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  1. The Violin Explained: Components, Mechanism, and Sound by James Beament
  2. "The acid number is expressed in mg by KOH required to neutralize acidic component contained in 1g of sample liquid." - Source of quote "Since rosin is an acidic material and the manufacturer of downstream derivatives depends on its acid functionality, a high acid number (and saponification number) is also an indication of good quality. The better quality rosins usually have an acid number in the range 160-170. " - Source of quote
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    Soundboard Properties "There are three easily measurable properties that affect the ability of a wood plate to vibrate: * The average density of the wood * The stiffness of the wood, and * The amount of vibrational damping, or losses to internal friction. In addition because of the way wood is produced as the tree grows, with the new growth laid down just underneath the bark in alternating rings of soft early growth and hard late growth, the stiffness varies depending on the orientation with respect to the growth rings (parallel, perpendicular, or tangential). My wood t
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    Egg White Wikipedia "The physical stress of beating egg white can create a foam. There are two types of physical stress caused by the beating them with a whisk, the first being that the whisk drags the liquid through itself, creating a force that unfolds the protein molecules[citation needed]. This process is called ***denaturation***. The second stress comes from the mixing of air into the whites, which causes the proteins to come out of their natural state. These denatured proteins gather together where the air and water meet and create multiple bonds with the other unraveled proteins, and
  5. Important new knowledge that instrument makers are discovering comes from engineers and scientists.
  6. The Great Global Warming Swindle Al Gore's Energy Use Gore isn't quite as green as he's led the world to believe hypocrite : a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings. How Low Can It Go? Sun Plunges into the Quietest Solar Minimum in a Century Carbon Cycle
  7. National Music Museum, NMM ------------------------ StradivariusTools @
  8. Square-Cut Nails "Besides having the advantage of being historically accurate (they are made the same way now as they were in 1819), these nails are superior to conventional nails. " "The decorative wrought head ..."
  9. "The deviation from a perfectly straight split is called runout. " - Jim McKean
  10. Ultra-Tac Polyamide Glue Sticks "Formulated for ultra high demand adhesive applications, this polyamide based glue stick stands up to high temperature, harsh climates and sticks like crazy to anything it touches! Great for auto repair, high stress joints, construction and hot, humid environments. Will join PVC, nylon, wood, metal, and urethanes. Resistant to plasticizers." - from above link SureHold Plastic Surgery 302 " * Specifically formulated to bond plastics more securely than other instant glues or gels, Plastic Surgery is engineered to “bite” into plastic materials. * P
  11. Ashkelon 2008, The Canaanite City Gate - Pictures Bamboo bridge across the Kali Serayu near Wonosobo
  12. U.S. adds formaldehyde to list of carcinogens
  13. Fiddling Beaver Official Super Bowl Ad
  14. The Strad Archive - Digital Library
  15. CCycloid, BrosAmati-top-arch.pdf, BrosAmati-back-arch.pdf
  16. Curtate Cycloid "Cremona's Forgotten Curve" PDF part 1 Part 2 by Quentin Playfair Computer Aided Violin Design