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    sugar seal

    "Caramel color is brown to dark brown in appearance and used in many desserts, puddings, cakes and industrial products to make them more tasty and appealing. It is a water soluble color and made by heating the carbohydrates through the process of caramelization. Caramel color has the bit bitter taste of burnt sugar. Caramel food coloring agent is used as ingredients in many recipes." - Link
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    sugar seal

    Proof that Stradivari did use sugar!!!!
  3. Not the only ones ... ""The violin still bears an original label reading 'Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis Faciebat Anno 1711' and is named after its former owner, Lady Inchiquin -- born Ethel Jane Foster -- wife of the 15th Baron of Inchiquin, member of the ancestral family of the O'Briens, who were one of the few native Gaelic families of royal blood to descend directly from Brian Bóruma High King of Ireland in the 11th century. The instrument has often mistakenly been called 'Parke', which has caused confusion on several occasions, although the real 'Parke' has a two-piece back. . . .T
  5. Michael Darnton's Blog Studs Gone Wild! PinPricks
  6. Thanks! Print me a Stradivarius How a new manufacturing technology will change the world
  7. Geoff Richings DIY Tailpiece 1 2 3 ????
  8. Violin Varnish Ltd. Varnish System Overview "The Balsam Ground System reproduces all of these qualities."
  9. $&^$#(^%%^##@ 1717 Whitney, Park, Gillot Stradivari
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    sugar seal

    Liquids, Solubility, Concentration Graph "Water as a Solvent" with nice molecule diagram
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    sugar seal

    Also taste the water.
  13. Hand Cranked Sander Manual Disc Sander hand-powered-disc-sander Manual-Disc-Sander
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    Fish Glue

    High Tack Fish Glue Antique Restorer's Veneer Hide Glue Make sure to click on the extra links in Blue at the bottom of the page for more information.
  15. Soundpost patch - Italian violin by A. Gavatelli at
  16. 1773 Gennaro Gagliano at Michael Darnton's Blog An Original Neck
  17. 3D printing of the body of the Ruggeri violin next. Guy Harrison Blog "3D laser scanning and 3D printing. A while ago we scanned a violin by Francesco Ruggeri (from Cremona, Italy, 1672) "
  18. "Accurate pinning is one of the earmarks of a Stradivari violin, viola, or cello, and this is one of the first things a violin expert looks for when authenticating his instruments." Stewart Pollens from his book "Stradivari" page 261 Is this also true for Guarneri Del Gesu?
  19. Well if they did put saltpetre in their tea, then I would say that their plate eigenmodes may have been a little on the floppy side.