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  1. I do the same. Lick the one side of the plug and put in powdered rosin.
  2. Thats brilliant, I used a separate comb to get the hair to width before tying the knot but like your way better. Well, I gave it my best guess and the hair was a little tight so I went back in and undid a few turns. I definitely have some kinks to work out ergonomically ( positioning the work mostly), but am very encouraged by doing it this way. Thanks for the suggestions and keep them coming, tim
  3. I want to try rehairing frog first (I've been doing tip first for about 8 years) . My question is how do you measure where to tie the tip end knot. I'm thinking one would start the knot a distance past the mortise that is equal to the thickness of the plug. On a few pictures I've seen some actually put pencil marks on the tip which to me look to confirm this. If any frog first-ers out there can shed some light I'd be thankful.
  4. I had it in a very small tupperware and had the lid closed.
  5. What works for me after trying everything else is setting the frog, slide down, in a small pool (1/4" deep or so) of acetone so it can seep into the slide. My last one had to sit overnight but it worked
  6. I've been subscribed to his videos for a while, he has a couple interesting bow videos. He's very interesting and I've been trying to piece together what happened for a while. I think this: He was a violinist and married. At some point sounds like he moved more into making and repair, playing less. Then the marriage ended, and not well. Many instruments were destroyed, piano damaged, photos ripped,etc.(there are a couple older videos explaining this). Then he seems to have started exercising and traveling, all over the world.The recent video is just kindof a rehashing of the previous damage. But I guess my point is the damage to his violin is a few years old, and hasn't been fixed. I don't quite understand why. Very interesting guy.
  7. Brad, I'm curious why you use both glue and rosin on the head. Is it because the knot flattens better with the melted rosin?
  8. I'm curious about what people are using with the hair tie. I went to Hannings class and have used rosin from the start but after some thought im thinking about trying super glue. My though is if a broken hair or a few hairs get yanked out from the tie things could cascade quickly whereas super glue might keep the tie secure longer. As always, I'm very grateful for everyones tips and encouragement, I actually have a few clients and am enjoying getting better at this.
  9. For those of you that have this, what percentage of content roughly is aimed at repair and how much to making?
  10. In Roger Foster's video he talks about horse hair barbs having a directionality and reverses half of the hank so that the hair will behave more consistent with up and down strokes. Do any of you have thoughts on this, I've never done it but it seems to make sense to me.
  11. I've searched here on bow head spline thicknesses but didn't find much for bass bows. What thickness would you use for a bass bow head?
  12. Success!!! I soaked the tip in a small pool of acetone overnight and with more double stick tape/stick/hammering it finally gave way (in one piece) this morning. Thanks again for all the help.
  13. Still here, thanks for all the suggestions. I had a wicked weekend of gigs but am now home and trying the acetone soak although I'm not exactly sure how long it should soak for. This bow is a lower end carbon cello bow, but not a junk one. Saving the slide isn't a huge priority but i'm interested in learning the process. If I have to break it out I'm fine with that but I'm glad I've recieved a few more options to try first. I'll let you know.
  14. I have a stuck slider. I've tried using double stick tape on a stick and tapping which has always worked previously. I've tried heating the frog but I'm not sure if that's a proper approach. What would you try after not having success with the stick/hammering method. I'm guessing I know the final solution, destroying this glued in slider and fitting a new one. Just wondering what else I can try first. As always, thanks a million for all your help.
  15. I can relate do what you're feeling, and if you check some of my posts you'll find alot of begining rehairing questions that others have very kindly answered. One thing I would say is to find a method that makes sense and trust that your results will get better with experience. I don't know how many bows you've done but I was told it going to take 100 rehairs to feel comfortable with the process. I'm at about 60 now and even though I don't drastically see it, I am getting better results with experience. The time spent has gone from an hour + to about a half hour per rehair. I can see that now the hair is coming out a bit more even, with less flaming needed. I think the main thing is to do bows, many bows, any bows you can get ahold of, and it gradually gets easier. I actually got paid for my last few rehairs (small contribution towards hair). Trust your process and trust that through LOTS of conscious repetition it will get better and easier. Hope that helps,