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  1. I have started using an ear plug in my left ear. The problem is that in an ensemble I feel that I should be hearing more from my left ear. The good thing other than perhaps preserving my hearing is hearing less direct sound. Keep in mind that according to the inverse square law, it can be shown that for each doubling of distance from a point source, the sound pressure level decreases by approximately 6 dB.

    I would add to the above comments to avoid sitting next to a piccolo. It is like having a knitting needle stuck in your ear drum.

  2. 4 hours ago, Michael Darnton said:

    Rare Violins of NY. But why just NYC---the business is international now and there are many fine shops.

    Of course it is international. But walk in customers creates a local (ish) context. What percentage of your bow sales are international vs when someone is in town? I’m sure that depends on the value of the item. The bigger the price tag the smaller number of people that can purchase it. Therefore travel and or shipping is probably necessary once you have worked your way through local clients. That is not to say Stefan and Julian don’t visit other localities if the circumstances dictate. Another factor is I like the ability to physically transport when possible.

  3. 27 minutes ago, Rue said:

    Wonder if he roughs up the edges of the paperand soaks them in tea (or coffee or onion skin) begore he applies that lovely dense ink?

    However...the couple of authentic old labels I've seen in situ...looked remarkably "new".

    So..."over-aging' a label isn't very authentic. :wacko:


    Yeah. The art of label making is a matter of personal taste. Like the art of antiquing an instrument. Could be some photo contrast manipulation. Care to display your labels?

  4. 12 minutes ago, Michael Darnton said:

    I think I have mentioned before that I know a STRAD with harlequin top *and* back to the extent that I had to put the main light on one side above the instrument and the other side below to make them the approach same brightness for photos, and this was a universal fave of the many who got to play it. So I'm going to say it doesn't make a bit of difference, tonally.

    Or maybe it is even positive.

    I've made a few with more runout than most would tolerate with no evil effect.

    That is encouraging because the top I am currently working on has quite a bit of runout...

  5. I wonder if the prominent soloist (Kavakos) has had arching correction done to the 'saddled" Strad  mentioned above? Did Florian sell him the instrument? Sounds damn good. I've heard it live a few times.

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