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  1. i just want to say that i love this site. when i first joined i thought it was a great idea to allow all people who played instruments to put in their advice and questions. however this changed. recently i ticked off people, though i never ever meant to. people got the wrong idea that i thought my ways and fiddle music was better and someone even thought i called myself a genius! well i am sorry to say i am not. i am sorry that people thought this. i love all music! i played classical violin for eight years, i still play it at my arts school. i wanted to learn something i thought would be more fun for me, so i switched to fiddle music. i just want to enjoy this site. its great the way we can have these discussions however, i really didn't apprecitate when certain people thought i posted things i didn't. i hope you know that i will try hard in the future not to offend anyone and i hope knowbody thinks i am snobby or even a bit$h because of it. i am not. i just want to be able to post my ideas freely like the rest of you! i hope those i offended can forgive me. PS i am not a fraud, and if you disagree with something i write, fine do it. but please don't go and tell me that i am wrong because even if i am, i deserve the right to play how i want despite the fact i do it wrong! i learned my methods right and teach my own students the proper way. i just found a way that suits me better. also i do suck when it comes to things like double stops, but that is because i am not as talented as the rest of you! also as i have played both tyoes of music, methods are entirely different. you can't judge the two the same. i don't know what else to say except i am sorry. i saw my opinion caused quite the storm on some topics and i never thought an idea could do that. once and for all, i am not saying fiddle music or my thoughts are the way to go. i understand people enjoy different things and have different thoughts. so i hope everyone knows now how i feel and if you don't like it, i am sorry. tell me and i will not do whatever is pissing you off anymore. i hope you all understand that I NEVER MEANT TO OFFEND ANYONE! THAMKS.
  2. i am sorry if i made it seem like the fiddle is better, i simply ment i am learning fiddle right know and for now want to continue on with it. don't get me wrong, both styles are fine. i just added that in case someone knew someone in my area but they taught classical. i just want someone who teaches fiddle cuz right now that is what i want to learn
  3. hey huang, i just want to say say thanks for sticking up for me even if you don't like my method, i know alot of people don't and i am okay with that cuz i know ITS NOT RIGHT. and laurel and viezezza(sorry if i spell wrong) thank you also. and aj. yes the two are totally different styles so they shouldn't be judged together. and yes, i know the right way to do it, i find mine easier especially with my wrist condition! i never ever said my way was easier or that i was a genius, so hopefully we can let this all go, but thank you all for understanding my point.
  4. ran out of room, i hope when people read what i just wrote above, they don't find me to be a: b with an itch. but, it seemed everywhere i posted something he had a problem with it. i've read his advice at other places, it is good. i just think that he should give others a chance! something that works for him and the best violinsts may not work for me. i was just putting in my ten cents. it hurts, cause i was never trying to sound the best, the truth is i am not anywhere close, but i have been playing for a long time and teach others. i teach my students to hold the bow "the proper way" unlike my sloppy method. but when they are better and develop their own techniques, if they want another way to hold their bow, i think that is fine. who says my way is any worse, maybe i just can't do double-stops cause i am not as good as the rest of you...but i still have an opinion and i think it should be respected even if it is not correct!
  5. okay, first off, i played from the time i was 6 to 17. please learn to add. you can't do math, i can't spell. secondly, who said i was a genius? cuz i am not, nor did i ever pretend to be. thirdly, i would to thank those of you who respect others(like me) and their advice even if you don't agree with me. i was only trying to give advice that helps me. next, my first teacher was like the best you could get in canada, my next made her first cd at ten, the next has been teaching over forty years and well respected. if they allow me to use my bow grip, then i think the rest you should butt out. and i don't care if mr. woof has a good reputation around here for being a good player, i am not a fraud, i am a student trying to learn the instrument i love and have been playing for a long time so i think i know a little about what i am talking about. i agree, there is always room to break the rules. i can spell fiddle how i want. and i have not mastered to classical techniques because i am no longer a classical player! i don't know who you are, but if you are going to judge other people harshly keep your comments to yourself! don whatever!
