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  1. devaraja42

    PLEASE Help Me Find a Fine Tuner!

    I second the recommendation for the Götz tuner (if you use a loop A string). If you are planning on continuing to use a ball A string and want a fine tuner that will not modify the afterlength, then use this one from Stradpet: If you don't mind having a couple small holes drilled in your tailpiece, then you could have your luthier install 2 of these, for your A and E strings:
  2. devaraja42

    Mr Alf's letter to Vuillaume: recipe for Strad's varnish?

    These people could do with a visit to an optometrist ...
  3. devaraja42

    Case humidifier

    You don't have to add bleach to the water every time. I can use it for a good month or two before the crystals start getting black and discolored - at which point you can add bleach to the water to sterilize the crystals. If you feel more comfortable replacing the crystals, they are quite inexpensive; you can have a lifetime's supply (enough for you and a several other people) for under $10. (Amazon link)
  4. devaraja42

    Case humidifier

    I've used the Precipitube for a few years and I've been very happy with it, the crystals are reusable ad infinitum unlike the Stretto refill packs. For cases that can't fit the Precipitube, the Oasis humidifier uses the same crystals (which can be purchased cheaply from most hardware stores - I got enough for a lifetime for about $7). The Arion case humidifer uses the same crystals, but the lid has a tendency to fall off very easily (spilling a goopy mess everywhere). I have Drymistat Humidor cigar humidifiers (which ALSO use the same crystals) in the cases of a couple of the instruments I don't use often - it doesn't release humidify fast enough to sustain instruments that have the case opened regularly, but it seems to work well for instruments that are in storage. I also like the Boveda humidification system (which apparently also dehumidifies in high humidity), it doesn't require any manual refilling; the refill packs are inexpensive and last several months.
  5. devaraja42

    Strings ID help

    The D string looks like a medium gauge Dominant, and the G string is a regular Vision D (not "titanium" or "solo")
  6. devaraja42

    Best sounding offerings May Tarisio

    I wasn't a fan of the Gagliano. Maybe it was simply poorly suited to me (or I was poorly suited to it), but I found it to be rather plain and unremarkable sounding. It had excellent response but sounded hollow under the ear. My violist friend who was with me loved it, however. I agree that the Rogeri was spectacular in every way!
  7. devaraja42

    funniest pieces for violin in the classical repertoire?

    There is also Oleg Kagan and Sviatoslav Richter's recording of Mozart K. 403, where they mess around a bit and play random notes before beginning the runthrough - and then debate at the end whether or not to take the final repeat (before taking it). Youtube link here
  8. devaraja42

    funniest pieces for violin in the classical repertoire?

    Alfred Schnittke's Stille Nacht ... Gidon Kremer's recording
  9. devaraja42

    Makers in Connecticut?

    There's Jon van Kouwenhoven in Hartford CT. He's a very nice guy, you could try giving him a call
  10. devaraja42

    Gordge violin case

    I love my Jaeger and Gordge cases, but I rarely use them - since the Jaeger can't fit my shoulder rest and doesn't accept shoulder straps (it is an old leather case with a separate canvas cover) and the Gordge is in unused, practically "new" condition, and part of me wants to keep it that way (although I do feel it's a shame that it's sitting unused under my bed). They're both tough as hell - the well-known quartet violinist who sold me the Jaeger case told me that it would be able to support my weight if I were to try standing on it, so I tried it, with no apparent ill-effects. Now I'm trying to look for a more beat-up Gordge case that I wouldn't feel bad about using on an everyday basis - that, or I'll need to save up for a Timms.
  11. devaraja42

    Oops! Slip of the gouge

    I think I've heard about this guy! I heard that René had an uncle who had lost a hand in WW2 (and had it replaced with a hook) who made a bet that he could make a violin from scratch in 24 hours, which he successfully did (while being supervised in shifts by other violin makers who made sure he used no prefabricated parts). Was this the same person?
  12. devaraja42

    Red violin bow hair?

    I used to have a stand partner who used Andrea Solo rosin, which gave her bow hair a very slight tinge of red the more of it she applied. Nothing like the OP's picture... She and a couple other friends of mine always got their rehairs from the same bowmaker (Yung Chin) - and hers was the only one with the reddish tinge. The other guys used Bernardel or Baker's rosin ...
  13. That's good to know! I'd feel bad going in and taking up shop time if I'm not officially on the market, though; however, I'll definitely ask about your work if I happen to visit Julie for anything else. I used to go by there quite often (and I got most of my work done there when I was still in high school) but it's been quite a while since my last visit. I've never met Philip Perret but I've heard that he does outstanding work.
  14. devaraja42

    Help identify this fine tuner

    For the least amount of tailpiece twisting, I like using this fine tuner from Stradpet - but one of its disadvantages is that the portion the string hooks onto can fall out when changing the E string. I get around this by taping the fine tuner to the tailpiece whenever I change E strings, but if I were to break an E string during a performance or a recital, I might be in for a bit of an unpleasant situation. I find that the Götz fine tuner seems to eliminate a few of the disadvantages of the Wittner Hill-style fine tuner, and doesn't seem to have the issues with sharp edges breaking string loops, and also has a screw that turns more easily. I feel like a disadvantage of the old-style uni/midget fine tuner that the OP is looking for is that on some tailpieces, it can cause quite a bit of wear to the fret or saddle on the tailpiece, giving it a bit of a chewed-up appearance.
  15. devaraja42

    String choice

    Joshua Bell is using them on the Gibson ex-Huberman (sometimes with the silver D and sometimes with the prototype aluminum D), but I think he stuck to using the .28 gauge extra heavy Goldbrokat E string. I heard a rumor that he was also using the full set of Jargar Superior at some point. I agree that it works really well on some instruments but not others; it almost gives off a "sour" tone quality on the instruments that don't receive it well. It is not the highest tension synthetic, but instruments that require less tension would probably still work better with Dominant strings. I use Jargar Superior on one of my violins, Dominants on the second, and Peter Infeld on the third (which I rarely play and I am attempting to sell).