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  1. o my gosh! all of yall have helped me so much!I have tried all of your tips and they have been helping alot.I think i am starting to get the hang of this!!! thanx! lil angel
  2. In my orchestra(7th grade) we are learning virbrato. I havebeen trying to get the hang of it for a while now. Can you give me tips on how to do virbrato? do i keep my fingures stiff? wut part do i move? my hand? arm? fingure?? And in wut direction is virbrato moving?The direction of the srting? side to side? plez give me sum tips! thanx! lilangel
  3. How long do you practice a day? What methods help you or do you use to practice?What kind of things will impress my teacher?Anytips? thanx!!!! angela
  4. Delduca: to answer your question she wants me to get a better quality violin. But you know it wouldn't be bad if the violin was new -lilangel
  5. crystal, hi,I read what you said and I do agree with most of it. But when I said ,I would never say a student has no talent, I ment that I just wouldn't say it. I just don't think I could ever say that to anyone. Sure you're right, I probably would know if a student was going anywhere with their music. And you're right again, I might think it, it's just that those words sound so harsh to me. I wouldn't ever use those words "no real talaent" I understand what you're saying and i'm sure the teachers weren't being mean, but my opinion is that, if a student wants to play and they have real talent, they'll play to their full potential(most of the time) but others who don't have real talent are trying just as hard too(most of the time). I'm only offended that the other students try so hard and then they just have no "real talent".Even though I guess it could be true, another thing is, that I didn't mean it was wrong of them to say students have no talent, I ment I would never say it. That's all -lilangel
  6. huangkaivun.......I completely agree. "Hard work I will consider a talent too. Being able to stick to something, to be able to focus ones attention to something for a long time until one succeed, is talent in itself." I also agree with this.This was one point I was going to make.
  7. I have the same question. Wish I couldhelp
  8. My teacher told me that if i am serious about playing sometime soon I should buy a brand newviolin(not a student violin) What is the reason for this? What is the difference? I am serious about playing and it would be great if I could get some tips on what I need to buy thanks!
  9. If I were you...to start try them. Once you get used to where to put your fingures remove them. I used them in my first year of playing. After a while it becomes very natural to you....your fingures just seem to fit into place lilangel
  10. Talent has come up before here. I just wondered what people think the key ingedient is to playing a musical instument well.(i am mostly refering to the violin.)Talent to me can be built at any stage. With a little help, faith in yourself(and don't for get, determination plays a big role here)and encouragment,you are on your way to having talent. By definition, talent means a natural ability or skill.If you can build onto talent,or a skill you already have, why can't you build talent from what you don't have? I know some think talent is something you are born with. I agree partly. Some are born with talent...some build talent w/out it ever being there in the first place.What do you think? -lilangel
  11. Yes not every1 will have talent...I think I mentioned that ... by definition, talent means a natural ability or skill. and i agree not everyone will have the natural ability or skill to play the violin; or for that matter any instument. ONe thing i'm trying to get across is that most people who have"no talent" know and understand the basics: like the different time length in beats,which notes to play ,etc.I think that the reason some have "no talent" is because they don't understand the music itself. They don't understand what a teacher may mean when they say,"play with some emotion!"(@ the risk of sounding corny)To me that is what talent is; Understanding the emotion you are ment to feel when you hear a song.( or play) That doesn't always come naturaly. Though I agree with this, I still think it was wrong to say a student has no talent. Maybe that teacher can help build talent. Talent doesn't come out of nowhere just what I think. If I were a teacher, I would never say a student has no talent. -lilangel
  12. Thanx alot! that helped me. I did take private lessons. I'm starting bac w/ her after winter break. And I also have to orchestra teachers. Thank you so much for your adivice!
  13. To those teachers who think that only a couple of their students have talent, this is to you: I was born with natural talent. My father's side of the family has musical talent that I was born with. I can play many instuments and am learning new things about them every day. I'm sure that the students you say aren't talented, would like you to share that information with them. Sure, some students just don't seem to be fit for the violin, but it's like michael jordan. His coach wouldn't let him on the team.The coach didn't think he had talent. Even if they don't have talent, most of them try harder than you imagine. They want to be good. If they found out you ever said that, you would discourage them in every way. -student
  14. I have played the violin for only 1 and a half years. I'm only in middle school so I don't have much experiance, but I've just started playing the cello too. I almost quit at the begining of this school year for the same reason. If I were you I would back up a little bit. See what you can play best and work your way back to the top; where you were when you quit. Good luck to you!
  15. I've been practicing virbrato for a while now. I can't seem to figure it out. Should my fingures be stiff? Please give me some tips; it would help me alot. My teachers are trying to give tips constantly to help us understand better. Should my entire arm be moving, or just my hand?
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