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  1. devaraja42

    Pirastro Korfkerrest

    Version 1 - but I am not using it, it is sitting in a drawer ... I've been thinking about putting it on eBay
  2. devaraja42

    Pirastro Korfkerrest

    It's a moderately high shoulder rest, even at its lowest setting - I have many friends who use it and love it, but it is too high for me personally. I wish they made a version that went lower!
  3. devaraja42

    Rosin recommendation

    I've used both Baker's rosin and Bella rosin (formerly Bel Canto Rosin) - this is actually not a very advantageous design, since rosin dust will eventually cause the tin to stick shut, making it progressively more difficult to open. I managed to partially shatter a cake of Baker's once, when the tin was stuck shut and I had to force it open. I loved using Baker's while it lasted - but I noticed that it only seemed to work well for 2-3 months before "expiring". When I compared new cakes of Baker's with older cakes, the old cakes were noticeably shriveled and shrunken in appearance. Bella Rosin is fantastic - the "gold" is similar to Baker's rosin, in my opinion, but with better longevity, and slightly better articulation. I do find it to be a little pricey, though it still costs significantly less than Leatherwood rosin... As far as packaging goes, it's hard to beat Bogaro & Clemente's magnetic boxes - or Andrea packaging (although I found that the plastic threads would wear out over time). My favorite rosin packaging would have to be Bernardel, or the Thomastik rosins (Vision and Pi), however. I detest the rosin itself, but the Kaplan rosin packaging is also quite practical.
  4. devaraja42

    Is this the "new" dominant?

    Glenn Dicterow usually uses a Jargar Forte E with the Pi set - he also did that back when he used Dominants. Zukerman is actually mostly using Vision Titanium Solo these days, with a Westminster heavy gauge E. And Noah Bendix-Balgley is using a mixture of Pi and Rondo. I saw Perlman using a set of Pi strings a couple years ago, but I've heard that his current favorite set is actually the Westminster heavy E string, an Infeld Red A string, and Dominant D (aluminum) and G strings. I would disagree that Pi strings have more color than Dominants - they feel a lot more compressed to me, although they do have some advantages (easier projection, significantly greater longevity, faster response), but Dominant strings still feel a lot more gut-like to me, in terms of both the sound and the response. Dominants are still my favorite strings overall, but I wish the lifespan were better. I feel like Pi strings require a different adjustment from Dominants - they are somewhat higher in tension. I also feel that, much like Dominants, there is a big difference in the way the set works depending on your choice of aluminum or silver D string, as well as your choice of E string. I personally prefer the aluminum D strings because of the lower tension, while the higher tension silver D strings seem to make the G string sound choked.
  5. I have heard good things about Stephanie Voss ... she is a Geigenbaumeisterin, so she must be pretty good
  6. devaraja42

    Where is pahdah_hound?

    That site is mostly students, amateurs, and low level freelancers now - although there are still a few voices of reason (such as Mr. Burgess or Mr. Darnton or Mr. Warchal) who try and talk some sense into people, despite it being a clearly uphill battle. Most of the posts on there these days seem to be arguments over strings, rosin, or shoulder rests - with a surprising number of amateurs arguing for the use of plain gut strings, and no shoulder rest. It's a hotbed of misinformation ... By the way, there is absolutely nothing wrong with geared pegs. David Kim has Wittner Finetune pegs on his Guadagnini...
  7. devaraja42


    Titanium chinrest brackets and boxwood fittings can make a fiddle feel quite a bit lighter ... and some people seem to mind weight more when it is in the scroll (such as with heavy ebony pegs) It's too bad you didn't keep the thicker plates on the last violin you made! I would've loved to have tried that. The very best modern Guarneri model instrument I tried was a Lord Wilton copy made with thick plates. I also love Erdesz's instruments ... I've only had a chance to try one of his violins, though; I've mostly only tried violas. My favorite viola ever was a 16 inch Erdesz ...
  8. devaraja42

    Rosin recommendation

    Nothing wrong with Salchow rosin - in my opinion, it's kind of like the Dominant strings of rosin; it works very well for most players, in most climates, on most bows and instruments (and strings). I also love Bella Rosin, which feels similar to the subscription-only Baker's Rosin, but is more readily available, and works better, in my opinion - you don't need to apply as much of it (2-4 swipes is usually more than sufficient), grips extremely well, and unlike most other rosins, it is very easy to clean off your strings. However, it is not cheap.
  9. devaraja42

    William Fry Internal Scraping Method

    What about violin acupuncture?
  10. devaraja42

    PLEASE Help Me Find a Fine Tuner!

    I second the recommendation for the Götz tuner (if you use a loop A string). If you are planning on continuing to use a ball A string and want a fine tuner that will not modify the afterlength, then use this one from Stradpet: If you don't mind having a couple small holes drilled in your tailpiece, then you could have your luthier install 2 of these, for your A and E strings:
  11. devaraja42

    Mr Alf's letter to Vuillaume: recipe for Strad's varnish?

    These people could do with a visit to an optometrist ...
  12. devaraja42

    Case humidifier

    You don't have to add bleach to the water every time. I can use it for a good month or two before the crystals start getting black and discolored - at which point you can add bleach to the water to sterilize the crystals. If you feel more comfortable replacing the crystals, they are quite inexpensive; you can have a lifetime's supply (enough for you and a several other people) for under $10. (Amazon link)
  13. devaraja42

    Case humidifier

    I've used the Precipitube for a few years and I've been very happy with it, the crystals are reusable ad infinitum unlike the Stretto refill packs. For cases that can't fit the Precipitube, the Oasis humidifier uses the same crystals (which can be purchased cheaply from most hardware stores - I got enough for a lifetime for about $7). The Arion case humidifer uses the same crystals, but the lid has a tendency to fall off very easily (spilling a goopy mess everywhere). I have Drymistat Humidor cigar humidifiers (which ALSO use the same crystals) in the cases of a couple of the instruments I don't use often - it doesn't release humidify fast enough to sustain instruments that have the case opened regularly, but it seems to work well for instruments that are in storage. I also like the Boveda humidification system (which apparently also dehumidifies in high humidity), it doesn't require any manual refilling; the refill packs are inexpensive and last several months.
  14. devaraja42

    Strings ID help

    The D string looks like a medium gauge Dominant, and the G string is a regular Vision D (not "titanium" or "solo")
  15. devaraja42

    Best sounding offerings May Tarisio

    I wasn't a fan of the Gagliano. Maybe it was simply poorly suited to me (or I was poorly suited to it), but I found it to be rather plain and unremarkable sounding. It had excellent response but sounded hollow under the ear. My violist friend who was with me loved it, however. I agree that the Rogeri was spectacular in every way!