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  1. I just to say I understand your concerns Daisy. But with myself and several students in my area, we would have never got a chance to learn to play if it weren't the band and music classes at school. So what if a kid practises sax for 2 hours and the violin for 10 minutes, the point is he is practising music and an instrument and he should be credited for that. For me as a student, I am playing for fun so y should I be forced to play and study one instrument very seriously and hard. I wanna see what's out there and try many things because there are so many choices. I played the violin for 8 years in private lessons then hit higschool and learned to play the flute, sax, and clarinet. I gave up violin for 3 years to do these and my violin teacher was actaully happy to see I wanted to learn other things and she said anytime I wanted I could go back for lessons. So now I am. Sometimes we just need a break and wanna be playing something else.
  2. Hey, I just wanted to say that the other day i went to a music store and was playing a silent electric yamaha fiddle and fell in love with it. I want it soooooo bad!!!! I need like an amp or something, does anyone have any suggestions for a reasonable priced amp and what kind to get??? Thanks.
  3. Hi!!! Well, its too late to order a music book, but for future reference you might want to buy a Cape Breton book. My teacher has one and it has a lot fo those tunes in it, unfotunity I forget the name of it but if you go to Melbay's website you'll be able to do a search. Hope your gig goes well and have fun learning all those tunes for a month from now
  4. Hi there color> color> When I first started the violin (now I play fiddle music) I was on the suzuki method. It is an excellent method in my opinion and I was learning to read the music very early on. My teacher focuses on begginers and that is the mthod she uses and she is a very highly trained teacher. I think it is a wonderful method. However, I teach now but my students aren't on that method.
  5. Yeah, I do keep a low profile. During the past few months anyways I have. But I have seen you two around cuz I do check it out everyday. Your welcome for the link and I will check out the violin one:)
  6. Hey all. To all of you you've probably never heard of me. I have been posting here about 1 year now, but the past few months I really posted anything. Don't get me wrong...I log on everyday and faithfully check what is going on, I just never really have reply's. My point...MAESTRONE5 ROCKS...YAY FOR IT But I don't know about you, sometimes I just liketo check out other places. So if you haven't been to this place check it out. It has a chat room, survey's and a disscussion forum at http://www.fiddlefork.com.. To the administarter's I am not trying to take people away, in fact I told the people at that place to check maestronet out. But sometimes a change of scenery is nice, dont' you think. HAPPY WANDERINGS!!! color>
  7. Thanks for the site. Although it wasn't old-tyme I found some great CEltic tunes that I have been looking everywhere for! Thanks.
  8. Thank-you for asking how my camp was. A while back I left a whole thrread about how it was, ect. So I don't want to go into BIG details again. But it was the most fun I ever had in my whole life!!!! I can't wait to go back next year! It was all I imagined and more. As for Pierre, I love him. I have seen him twice in concert and I own a cd...he has some great tunes:)
  9. Yay. A song detication all to myself. Thankyou:)I will look into that book! And as for searching up that old "Fiddler's Essentials"It was a great help. There were many tunes on that list. It has helped a lot!!!!
  10. fiddlers, I mostly play cape breton style tunes and lately I have become interested in learning old-tyme fiddle tunes, especially Canadian one's. I am not familiar with this stlye of fiddle music at all, but of what I have heard...I like it! My question...could you guys please give me some names of popular old-tyme tunes(or one's that you really like) so I can learn to play them. I really like reels, but go ahead and name some cool jigs and waltzes also. Tahnks!!!
  11. lynzi


    Thanks guys, I know I have a lot of hard work ahead of me. But I am excited to be trying this teaching thing, I can't wait:) The list had some very helpful hints on it and I appreciate you giving me some advice!
  12. lynzi


    LOL. That was a joke right??? Me I am a little slow on those things. I am working on the grammer/spelling thing...honest!!! And thank you to for your reply also Trpical. The truth is, my teacher has told me and guided me through some teaching stragies. But I was asking for other input, as I thought you could never know to much about teaching others...there's always something you can improve on. I want to be the best teacher I can be, I thought by asking others who have experience (besides my current and past teachers) that would help me out a lot also. But you are the more experienced person on this topic, not me.
  13. REPEAT: DO NOT FORGET YOUR VIOLIN!!!!!!!!!!!! and have a great itme. Let us know how it goes:)
  14. lynzi


    I am thinking that I would like to start teaching the fiddle. The problem is, I am not exactly sure how to start. I was hoping some of you who have done this yourself and have experience could help me out. How much should I charge? How do I let people know I am teaching? How should I answer questions like, "Well have you had any experience?" or "You seem young to be teaching don't you?" Anything else on this topic would be very helpful because I am completely lost on how to begin. Please give me any advice you guys have. Thanks.
  15. Trust me, If I can make new friends so can you. (I am a little on the shy side with new people.)I hope you have fun at your camp, I didn't know you were going to one. And for the record, half the people at the fiddle camp were classical violinists who had never played fiddle music before and throughly enojoyed themselves. Yes, I forgot my sleeping bags of all things. And I NEED a sheet on me to sleep. So I had to use a towel. I also forgot tylenol, got the flu for one day and wished I had something. Other then that...I was great thanks to all the wonderful ideas you guys gave me:)
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