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  1. Hey I didn't notice that either and I even looked through my files and found the right one. So much for expertise. I blame it on old age, too many pictures and writing my MN comments in bed after midnight.

    I couldn't find a smiley face that looked embarrassed enough.  






  2. I would like some advice on the various sizes of F-holes on violins. I know there is not a standard size and it seems most Luthiers decide their own, but what is the minimum and average size of f-holes you have encountered?

    I get conflicting information and would appreciate som input.

    I am trying to determine if a 5/16" (8mm) ball will fit into all violin f-Holes.








  3. In Golf a raw amateur can beat Tiger Woods.

    They have a handicap system that allows everyone in golf to compete with each other.


    The problem is that if Tiger Woods gives you 36 strokes, you might still loose because of stage freight.

    Just the fact that you are playing Tiger Woods is almost a guarantee of failure.


    Going up against Strad is like that, but with no handicap.

    How can you beat a legend.


    The problem in golf though about the handicap system is that there is no tournament that will spot you 36 strokes, and allow you to play Tiger and then pay you cold hard cash for doing it.  So the future expectations of getting rich are slim.


    Every maker once they cease to make instruments, would be surprised in a long enough time period if they  could even recognize their own body of work.

    It will have morphed into something new.



    So how do you beat a legend in golf or violin making, with no handicap?

    With a 2 x 4!








    My hero!

    That is a spruce 2 x 4 by the way, and tuned to a high frequency, so you can hear a long loud ring when it bounces off your head, that is being used as an impact hammer.   Just joking, no offense meant to tuning folks.