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  1. That thing looks like they took it out back and ground some grease or mud into the corners. The varnish wear is way over the top in the non wear areas, and lacking other areas. Thanks for the link. The pictures just went into my pictures "New Fake" folder
  2. I buy and sell on ebay, mostly antique auto parts. I guess you never had someone try to extort money from you after a sale, using the threat of a negative feedback. How would a seller fight that if the feedback system only works one way?
  3. To me , It's not so much the fee increase, this is a free market, and one should get what you can. The reason that I plan to strike is the new feedback policy that will allow sellers to leave only positive feedback to buyers. Thats a foul pot of s--t ebays cooked up for the folks that feed the monster.
  4. Bean, this is getting off topic, but this guy has some nice examples of early Washburn banjos. There are some beautiful carving and inlays, on some. http://www.billsbanjos.com/
  5. Lots of information on the web concerning Washburn, here's one you may find intresting: http://www.ducksdeluxe.com/washburn.html
  6. Woodland Thanks, Global express is about 2X the cost of Parcel Post Air, and I would be willing to go that way if it made a big difference in the transit time, but I'm going crazy trying to talk to a real person at the USPS, UPS FedEx. All I get are the mindless "if you want.... press 1-20 things that don't answer my question......... time for a beer! And it"s only Monday!
  7. fiddlecollector. I'm hoping to use USPS Air Parcel Post, and hoping to get it there in two weeks or less. Am I dreaming?
  8. No, that includes the case. I'm looking for the best way, not the most expensive way. My wife can't resist labeling me as a cheep f38k. I'm more interested on how long the package will take to clear customs in Spain, if anyone has any experience shipping there
  9. Is it a fresh crack, or an old open crack filled with crud? It makes a BIG difference as to the cost of the reapir.
  10. Anyone know the best way to ship a violin to Spain from the US, and how long should I expect it to arrive? The package is less than four pounds and all the shipping websites are vague, in regards to transit times.
  11. Since we're talking about trade names, it may be a good time to post this again. Some time ago someone here posted a list of trade names and makers who never existed. You'll notice that E.H.Roth is not on the list, as he was a real person who did actually make some instruments. I have added some names to the original list. This list is not in perfect order and I'm sure it is not complete, but some of the newer folks here may find it useful. List of violin tradenames: A Salvator, Alexendra (tradename) - Amatius (tradename) - Antonio Curatoli Anton Kessel (tradename) - Antonio Loveri Ardeton (tradename) - Barard (tradename) L. Barnabetti (tradename) Geronimo Barrell (Tradename) - Bazar (Tradename) - Bijou Vstad (tradename) - Bourdet (tradename) Antoine (Antoni) Buthod (Tradename) Charles Carlo Lorenzini, Carlo Micelli, Carrodus (tradename) - Ceruti (tradename) Giovanni Maria Chadwick, Chappine (Trade Name) - Circeron, Le (tradename) - Compagnon (Tradename) - Cremonatone (tradename) - Cremonese (tradename) - Curatoli (tradename) Antonio D Nicolas, Dass (tradename) - Denizot (tradename) - Dracontius (tradename) - Duchene (Tradename) Nicolas Dulcis et Fortis (tradename) - Durenzy (tradename) Adolf E Martin, - Eduard Reichert, El Maestro (Tradename) Enrico Robella, Epoch (tradename) - Ernst Kreusler, Eugen Meinel, Excelsior (Tradename) - F Breton, Farny (Wurlitzer import) Henri Farny (Wurlitzer import made in France) Farni (tradename) Fiorini (tradename) Paolo, Fracesco Viotoni. . Friedrich August Heberlin, Florentina (tradename) - Fourier-Magne (tradename) - Franck-Reiner (tradename) , Francois Barzoni - Fredeking Banks (tradename) - G A Ficker, Garini (tradename) Michelangelo (Michele-Ange) Garnier (tradename) L. Geronimo Barnabetti, Gibson Inc. (tradename) - Glasser (tradename) - Golden Tone (tradename) - Goulding (tradename) - Grandini (tradename) Geronimo Grandini (Tradename) Ecole Gustav Heberlein, H Clotelle, Harmonik (tradename) Heinrich E Heberlein, Heralto (tradename) - Hidalgo (tradename) - Hildago (Tradename) - Hofer-geigen (tradename) - Huril (Tradename) Jacob