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  1. 3 hours ago, David Burgess said:

    When I was working in the Weisshaar shop, we had an array of bridges out on the roof, exposed to the Los Angeles sun. The surface color would change to something "more pleasing" rather quickly, but exposed for too long, the wood turned "punky".

    How long is “too long”?

  2. Apparently Kung Wha Chung can sing according to the 1967 Leventritt Competition. They both shared the top prize. Does he mean that European music is not native to people from Asia? I wonder what blind listening tests would reveal? I like his playing but sometimes have found his ego and personality to give me pause.

  3. I've seen a few Phillips violins. Obviously this is not one of them. They are pretty decent. One was played at one point by Todd Phillips who is a good violinist who plays around NYC (Orpheus Chamber Orchestra). He is the grandson of the violin maker. He and Danny Phillips are in the Orion Quartet. I think Danny plays a Strad. I always remember Todd's because it had a painted bridge with a horse or something on it. The son of the violin maker played for many years in the Pittsburgh Symphony. I think he also played a Phillips violin.

  4. I've had the Stewmac and the Luthier's Bench. While the Stewmac works, if you can get/afford the Luthier's bench go with that one. The shape of the iron is better. The smaller tighter radius is better for the upper part of the c bout. Especially for Strad model c bout bends that are tighter than del Gesu for instance. That being said, there is an attachment that Stewmac sells the helps with the  c bout bending. The luthiers bench iron heats up more quickly.

  5. 37 minutes ago, Tets Kimura said:

    That fiddle looks super classy. 

    Is the "Dushkin" your go-to Guarneri model? Do you make it with thick graduations, or do you just adjust them according to players? 

    I bet he got to see Pinky’s violin when he was living in Canada. After hearing him play that violin, how could you not be seduced!

  6. 2 hours ago, David Burgess said:

    The issue I see with that, is that there is no such thing as fixed nodal lines, on an instrument which plays variable frequencies.

    But perhaps the scientifikimal-sounding strategy allowed him to sell more instruments than he would have otherwise?  :)

    My thoughts also. I heard him talk about this in a "Luthier on Luthier" podcast. https://luthieronluthier.libsyn.com/53-mario-beauregard "Luthier on Luthier" is an interesting podcast series. For every adventurous violin maker, there are a bunch more on the guitar side. They seem less bound by tradition than we are. Some of the guitar crowd has embraced torrefied wood use for instance to get that "vintage Martin sound". Another thing I find interesting is the guitar makers use of different kinds of bracing. I enjoy listening to the podcasts.

  7. On 4/6/2021 at 2:08 AM, christian bayon said:

    Very good sounding instrument, great unusual look, made by Andrea Guarneri with a top from his son, Joseph filius.

    Do you think the top was original to the instrument or was it to replace a damaged top? Does it have the characteristic Andrea arching or more like a filius?

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