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  1. Agreed. Schoenberg also wrote Pierrot Lunaire a really cool piece! Below is a self portrait by Schoenberg.
  2. Love the cubist approach Jordan! Picasso and Braque would be proud.
  3. Be careful of your quips. Charles Pollock, Jack (Jackson Pollock), 1930, pencil and brush and ink on paper, Smithsonian American Art Museum,Transfer from the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution,
  4. Has anyone played a Roger Hargrave instrument that has been treated with plaster of Paris? If so what does it play or sound like?
  5. Looks like you have done a good job of matching the maple to Don’s top. I have a couple of torrefied tops that I will be having the same challenge to match. Did you play the violin with the old top on? It would be interesting to compare with Don’s top. Can you show more pics?
  6. https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/347278-your-experience-with-“boveda”-2-way-humidity-control/
  7. This is not always my experience. Meaning Evah Pirazzi strings are high tension and quite bright.
  8. This is a good point. Sounding point or the lane that the bow is tracking relative to the bridge and fingerboard is critical in sound production. The extremes of this are ponticello (loud and bright near bridge) and flautando (soft and dark over the fingerboard) To best eliminate variables, it is wise to be mindful of the sounding point, bow speed and vertical force (weight). Especially when playing the same instrument for comparison. Experienced players are always manipulating these variables to produce the desired sound.
  9. Yes they work pretty well. Search for a thread here on how to recharge them.
  10. Hi Don. What do the squiggly grey lines represent?
  11. Whoa those are some seriously long corners. No doubt to be shortened but really?
  12. Actually glad to hear that because I could not place the F holes or instrument model! Very nice by the way!
  13. David A.T. You could make a macro function and/or a template file in excel to do the work. Probably easier than trying to explain how to do it. You could post the macro here for people to use. And before someone chimes in, yes macros can be used to do evil things...
  14. Heifetz played on unwound gut D and A. He used a steel E and metal wound on gut G.
  15. I am also curious about this. Here is a link with some discussion I would suggest using Google to search for things on MN. The native search engine is so-so. e.g. Kremer rosin oil site:maestronet.com
  16. Not sure how much they are doing with cases/accessories lately but here is their contact info https://beinfushi.com/contact/.
  17. By artists medium, do you mean tube color or dry pigments?
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