J. T. L. (Tradename) - Jacobus Hornsteiner, Joachim (tradename) - John Juzek Julius Heberlein, Konzert-Geigen (tradename) - L Ludwig, L'aine (tradename) Didier Nicolas Lamberti (tradename) Carlo Le Celebre (Tradename) - Le Lorrain (Tradename) - Le Parisien (tradename) - Leclerc (tradename) Jacques Leanardo Genaro, Leroy (tradename) C. Loveri (tradename) Antonio Ludwig Heberlein, Lupot (tradename) - M Couturieux, Mansuy (Mansue) (tradename) Pierre Marcus (tradename) M Marquis de l'air (tradename) - Matthias Hornsteiner, Medio Fino (Tradename) - Micelli (tradename) Carlo Milano (tradename) - Morelli (tradename) Andreas Neu-Cremona (tradename) - Nicolas Bertholini, Ottomar Hausmann, Oskar C Meinel, Paganini (tradename) - Paganini (tradename-bows) - Paillot, Paroche (tradename) Leon Penzl (tradename?) Ignaz (Ignazio) Petri (tradename) - Pique de Paris (tradename) - Primerius (tradename) Carl Ferdinand Professor (tradename) - Raggetti (tradename) - Revalo (tradename) (see Ohlhaver) - Robella (tradename) Enrico Ruggerio (tradename) - Ruggierlli (tradename) - Salvadore De Durro, Sampo (tradename) - Sarasate (tradename) - Schlosser (tradename) Hermann Schonewald (tradename) - Sofia (tradename) - Stentnor (tradename) - Stentor (Tradename) - Stradella (tradename) - Tartini (tradename) - Techler (tradename) - Tim-Geigen (tradename) - Timtone (tradename) - True-Tone (trademark) - Ulbrich-Tatter (tradename) - Vareni (tradename) Pietro Victoire (Tradename) - Victor (tradename) The Virtuose (tradename) - Vorgian (tradename) - Vosgien (tradename) - Walliostro (tradename) - Warszowa Rok (tradename) - Washburn (tradename) George Wilhelm Duerer, Wonder Violin (tradename) - Wunderlich (tradename) C. A.
  12. And if you do a search on "Joseph Nagyvary" on this site and than the web, read it all, you'll come back next month with a new perspective and a headache.
  13. The Juzek label is in the Metropolitan Music catalog, making it an easy score for the crooks selling fake violins on ebay, and other auction sites. The New York school system bought thousands of Juzek instruments from the 30's through the 70's for their music programs. I would think many of the beat up old Juzek instruments that pop up on ebay came from there. This has been discussed here before. Some years ago a bit of my time was spent researching the Juzek brand. The "Master Art" instruments made in the 20's and 30'are the best examples. They are well made, using vary nice wood. My opinion though is that the same hands did not make the many examples that were reviewed. I've seen the pictures, contacted Metro Music, asked questions regarding "John Juzek" and have come to the following conclusion: Unless someone can tell me when and where he was born, when he died, and where he is buried, John Juzek is just another, of a long list of trade names. Don't get me wrong I would like to believe that those "Master Art" examples were actually made by a master maker, and not just mass produced factory instruments.
  14. I'd contact the seller and ask. It's a good idea to always ask before bidding, what the shipping and handling charges are, if not listed in the auction. If you wait until after the auction ends, the handling fee could be anything, right?
  15. jaf67


    You know.... Around twelve years ago, I bought an old German factory violin at a flea market to give to someone, who at the time showed some interest in music and the violin. It wasn't until I started fixing up old discarded string instruments, that I felt the power and relaxation from holding those instruments in my hands. I was hooked. I started searching web sites, buying books, reading everything that the local library had to offer regarding the violin and other string instruments, how to repair and someday possibly make a good one. The search for tools, the visits to many string shops, and the frustration at the amount of time and skill it takes just to learn, and to get things "killer sharp" and understanding what that means. I found this site some years ago and have enjoyed the honesty and willingness you all have, and to share your acquired knowledge. Some of the men and women who post on this forum are the most knowledgeable and respected luthiers in the world, and should be treated with respect. THANK YOU! To you all , have a joyous and happy new year!
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