to-day, were unthought of and unknown. Stradivari may possibly have had some gauge to indicate the minimum or maximum thickness required at the highest point of back and belly; but we greatly doubt this, and believe that all the old Italian makers were solely guided by mind and eye. Thus unfettered, t
  11. The researchers found no pigments in the outer layer of the “Long Pattern” model. In earlier examinations, they found the red pigment vermilion on the “Sarasate”. Now they have detected two other red pigments in Stradivari’s varnish: red iron oxides and a lake pigment made of an anthraquinone dye, probably chochineal, on an alumina substrate. Bertrand indicates that a very broad array of techniques was an absolute necessity to cope with the analytical challenge of studying such complex micro samples.Read more at:
  12. Meet the Real Masterminds Behind Jeopardy's Game Theory Tactics
  13. Welcome to the Library.
  14. Octave Tuning for Violin Plates Started by pt3, Jan 09 2012 03:36 AM Marty Kasprzyk
  15. Most Disappointing Heisman Trophy Winners "The Heisman trophy is awarded to college football’s most outstanding player. But by no means does winning college football's most coveted trophy translate to success at the next level. Only eight Heisman winners are members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame,"
  16. "18. Vanessa-Mae, who will be competing in Alpine skiing for Thailand, is also a professional violinist. No big deal, right?" The regular jobs of 2014 Sochi Olympic athletesBy Luis Gomez | Fourth-Place Medal – Mon, 27 Jan, 2014 2:56 PM EST