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  1. Fastest Time To Eat A Light Bulb 00:33.86 min/sec
  2. Bulldozer violin research?
  3. The Truth About the New Light Bulb Law
  4. Audio Link to NPR 'Click On' Listen Now top left of page
  5. Matched Chip Breaker and Blade Set, 1-3/4"W for Stanley Handplanes #3 and #5-1/4 Matched Chip Breaker and Blade Set, 2"W for Stanley Handplanes #4 and #5 Matched Chip Breaker and Blade Set, 2-3/8"W for Stanley Handplanes #4-1/2, #5-1/2, #6 and #7
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    Neck Nails

    Tenor Viola by Andrea Guarneri, Cremona, 1664 Nailing the baroque neck at Thomas Brenneur - Luthier Page 2 of 13 at
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    Neck Nails

    Stradivari violin copy - top block - by Guy Harrison Violin Maker
  8. Tarisio Blog measurements measurements
  9. Welcome to Hobbyist Luthier's Violin Making Journal
  10. Overnight Brush Storage Container DIY Container for Cleaning Oil Paint Brushes Paint Brush Keeper See post #17 for above pic
  11. "The neck is by the same maker. I have found it [i.e. the neck] in Parma, even if it was originally made for a viola da gamba with six strings. It is possible see it from the first two holes that have been cut and joined with the scroll made by Antonio Merighi. . . ." (p. 247) Memoirs of a Violin Collector: Count Ignazio Alessandro Cozio di Salabue, Brandon Frazier, Baltimore, 2007." My link "Cozio’s remark on the head is slightly perplexing. While recognizing it as by the maker, he seems to conjecture that it was made as a viola da gamba with six strings. It would appear that Cozio in
  12. Maazel Guadagnini violin of 1783 Huxham Guadagnini cello of 1783
  13. "In stress tests performed by Mark Schofield of Fine Woodworking Magazine, liquid hide glue compared favourably to hot hide glue[7] in average strength of bond. "However, any liquid hide glue over six months old can be suspect because the urea eventually hydrolyzes the protein structure of the glue and weakens it— even though the product was 'protected' with various bactericides and fungicides during manufacture."[4]" - Animal glue
  14. Collectanea chymica Leydensia By Christopher Love Morley Collectanea chymica Leidensia by Christopher Love Morley, Theodorus Muyckens, 1700 (dresden)
  15. Mac version of cycloid program
  16. has some set-up dimensions
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    The Art Of The Violin Design, Sergei Muratov
  18. Picture At this link Picture At This Link Picture At This Link
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    From Michael Darnton Classical Cremonese Violin Soundhole Placement by Michael Darnton Michael Darnton thinks he's cracked the elegant geometry that the old violin makers of Cremona used to locate their soundholes. F-hole placement a diagram for the placement of f-holes on a Cremonese violin model @ --------------------------------- Alvin Thomas King 1 Alvin Thomas King 2 @ --------------------------------- Hans Nikolaos Pluhar BVMA Newsletter - Control and Spontaneity in the Positioning of f-holes @