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  1. Looking gook Nick! Scroll is very well done. What did the big guy say?
  2. Ahh I see, dual use of the tabs for inside material removal! I was wondering how I would accomplish that. Assuming your outside arch is finished, what would you recommend leaving for final scraping? I was thinking .2 or .3 mm.
  3. Thank you for the mill info. Comes in handy for us newbies. I think I am going to order those. Been chipping away at some modeling. Any particular reason for the tail at the bottom of the plate? Love the hold down setup!
  4. In the CT NY area most strings programs start in 3rd 4th or 5th grades. None that I am aware of start later than 5th.
  5. Mimi is great. Went to IU and saw her in action. She does not get enough credit for Josh Bell. People always talk about Gingold. Rightfully so as he was also a master. Mimi set that talent in motion and a gave him a good foundation.
  6. And here is another clue for you all...the walrus was Paul.
  7. Yes I read that thread about out of vertical. IIRC there was a discussion about the post that would be closer to the edge/ribs creating more or less resistance. Perhaps that is what the ruler reference was about. But there is a point by which I would not want the top of the post on an edge and not flush. And yes part of a mm might make a difference without creating an indentation by the edge of the post digging in or until the top conforms a bit to the post. Within limits!!! I had a Morel post adjustment back in the day. I remember being pleased but not blown away especially considering the cost. The shear number of adjustments he did is probably worth a lot. To restate my experience, the tightness of the post tends to have more effect than position. But then people are not lining up and willing to spend $100 or more for an adjustment with me.
  8. Two things come to mind. Close to bridge foot bright/direct, away dark/diffused. Tight bright, loose dark. Tension in my mind is most important followed by position.
  9. I have heard Morel's quote before. IIRC he demonstrated lengthening and shortening the ruler on the edge of the table and then "boinking". Anyone care to explain what this riddle means in terms of soundpost setups?
  10. Once you get used to the wider neck and other differences, a 5 string is fun. There is a market there for teachers that want to avoid going up an octave for viola and cello when demonstrating C string notes (or down for that matter if you are playing a viola). The trick is getting a good E and C string. I play one of these currently Pretty good. I also have a Zeta Fusion 5 String that is a blast. Granted well out of the realm of traditional violins. The times are changing though!
  11. I would ask the folks at Metropolitan Music ( Met them a while back and found them to be very helpful and nice people.
  12. Don, is it possible that you are trying to "roverize" your violins?