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  1. The felt ones? What type of flooring?
  2. Yes there have been Trade Secrets articles in each Strad issue since February. Probably just a website issue. Having been a web developer/programmer for a small magazine company I can understand the lack of updates. I just looked at my last digital issue and the trade secrets article is categorized as “regular”. Interesting.
  3. It all seems a bit fishy to me...Sorry I had to say it!
  4. @David Burgess what do you think about using the reheated/cycled glue for purfling? I thought that fresh or first-time heated was crucial for center seams, etc. 4th cycle for purfling is curious.
  5. I recognize that tome
  6. Hey Nick. Potassium Silicate has an PH of 12.7 in concentrated form. Some say that it is a harmful base/alkali to the wood. I treated a couple of instruments with it and they seem to be OK 25 yrs. later. You have to take that Sacconi varnish chapter with a very large grain of salt as you probably know.
  7. In addition to the aesthetic considerations, long corners pose a challenge for less experienced players. They can get clipped by an errant bow stroke!
  8. Wow, this is a very nice effort.
  9. Where do you purchase the vinyl erasers?
  10. I have 2 each of Grobet crossing files. The larger is 0 cut and the smaller 2 cut. All files are new and unused. I bought some on ebay that had three of each. I only need one of each. The larger files go for around $50 new. Larger 0 cut - $30 shipped (for one file) Smaller 2 cut - $22 shipped (for one file) 0 cut and 2 cut (two files, one each) - $46 shipped All files have been sold.
  11. Very elegant Nick. Bee stings look good and very uniform.
  12. Nick I have a copy of that one. It is very much like the early English translation that came out many years ago.
  13. For wood that has aged, have you ever measured the Specific Gravity/density?