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  1. I have 2 each of Grobet crossing files. The larger is 0 cut and the smaller 2 cut. All files are new and unused. I bought some on ebay that had three of each. I only need one of each. The larger files go for around $50 new.

    Larger 0 cut - $30 shipped (for one file)

    Smaller 2 cut - $22 shipped (for one file)

    0 cut and 2 cut (two files, one each) - $46 shipped


    All files have been sold.





  2. 23 hours ago, Davide Sora said:

    Determining the acidity of the rosin is not so simple and requires a minimum of chemical laboratory equipment, precise measuring instruments and a specific indicator (Phenolphthalein), unfortunately it is not possible to measure it with litmus paper....

    Thank you Davide. Hope you are doing well. I was planning of visiting you in Cremona in July. Not sure if my trip is happening. Probably not...

  3. 16 hours ago, Jerry Lynn said:

    At the time, I didn't have the Jeff slush fund for toys, so I bought the Power Jet Pro... they've updated the model now to include two hookups, hopefully it retains the quietness of the older version which isn't much louder than Jeff's. My workshop is small and I don't mind it at all when it's running, even when it's directly by my feet.  It's also a whole lot more portable, hence why it makes the trip to Oberlin: 

     Iwata Power Jet Pro


    The fifth tile on this instagram post shows me using it, I think at the end the compressor kicks on.  neck heel/airbrush  I'm not showing good form by how I'm holding the the hose... or by not wearing a mask (really should mask up).   I often use the airbrush together with a paintbrush for heels.  

    Hey Jerry. What airbrush do you use? Enjoying the Omo podcast by the way!

  4. 14 minutes ago, David Burgess said:

    That is very good news. The only concern is the time to ramp up production. No doubt that the virus has "awoken the sleeping giant". 

  5. My wife and I have a "once in a lifetime" trip to Italy scheduled for July 1. Not looking good at this point...Granted there are much bigger issues than a mere vacation trip. I really feel for the citizens of Italy and everyone that is suffering from this pandemic. Dying by suffocation/pulmonary trauma must be horrific. Hopefully this will abate sooner rather than later. The world needs ventilators stat!

  6. 10 minutes ago, David Burgess said:

    I like to pre-mix a colored varnish, when I think the original was done that way. To test and adjust the color and the color concentration, one can stick a piece piece of cling-film to the area to be retouched with a little oil or water, apply the retouching to the cling film, and see if it builds up in the matching succession of shades as the original, as more is applied. One can also let it dry on the cling film to see what the final varnish thickness will be.

    Excellent suggestion with the cling film!

  7. Before I start, let me clarify that I am not saying that everyone should start retouching valuable instruments...

    How many work dry with pigments (water color, transtint) without a binding medium (varnish) in their retouching approach? The reason I am asking is I want to avoid surface build up with every color layer. Working with very thin (very diluted) varnish is an obvious approach. I find however that it is easy to get too much retouching varnish surface buildup. The downside with working dry is that sometimes when you are applying varnish, it can pull up the pigment creating uneven color.

    I use 1704 and JOHA retouching varnish. Any other suggestions?

    Anyone use an air brush to retouch instruments that have obviously had varnish sprayed on when they mere made? 

  8. 15 hours ago, Michael_Molnar said:

    I just now got two maple sets from Pahler sold by International Violins. Check their website for this new sale. Ken will send photos.

    What were the densities if you don't mind? Short of going there and measuring, my trepidation is ordering without knowing the properties of the wood.

    Speaking of which, Rauch Tonewood  https://rauchtonewood.com/ sells wood from Gleissner and Kollitz. They list the speed of sound and densities for each billet. On their site you can also see images of each billet. I personally know them and they are reputable and nice people. He has gone to Gleisnner and Kollitz and hand selected wood from their inventory.

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