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  1. I had occasion to turn a right handed violin over to lefty for a student that due to a handicap has to play lefty. Meaning, change the order of strings and flip the bridge. A couple of observations. The G and D strings were by far the most affected by the change with the G more affected. They sounded narrow and lacked sonority. The A was not changed that much. The E lacked brilliance but had a wider, rounded quality that was kind of pleasing. It did lose focus and brilliance to a degree. 

    After working on and playing the violin, I had this strange feeling of feeling "off". A kind of dizziness and confusion. I did not expect this. It is still there even an hour later. Not sure if it is good to retrain or shock the brain on occasion! Playing lefty gives me empathy for beginners.

  2. 6 hours ago, Peter K-G said:

    Copies of late dG's has to be antiqued, most contemporary makers can't even imitate such bad/ugly work as a new/crisp late dG copy.

    Agreed. Too much asymmetry for new/clean varnish job. If one was able to clean up the model it can work.

  3. 4 hours ago, GeorgeH said:

    My guess is that new instruments today are not going to wear the same ways as old instruments did because of modern case technology and more careful handling and playing.

    Totally agree with this statement. Also addition of chinrests and shoulder rests. Cases have come a long way.

  4. 9 hours ago, Jeffrey Holmes said:

    A correction if I may.  John Becker has not written certificates for Bein & Fushi for some 3 1/2 years (since he resigned as their expert in January of 2017). He writes certificates for his own firm (John K. Becker and Company).


    Yes I was in error about that. I had a certificate from John Becker a little before that time period.

  5. 3 hours ago, GeorgeH said:

    Are they keeping the name?

    As far as I know yes. I would think that the brand name is worth keeping even though things have changed over time. I am pretty sure that Joe was not involved in the management of the business. I am waiting to hear from my friend who is the sales director there. As you are probably aware, both the founders (Robert Bein and Geoffrey Fushi) are deceased. Currently there are Fushi family members at the firm. 

  6. Yes there have been Trade Secrets articles in each Strad issue since February.  Probably just a website issue. Having been a web developer/programmer for a small magazine company I can understand the lack of updates. 

    I just looked at my last digital issue and the trade secrets article is categorized  as “regular”. Interesting.

  7. On 6/11/2020 at 7:37 PM, Nick Allen said:

    The potassium Silicate is really just an experiment. I know that it's not unheard of to use as a sort of treatment before the actual ground. I didn't apply it inside, though. 

    As far as visual benefits, I haven't noticed that much. I'd have to do an A/B to see anything, I would imagine. 

    Acoustic advantages are kind of shrouded in mystery too. I'm using it based on someone else's storied accounts, and hoping for the best. It's supposed to decrease damping, bringing out the highs. 

    Hey Nick. Potassium Silicate has an PH of 12.7 in concentrated form. Some say that it is a harmful base/alkali to the wood. I treated a couple of instruments with it and they seem to be OK 25 yrs. later. 

    You have to take that Sacconi varnish chapter with a very large grain of salt as you probably know. ;)

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