  6. quote: Originally posted by Pegasus: Right now the big problem is college applications. He's a senior and time is running out. He's got the grades and the test scores to get into a good college but has already missed several deadlines. Along comes the problem of nagging again. He says "leave me alone. I can taked care of it myself" but when I leave him alone he doesn't. He spends almost every waking minute that he's home on the computer, either talking to friends or playing games. He says he wants to go into government intelligence work. Maybe all the hours of computer game strategy will be of some use in that field. hey, speaking as a highschool senior, its hard to know what to do with your life after highschool. my parents are bothering me to for missing deadlines, but they finially allowed me to take a year off in between. i mean think about it, he's been going to school for like 13 years, let him have a year off to make money and decide what to do.
  7. hey there, i live in eastern ontario, my teacher is moving back to toronto and there are know more teachers in my area that i know of. does anyone know anyone or know where i cn find one?(i want a fiddle teacher, not classical violin)thanks
  8. quote: Originally posted by Pegasus: Hi fiddlechic. My daughter did step dancing untill this year. She went to feis (plural?) in San Francisco. Too bad this year the teachers stopped coming to her school and only teach on Saturday mornings, the same time she goes to the Conservatory for harp lessons. My son who's 17 took classical lessons for 10 years. I think he might enjoy jazz fiddle. He seems to like improvising better than practicing etudes. Maybe he'll find something at college next year. He has a lot of talent. I hate to see him drop it completely. that is too bad that your daughters teacher stopped coming to teach her! i can relate i live in ontario and have to drive over an hour every week for lessons! and over an hour for fiddle lessons! the driving sucks, but i love it and its worth it! totally get your son into something like jazz violin, i have done it personally, but it could be fun!
  9. quote: Originally posted by MrWoof: The reason for keeping your pinky on the end of the bow is that it allows you to apply pressure to the bow to lift the tip. Also the index finger should rest on the bow so that you can use it to apply pressure and aid in controlling it. There are reasons you should form these habits, listen to your teacher lest you re-invent the proverbial wheel. Respectfully, Don Crandall i thank you for your responce. but are you a fiddilar? if not then you don't understand. i know some people may be offended, but i played both so i know. fiddle music is fast and with those fingers off the frog i can play faster. some of the greatest fiddilars of all time have bad habits like mine. i played for eight years classical music and held it the right way, i find it easier for fiddle music to play with my "own bow style" i have met some awesome players who hold the bow WAY above the frog. i am not saying this is best, it just works for me and many others!!!!!!!
  10. i lllove boxing day! all the stores at the malls have like thses huge sales, up to 70% off certain things. the malls are crazy! plus, its another work day off, and a lot of people who couldn't get together with one side of their famiolt do it ion boxing day. does that help? mostly its the sales!
  11. wow! what are you worried about? i took lessons and was at the same level as other kids who started with me. we didn't learn vibrato until like our forth of fifth year! we weren't on book two until year two and out teacher who was lke the best in canada said we were doing great. so stop worryiing you sound amazing!
  12. wow, you sound awesoome for just a begginer! if you completed all those things in just three weeks w/o a teacher, kudos to you i take it you are a fiddle player right? well i hold my bow with my pinky and index finger in the air(which you are not supposed to, my classical teacher hated it) however i am a firm believer that if you find something that works for you, do it!i switch to fiddle four years ago and i am still trying to figure out the whole playing two strings at once. if you have done that already, wow girl! just stop and think about how well you have come in such a short way. its great you wanna do better, but also remember how long u've been playing.
  13. hey, i don't want to sound rude, but it sounds to me as if u may have nagged to much. my parents used to and i hated it! speaking as a full time highschool student, with a job that givs me 12 hour shifts, with band practise, fiddle lessons, dance lessons,(all an hour or more away), with a schedule like that, the last thing i need is to be nagged. if your son is like me, he will practise when he feels like it or has has time. being nagged doesn't help, u must understand your kids are different and have different wants and needs
  14. hey, i really want to go to a fiddle camp. the closest one to me is ORANGVILLE FIDDLE CAMP in ontario canada? has anyone been to it, or heard if it is any good. i don't want to go if it sucks
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