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  1. You're daughter is a very luck girl! She will have many years with this beautiful instrument, and a memento of a very special person.
  2. I would look into an adjustable viola case, or modify a 15" viola case. Do they even make cases for larger than normal violins?
  3. I don't know about the tasting aspect as we all seem to have widely varying tastes. This particular specimen seems to have a bit of pitting and cracking, thus a complete stripping may be in order. Depending upon the form and substance of the interior, you may want to consider a vegetable neufchatel to fill in those chips and a thin coating of smoked Alaskan salmon to bring out it's inner beauty. Of course, if the spots are only on the exterior, and the interior is pristine, then a blend of butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and chopped pecans, expertly mounded on the top and lightly broiled will produce superior results.
  4. Maybe they will being creating a less expensive version. After all, plastic wind instruments were expensive when they first came out, now they are much more affordable for the average school program.
  5. I wonder about the stability for use as a school instrument. Since most schools like to play with temperatures (turning the temps way down at night then back up during the day) it would seem that these instruments would be more stable and less likely to crack than wood. For most elementary/middle school applications, tone is not as important as avoiding repairs. If there is an instrument out there that can withstand changing temps, little or no humidity and kids dropping it, I want to take a look at it.
  6. Thanks for the clarification. I'll let my students know.
  7. Take a look at www.violinmasterclass.com I know it's no replacement for a teacher, but you will get a few visuals that you can replay. I use the clips with my beginner class and they, in turn, go to the link at home.
  8. Considering that I will never be able to play anything past the first couple of songs in Suzuki Book 3, I tip my hat to anyone who can play like that!
  9. One of my music students stumbled on this thread while doing some research for class and was totally confused. It would help if someone more knowledgeable than I would list what he did wrong and why the work was so bad.
  10. When I was taking the requisite string class in college, I had to give my husband cello lessons. During the first lesson, we went over the parts of the cello and the first couple of pages of the book (Strictly Strings). Every time he practiced, the cats (3) left the room, but the dog (Black Lab) laid at his feet. A week after the first lesson, he had his second lesson. As we were going over the parts of the cello, he got stumped on the long black piece that comes up from the bottom of the instrument. The dog, appearing to get frustrated at his inability to recall the name of the part, got up, walked over to the cello and started to whack said part with her tail. "Ah!" Said my husband. "It's the tailpiece!" It's pretty bad when the dog knows more about the instrument than the person playing it!
  11. I began my career in music therapy in the mid-80s. I would have stayed in the field had I not landed in an outpatient psych clinic where I was doing everything but music therapy. I had wanted to work in a nursing home or senior center. Now, I teach music. My MT background gives me a very different perspective on teaching and, I think, makes me more effective.
  12. I've been following your saga, but haven't chimed in because everyone else has guided you so well. Leaving a long-term ensemble is difficult, but occasionally necessary. You handled it very well, too bad the other group member did not. They need to understand that you and your friend are growing as musicians while they play for recreation. There is a huge difference. At least you have the other group to play with. That will do more for you as a musician, anyway!
  13. Putting an apple slice in your case will serve no purpose other than to make you hungry when you open the case. I use a Stretto system and it works just fine. My luthier recommended it.
  14. Here is a link to the Yahoo article: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/200..._mu/people_yo_yo_ma_4 And the USA Today article: http://www.usatoday.com/life/p...-yo-yo-ma_x.htm?csp=34
  15. I feel for the gentlemen, but us ladies have wardrobe issues as well. Many have gone to the strapless/thin strap look because the fabrics that dresses are made are very slippery. Flounces are definitely out and THANK YOU LORD, the football player shoulder pads went out with the 80's!
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