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  1. Has anyone ever charted the effects of humidity and temperature on impact hammer tests?
  2. Attics and basements keep the trade in business. Especially long lost guarneris in the new world
  3. Galamian was reported to have said tha Rabin was his most talented pupil. Erwin Hertel told me stories about his mental issues. Sad case.
  4. I love these shredding videos. They make me laugh every time.
  5. Del Gesu in the attic...hopefully it did not spend too much time there otherwise you will be giving John Becker a ton of cash for restoration. Good luck on the appraisal...
  6. Bizarre scroll on the leduc. As bellini said it looks like a chicken walked over the top. Marvelous in szeryng's hands.
  7. He said that the early years of Wurlitzer were indeed a great atmosphere to work. It sounded like Sacconi took Bellini under his wing. What is interesting that under that roof there were many big personalities that under different conditions would have suffered from too many cooks in the kitchen. Somehow it worked, probably never again to be dupicated. Bellini said that he had a chance to spend some extended time with the Lord Wilton Guarneri. I think he said that it had a strange bass bar in it. That lead to his conversion from a Strad man to one who appreciated the Guarneris. He showed me the photographs that he works from given to him by Pollens. We compared those to the Biddulph del Gesu book and the color was not accurate in the book. This was due to the lack of proper color correction by the printer.
  8. I spent an afternoon with bellini yesterday. It was awesome. He had just finished a Lord Wilton copy. That violin was awesome. After a few decades wear and tear it might come closer to the original as the varnish had a newness to it. For a violin only five days old the violin was great sounding. For a 75 year old man he is still passionate and loving his work. The amount of detail in his copy was astounding. He was pretty open about some of his techniques. It was also fascinating hearing stories about sacconi, wurlitzers and francais. Hearing him talk about milstein, heifetz, szeryng, etc was also fun. I should put a post up about my visit. I felt privileged to have shared an afternoon with him.
  9. Care to share what the other choices would be? Pretty please?
  10. Would you mind sharing which cnc machine?
  11. I like your thinking on this one. At one point I would not have bought into the straight across method. In my mind I have been trying to visualize the effects of more thickness in these areas. It must have some effect...depends on how much as the block extending would add stiffness in these areas anyway. After seeing the Strad 3D video I am now hesitant to leave any more thickness around the f holes. I am rethinking my "Little Red Books". Sounds like another topic is in order
  12. I have purchased and cooked my varnish in the past (can you say exothermic reaction?). I am considering "cooking" again but wanted to explore opinions on bought varnish. Any one have opinions on Joe Robson's? Hammerl (JOHA)? Imprimatura Dorata (Magister Varnish)? Before anyone gets hot and bothered, I realize that each has it's own system and one needs to buy into that system. To be quite honest I want to keep it simple. I am thinking that I would like to purchase at the very least something resembling the mastic varnish as proposed by Gary Baese using my own sealer and ground. Despite the support of some, I am not convinced of linseed as a basis for a ground varnish unless it was high resin low oil version (short). Fat over lean also works for me.
  13. I resemble these comments My students do this all of the time...sometimes with undesired results
  14. Repost for ideas? Solvent referrs to the original posts where shellac was being compared.
  15. Funny you should mention that. Even though I have a Masters Degree in Orchestral Conducting, I learned most by watching conductors closely and making mental notes about what not to do and once in a while what to do!
  16. Even though the person in the video does not quite know when to say less the video is a great look into the book.
  17. Happy BDay to the Snake Fiddle Man!
  18. Saw this video. All I can say it is a must see for many reasons. You won't regret it.
  19. There have been few books written about Stradivari or Cremonese makers for that matter that have information that even approaches useful. Many makers or repairmen do not take the time to write a book. Either makers are protecting their "secrets" or their information is passed verbally to apprentices. When the "Secrets of Stradivari" came out, even with it's shortcomings it was the best we had in terms of a written record created by a man that had the privledge of seeing many great antique instruments. I asked Hans Nebel what he thought about the work and he said good book but forget the chapter on varnish. As with posts on this forum I have learned to take everything I read with a grain of salt or even possibly sugar...It is easy to believe someone's dogma especially if you are an "expert" or eloquent in your posts. David Burgess and Jeffery Holmes post here but where are Zig, Curtain, John Becker, Rene Morel, etc.? I would suspect that they are too busy working, stay away from this forum for ethical reasons, don't "do" the internet thing, or are posting or reading secretly... Does one person know everything? Didn't Einstein fail to construct the unified field theory? Does that mean that his theories of relativity are wrong or incomplete? Only time will tell until the next Einstein comes along...
  20. Some years ago I tried a burgess violin that had the most overt rippling that I have seen to date. It was wild!
  21. Forget the search native to maestronet. Google keywords site:www.maestronet.com/forum and you will never go back.
  22. I have to agree. Some of the exotic varnishes and methods that have been proposed over the years seem propostrous. Simple effecive methods do the trick.
  23. Q. How many Juillard students does it take to change a light bulb? A. 1 and 99 to say they could do it better...
  24. Joe I would not read into my use of the word convictions. It just seemed that you were convinced that linseed was the first application to the wood. I have considered purchasing your varnish system. I am just trying to understand what it is and why you are doing it that way. For me sound and appearance are equally important. Not saying that you are not approaching it that way but I get the impression that for some it is about how it looks. As a player who makes, I would sacrifice sound over looks. But only a tiny bit!
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