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  1. Are you serious about this Melvin? How high would you go? I also recall you saying that you leave a few extra tenths and adjust if you need to after the instrument is assembled and played for a bit. Do you go by weight to adjust for different densities? I have some spruce that is in the mid .4s. I am thinking I would make a little thinner and a little lower arch. Does that seem like a good direction for heavier wood?
  2. Nice work Andreas. You even got the circle on the back! Lots of textural detail in your instrument"s varnish.
  3. This is the decision between making a bench copy (exact copy) and a cleaned up version of the original. Two different things. For mine I am doing the cleaned up version. At least that is how I am starting! No doubt asymmetry will creep in. One thing to note about this particular guarneri. It is pretty thin in the center of the belly. Having played the instrument a few times, I can definitely state that this is no shortcoming. It is a wonderful players instrument.
  4. For those who are not familiar with the Francais/Morel shop, link below is a video that shows them both. After re-watching this just now, I was struck with the fine artistry of Aaron Rosand. I had the pleasure of being in his masterclass in Nice France in the 80s. He was initially concerned and then amused when I used to stare at his Kochanski de Gesu in his case. I believe this is the violin in the video that Morel is adjusting. Unfortunately we lost Rosand this past summer.
  5. Hi Jerry Nothing. I was just making a point on interpretation that others had brought up in previous posts in this thread.
  6. With all due respect, the secret or proprietary setup measurements ship has sailed decades ago. The measurements are pretty standard and available from many sources. Interpretation is noted however. Context always should be taken into account. For instance string heights measured from the center of the string. Shouldn't the amount of "scoop" in the fingerboard be taken into account when determining string height? What about player preference? That would make the string height above the fingerboard somewhat relative. Morel's measurements came not only from Mirecourt but also his tenure at the Wurlitzer shop with Sacconi (also Weisshaar and others). He was not the first luthier to determine "best practices" nor were the measurements only his. Besides, these aspects can be measured on existing instruments and only a fool would take them as absolute. Didn't Rene sum up sound post adjustments by springing a rule from the edge of a table? Hmm...
  7. I was wondering if anyone has a copy of the somewhat famous "eyes only" sheet that shows the setup dimensions from the Francais/Morel shop? It was rumored to have been written by Guy Rabut and/or Jim McKean. I know it was somewhat secretive back in the day. I am curious to check the numbers against the various sources that I have (Weisshaar Book, my notes from Hans Nebel, etc.).
  8. Nick do you remember the tree number of your wood?
  9. Thanks for the heads up on these publications Mike. I will check them out.
  10. Yes the Strad poster is accurate. The only possible variations are in the arching vs. Biddulph and Int. Violin (Herdim). They are not that significant though. Could you share the Kreisler CT image? I found one but it is pretty low resolution. Also are you 3D modeling (Fusion 360)? I am also doing that but have not had time to further my Kreisler model. I have a way to go. I am also going to do the Vieuxtemps next. The Strad poster is on the way.
  11. Thanks. I just ordered it. Rumor has it you are from WV. I used to live there!
  12. FWIW I did a pretty careful analysis of the Kreisler from the International Violin patterns, Biddulph DG book, Strad Poster, and Addie's outline. What I found was the Int. Violin patterns were pretty good if you want a slightly longer body and cleaned up outline. Addie's was the shortest. Addie posted that his outline might not be printed to scale. Everything in Addie's is OK except the top and bottom. Having seen the Kreisler in person the overhang is not that dramatic in those areas. The archings kind of agree. The neck Int. Violin (Herdim) was off.
  13. I was wondering if anyone wanted to part with their F-hole Drill Set like link below? If so PM me.
  14. Don do you just go with a lean colorless linseed/resin for your first contact? You make your own varnish from what I remember.
  15. I know. I thought "I spy with my little eyes". He did open "the book" on camera. Sam Z. Is a good man. Glad to see that once in a while good guys finish first.