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  1. 7 hours ago, Anders Buen said:

    I think Heifetz played gut strings. I wonder if he also was one of the last solo violinists playing a gut E-string. His playing style was intense.


    Heifetz played on unwound gut D and A. He used a steel E and metal wound on gut G.

  2. On 7/23/2021 at 8:11 PM, Don Noon said:

    Terpene resin primarily.  I have been diddling for years with some in a large bottle with several different sovents added in unknown amounts and then adding some artists medium and then cooking it.  Hope that helps.

    By artists medium, do you mean tube color or dry pigments?

  3. DHad the chance to visit Cremona this summer. It is a charming town, especially for connoisseurs of bowed string instruments. I was there only a day and a half. I Wish that I could have spent more time there! Hopefully this will inspire people to visit.

    First up is my visit with Davide Sora. I had a chance to see two of his violins and play one. Gorgeous instruments! The violin played great for an unplayed fiddle. Davide is as we know a master maker who is willing to share his time and information. I wish that I had taken more pics. Mille grazie Davide.

    More to come.




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