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  1. 9 hours ago, JacksonMaberry said:

    Not every Strad sounds good, unfortunately. There are some real dogs. Who knows if it was a hangover day or if the Mantegazzas over thinned it for Cozio. 

    True Jackson. Played some that were pretty underwhelming.

  2. 8 hours ago, Don Noon said:

    Top, back, ribs, neck, scroll, pegs, and fingerboard are all torrefied on what I build these days.  Unless someone orders mechanical pegs.

    That is what I figured. The piece on the left is lighter than I would expect and the even lighter resawn rib wood made me think about how deep the color change goes after treatment. Perhaps it is the image. I have seen treated wood that on the outside is quite brown. ;)

  3. 1 minute ago, Don Noon said:

    Starting the next batch of violins...

    There's not often a need for the Big Bandsaw, but occasionally it comes in extremely handy... such as for slicing off the top of a thick 1-piece back for matching ribstock.


    Have those been torrefied? I have been listening to a bunch of guitar luthier podcasts. Lots of use of torrefied wood in that world. Big makers and corporate enterprises using it.

  4. 39 minutes ago, Marty Kasprzyk said:


    I've found that tall players with long arms can easily play my 17.5 inch violas and I've noticed these players also usually have large hands and long fingers.  I may have made a mistake by putting a standard width fingerboard and neck on my large 4 string 17.5 inch viola.

    My 5 string17.5 inch viola was made with a wider fingerboard in order to have the normal spacing between the strings.  A very good viola player (Masters at Juilliard) with rather big hands liked the feel of my 5 string viola neck much better than my large 4 string viola or his own modern Italian viola (Romeo Antoniazzi).

    I have read that viola necks shouldn't be any thicker than violin necks but this might not be a good practice for large violas.  I also suspect that the string spacings should also be made a little wider.  Maybe this is a custom fitting vs. standard size debate.

    My large 5 string weighs 588g total with a chin rest and its deep bent back plate shape eliminates the need for separate shoulder which saves some weight. The top plate weighed about 85g. Nobody has yet complained about its response.


    Can you post some pics of your violas?

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