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  2. Tony Bennett - As time goes by
  3. "In one of the most useful books on the subject, the writings of the late Koen Padding appear for the first time in one collection."
  4. "Cozio’s remark on the head is slightly perplexing. While recognizing it as by the maker, he seems to conjecture that it was made as a viola da gamba with six strings. It would appear that Cozio interpreted the opening of the back of the pegbox as evidence that the instrument was strung as a viola da gamba."
  5. Duplicating a Violin Plate
  7. 15 #3 1998 (Proc. 24th Conv. and12th Comp., Pt. 2) " Learning from Guarneri" Samuel Zygmuntowicz
  8. Roger Hargrave The Preparation of the Head and Neck Blocks
  9. Violin making for the over 60's ... Brian Lisus
  10. Brian Lisus Violin making for the over 60's ...