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  1. Appologies for the OT.

    I am trying to get my "brane" around all of this "string theory". It seems however that there are "multiverse" of outcomes if you consider things on a "quantum" level. If I use my "brane"and think too hard, from a "singularity" my head "big bangs" (inflation adjusted of course) and eventually gets sucked into the "event horizon" of this elusive and supposed faster than light speed "neutrino filled" subject of fiddle varnish terminology (was the GPS or other measuring devices mis-calibrated?).

    I long for a good old fashioned "classic relativity" explanation of this "space-time" fabric we call wood/ground/varnish.

    See what you started MikeC! Damn your "dark energy/dark brane matter" ;)

  2. Update:

    Ondrej at SKS is working earnestly with me to get this issue resolved. He is a good man.

    I am applying for a Level 2 Account with the USDA.

    Stay Tuned.


    PS: Thanks for your kind remarks, Flyboy. :huh:

    Mike, I am glad to hear that this is turning around for you. From your posts here I can tell you are an intelligent, fair minded and sensable person. That kind of behavior should be rewarded.

    Needless to say, there are some interesting personalities that swim in the MN waters!

  3. Next time you're in traffic court contesting your speeding ticket, I'd like to see you use the following defense:

    "Your Honor, since I drive a Mercedes-Benz (or whatever foreign vehicle maker), I was not informed by them (Mercedes-Benz) that I was not to exceed the unposted speed limit on this local street."

    After all, Mercedes-Benz is in the business of making cars, and they should have done their utmost to "protect" you, their customer, from your own ignorance of local laws, right?

    You going to blame Mercedes-Benz for letting you drive too fast?

    Flyboy, it sounds like you need to descend to a lower altitude. Your oxygen supply is not working ;)

  4. Let's get real here. The seller has the knowledge of the pitfalls of shipping overseas. Why? It is their business. Sooner or later the shipper would have had a problem. Someone who makes an order of wood from a foreign seller would not know unless they have had a problem in the past or have heard of a problem from someone else. Do you expect the average the small time buyer to research the customs pratices before they purchase? That is completely absurd. Clearly people are ordering oversees because of the price savings. Why else would someone deal with the problems of lengthy and problematic shipping, exhange rates and fees, lack of recourse with the seller, returns, etc.

    Some that have posted in this thread have had a problem with the seller's customer service. The best result of this thread would be an awareness of the seller that there are implications of future business with existing customers. The world is constantly getting smaller. Gone are the days when news takes weeks, months or years to get around.

    One of the best aspects of this forum is the sharing of information. We may not always agree but the fact that we can communicate about such topics is a good thing. What have we learned here? Unless you want to throw the dice to save money on wood, order from someone else or even better order domestically. Let the domestic reseller deal with the pitfalls.

  5. I live in Malaysia.

    Half a year ago I ordered some posters from the Strad. I waited for 3 months but the posters just didn't arrive my postbox. I emailed the Strad and they said they will send me the posters again, provided that I use a trackable post. The postage price I need to pay, is, the same as what I paid for the posters+postage I ordered earlier (about 39 pounds).

    Should I ask TheStrad to refund me since I didn't receive my poster at all? Whose responsibility would it be in my case?

    SVS is relatively new compared to many others tonewood suppliers. Not a native English-speaking wood dealer, I believe it is challenging enough to be able to converse in English, not to mentioned understanding those tongue-twisting foreign rules and regulations. I believe they are trying hard to improve their service too. As far as import law is concerned, it is the importer's responsibility to get the required documentation. There's a good reason why your gov want to enforce on such a strict rule, even on firewood:-



    I disagree with your assessment of sima's language skills. He has an excellent command of english. I spoke with him on the phone.

  6. Avoid ordering from tonewood.sk aka svs. Sima promised to send replacements for sub standard wood. I asked him about his return policy because of other's problems with the company. He told me that "no need to return I will just send replacements if there is a problem".

    Of the four neck blocks he sent three were unusable because they were so badly quartered. No answer from him at all when I enquired. Very quick to take the order though...

    Never again!

  7. Ah Doug Kershaw...the "ragein cajun". He used to keep a pale full of bows nearby. As the measures an tunes went by the bow hair would break and he would reach for another.

    There was a violin summit with Perlman, Ponty, and Kershaw years ago on PBS. I would love to see that again. Quite a spectacle!

  8. Are you offering to raise the money for the insurance, and three shifts per day of security guards? Sometimes, such things come down to surprisingly practical matters.

    As another practical matter though, If you came to Baltimore, you wouldn't be very far from the museum, which also has some other pretty cool instruments.

    You are right. When I reminisce about my trips there, I get goose bumps about the Kreisler DG. Of course the other instruments are also wonders of the violin universe…

    OT- For the aviation/aerospace buffs, the Air and Space Museum is VERY compelling! Been to the main one on the DC mall many times. The Dulles A & S Museum is calling my name.

  9. One of the problems of playing opera (I too have played Reingold and Tristan) is that the services (rehearsals and concerts) are longer than regular orchestra services (normally 2.5 hours). They tend to be 3+ hours. If you are playing 1st violin you hardly ever put the instrument down. Try holding your arms up for a 4 hour 20 min performance of Tristan playing more notes than you will ever see again. The exception is the recitatives in Mozart Operas where the continuo gets the job done for a short bit.

    I have found playing in the pit to be much more challenging than stage work.

    I remember my stand partner for Tristan who was a finalist in the Tschaiovsky competiton being very upset because he could not play many of the notes in the 1st violin part! We were not cruising! Pedal to the metal for the entire night. It felt like climbing a musical mountain!

  10. It's not map-worthy. Basically, around 6.2-6.5mm in the center of the narrowest spot of the back tapering off to half that in the upper and lower bouts. The tops, maybe 3.5. All of the numbers plus or minus about .5mm, since I don't use calipers. I mark with my StradPunch, and work very casually. There's no magic in graduation, in my opinion, except that precision is a definite negative: if the industrial revolution hadn't given us calipers, no one would give the issue a thought, but as it is, any idiot can use them and feel like he's being "precise". Arching is a more serious problem, and harder to express in decimals, so it didn't get as much attention until recently. Many people still think they do well enough by eye.

    Thanks for the info. I always enjoy your insights and openness. I have seen your stradpunch on your site. A top of the 3.5 throughout is beefy indeed as the are the back thicknesses.

    Do you follow del gesu archings for a given model (corrected for distortion) or do you vary to your own taste? I have read that you do not subscribe to varying arch too suit the wood characteristcs.

  11. All of my del gesu models for the last ten years have had backs over 6mm, as thick as 6.7mm, and they are fine to play. I blame their good qualities on the careful archings I use, permitting not a bit of easy response lost. What is gained is a much broader power curve.

    Could you post some thickness maps? After all it can be measured so it is not proprietary.

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