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    Who is this?

    Does anybody recognize this maker? The name is located below the upper block. Thank you for your help! Djerzy
  2. If you put your first finger on the E string exactly where the neck joins the body of the violin the note will be C#. I call it the "joint". From there you can play 2nd finger D, 3rd finger E, and 4th finger F#. This spot should be the same on all violins. If not, the violin will need to be adjusted so that it is. This is a useful anchor for finding third and fourth position as well. For third position, place the third finger on the joint, and for fourth position put the second finger on the joint. The note at the joint on the A string is F#, the D string is B, and the G string is E. Good luck! Jerry Important note! Keep in mind that from the players view the finger will look too low. Find the joint spot first by looking straight down from above the fingerboard, then hold the violin in playing position. You will see that because of the angle, the finger looks too low. You just have to get used to the perspective.
  3. Hello Miles, These two had advanced to a fairly high level when I met them, but their technique was poorly formed. They had been studying for at least four - five years. They have agreed to go through this project in order to correct the many bad habits that they have learned. Along the way, they hope that others can benefit from their work too. Through the years, I have found that it is much easier to teach a student who has never played before than to try to reshape bad habits, and you will see that their are still little problems popping up in their form. As this project continues, hopefully you will see those things start to shape up. I have one more student who will be uploading his version soon. He has been playing for two years and three months. Good luck with your practicing! Maybe you could post your results as well? I am sure that these kids would love to follow your results too. Regards, Jerry
  4. Hello, I hope that some of you found the videos of the Etude No. 1 interesting and useful. Here are three more etudes, (2, 3 & 4): Wohlfahrt Project Nikita and Andrew are working hard to make a nice record of their progress. Please take a look and let them know what you think. Any constructive criticism is invited, but please put all comments on the video page so that they will see them. Thanks! Jerry P.S. The recordings are of the two in unison, their solo versions will be coming in the next day or so.
  5. Thanks for the comments Lisa. Nikita is experimenting with playing without a shoulder rest. She has tried using a folded chamois and seems to like that. She doesn't have a very long neck, so there is no height problem. She had been holding the violin more on the shoulder before coming to me for lessons. Now she is trying to make the move to resting it on the collar bone instead of on the shoulder. Andrew has now posted his version of the complete first etude with variations. His bow is looking much better in this one. Take a look for comparison with Nikita. Nikki will put his version up next week - he is just starting on it today.
  6. You can use something called "Video Downloader" which you can find here. You can either paste the link to the video into a little window on that page and download from there, or you can download the program as an extension for the Firefox browser and download any video with just a right click! Good luck! Jerry
  7. Hi stillnew, I put it up last night, but forgot to "blog" it. Thanks for pointing it out. Here is the direct link to the new video: Wohlfahrt Bk 1 Etude No 1 with bowing variations Here is the link for my public channel where you can follow all my video posts: Conservatory of the Arts Public Channel There will be new posts each week. I hope you enjoy them! Regards, Jerry
  8. Hello everyone! I am glad to see that these videos can be of help to other students. I have just finished uploading the complete version of Bk. 1, Etude No. 1 with all the bowing variations. This presented all sorts of complications for Nikita and Andrew to work out. Please watch this new video and let's see how many helpful observations everyone can make regarding both the good and the not-so-good. (Funny, there hasn't been even one comment written on the YouTube site itself. The kids check there each day, but they don't come here to this forum). DV - Andrew has taken your observation to heart, and is attempting to correct his fourth finger movement along with several other small details. Thanks for the input! Regards, Jerry
  9. No brothers or sisters yet. (but we're going to work on it! ) The others are kids from my studio playing with him.
  10. Hello, Some of you might remember this little guy... Jerry
  11. Hello, For any of you who might be interested, three of my students, (a brother and sister and their friend), have decided to make a video log of their progress as they work their way through the Wohlfahrt Foundation Studies, books 1 & 2. Who knows how it will turn out, but it could be fun to watch their progress! The friend is going to start a bit later than the others, but he will join them in time. You can follow the videos Here It's a learning experience for them, so feel free to participate with your comments. Your honest opinion of their playing is welcome through the star rating system found on their video page! They are very curious to know what others think. Thanks for listening, & I hope everyone has fun! Jerry
  12. The recorder that bapiano is refering to is the H4 - Handy Recorder by Zoom. Information can be found at the link Michael Darnton gave at the top of this thread. It is being advertised as: "Fits in the palm of your hand", as is the PS04. In addition to the 2 built-in studio-quality electret condenser microphones configured in an X/Y pattern, the H4 has the advantage of allowing external microphones via 2 xlr-1/4 inputs. The PS04 doesn't have this feature. The H4 can be purchased for $299.95USD at zzsounds here. That appears to be the best price in the US. The best price in the UK is £249. Please post a link if you find a better price. Thanks!
  13. You just need a video camera and a program like Windows Movie Maker, which comes with XP. For Mac users, I think it's iMovie. Just capture the video on your computer, set the quality for internet broadcast so that the file won't be too large & then upload. It's very easy. Of course, you will need a user account on YouTube.
  14. Hello, Here's a little guy who posted his performance of this etude on YouTube. He in 8 years old, and has played a little over a year. He has been working very hard and wants to hear what people think. Thanks for your help and encouragement! Jerry
  15. quote: Unlike Heifetz, Menuhin was a multifaceted and fully rounded person who was interested in everything and everyone. Glen, you should read a little about Mr. Heifetz' life. One of the remarkable things about him was how diverse his interests were. Photography was one of his many other passions. He composed a pop tune recorded by Bing Crosby called "When You Make Love To Me (Don't Make Believe)". He wrote many transcriptions, and was involved in the ecology movement. The list goes on.
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