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  1. Currently there is a quartet display. 1706 Greffuhle Stradivari
  2. I will be in Washington DC soon and was wondering if anyone had the contact info for the instrument curators at the Smithsonian? I understand that they are fairly welcoming to visitors.
  3. King Crimson. https://youtu.be/YecBv-5JXmQ
  4. That is encouraging because the top I am currently working on has quite a bit of runout...
  5. Anyone want to speculate on the effects of runout on tops?
  6. Very nice bench copies. High quality.
  7. I thought nunzio was selling his varnish business?
  8. I wonder if the prominent soloist (Kavakos) has had arching correction done to the 'saddled" Strad mentioned above? Did Florian sell him the instrument? Sounds damn good. I've heard it live a few times.
  9. As usual Davide, your videos are so helpful to us. Ne plus ultra!
  10. How lightfast is aloe ferrox?
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