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  1. The problem for less experienced makers is you need to start somewhere with arching guides. I would venture that even some makers that are experienced are guessing on how to manipulate the arching. Just carving by the seat of your pants seems leaving a lot to chance in a very important variable.
  2. This is a very good question. I always thought (instinctively) that the top was more important of the two. That being said, how the two interact with each other might be the most important thing. I am curious what others have to say.
  3. In addition to Constantine Popescu you could also try Misha Parshenov in Ridgefield CT.
  4. If you notice the comments above from the curator Bruce Carlson, he says that pics are ok under certain lighting conditions. I think you are OK.
  5. Please post photos of this event for those of us who cannot attend! Thanks
  6. I'm sure some of you have seen these two guys from Australia. If you haven't, they are violin humorists.
  7. Has anyone tried balsa for corner blocks? I know that Doug Martin has used balsa in his experiments.
  8. I have heard that equisetum can really take over an area. Is this your experience?
  9. The blocks in the above pic are really dark. Is this the result of being extra torrified?
  10. Will there be a transcript of the presentation? I cannot attend but will join if a transcript is available to members. Good info on antiquing is scarce.
  11. The burnisher is made by Timberline Tool (Jim Willliams) Both the scraper and burnisher are available from Stewmac.
  12. Even though this is an inexpensive burnisher thread, couldn't resist attaching some higher-end items.
  13. Yes a pushrod is the correct term. Controls valve movement in an overhead valve engine.