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  1. Just to add some closure to this topic that I began, I decided to return the violin per the seller's policy. The seller refunded my money (including shipping which he did not have to do), so I guess I was luckier than most! I do not think the seller in any way tried to deceive, has an excellent return policy and I will steer clear of ebay violins since that sport is for much more experienced violin buyers than little old me.
  2. Well what an interesting thread I have started. And thank you to everyone who replied, especially those who did so and tried to be kind at the same time. To the "serves you right" crowd, well thanks for reminding me why it is that in 13 years of coming here I have only a handful of posts. I will be the first to claim that I'm no expert by any stretch. I just play a bit and since I have a family fiddle that was handed down and has been my only instrument I've never been out there scouring ebay for a bargain. I kind of stumbled upon this one and liked it so I bought it, figuring with my woodworking experience I *might* be able to fix it myself (having built a few guitars, mandolins and a uke over the years). But I fear that the damage may be beyond what I can comfortably do and it sounds like to have a professional fix it would be very costly. I will mull it over and contact the seller to see what the options are.
  3. Greetings all, I'm a long time lurker and have enjoyed reading the forums for many years. I just picked up an impulse buy American fiddle for my son on ebay because I liked the story that went with it. I suppose when it's repaired and set up well it certainly can't be any worse than the rental clunkers at school so as he moves up to 3/4 (probably next year sometime) I thought this one would be a fun little project/gamble. Just curious if anyone knows anything about the maker other than the links the ebay seller provided. The perils of looking on ebay! I was trying to help a friend find a very inexpensive but playable violin for her son since she needs to save some money on monthly rental costs. I haven't found anything for her yet, but of course since I wasn't looking for me I ended up buying something. And I'm sure I spent too much and it will cost me even more to have it restored, but I just liked the little thing and thought it deserved to be played again. Many thanks to any of you auction watching violin experts who may want to chime in or have any information.
  4. Hi all, Can anyone shed some light on Dodd's instruments, I have found a lot of information and many I have spoken to are familiar with Dodd bows, but the instruments don't seem to be as well known. Has anyone played one? I played one long ago and liked it very much (that one had a very thick looking coat of varnish) -- and have the opportunity to purchase a different one, but was wondering what impression you knowledgeable folk had about instruments from the Dodd shop. Thank you, Sarah
  5. Thierryb, Roman and Loren, thank you so much for your very helpful suggestions
  6. Greetings everyone, My older violin has arrived and I like it very much in the first 24 hours However, I have 14 days to return it if for any reason I want or need to, so I wanted to take it to a professional for a check up to be certain that there is no structural unsoundness that a novice could overlook. Has anyone worked with a particular person or shop in Manhattan or nearby surrounds and had a good experience? There are many and I don't want to choose at random. Many thanks, Sarah
  7. Greetings all, I am a new old player, and new to the board, awaiting the arrival of my new old violin. I've been looking for my instrument since I decided to take up violin again a few months ago, and I tried out a number of instruments at shops here near me. but being in NYC the places I went were a bit expensive for what I found myself liking. A friend of mine who also plays found this instrument at an antique shop and knowing that I was looking, she called me up on the cell phone and played it for me. I loved the sound of it so much even over the phone that I had her buy it on the spot and it's on it's way now. But I've never heard of, nor can I find any information on Karl Beck. It really doesn't matter, the sound of this instrument if what I fell in love with. Just curious. BTW, my username is the name of our favorite hotel in Venice, the first stop on our honeymoon last year Cheers, Sarah