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  1. Just the kind of responses I expected here on Maestronet:"I think he is one of the best today" and then, "He's terrible....he's playing is just soooo disgusting".
  2. This sounds like a question for the pegbox.
  3. From the PBS website: "Broadcast from the Kaplan Penthouse at Lincoln Center, Itzhak Perlman performs with students and alumni of the Perlman Music Program. The selections include excerpts from Tchaikovsky's Serenade for Strings and Bartok's Divertimento, Bach's Concerto for Two Violins and Vivaldi's Concerto for Four Violins."
  4. Hey thanks! Great article. The ease with which he played the Bruch was amazing. I believe he smiled through the entire performance...
  5. Does anyone have any thoughts about this violinist? I went to see him play the Bruch G minor at the Benaroya Hall in Seattle last November. I thought he very good, and he was very relaxed...wonderful stage presence.
  6. On "Live from Lincoln Center" January 22 at 8:00PM.
  7. Wonderful! Remember to keep us updated.
  8. Looks as though someone has already tried the fireplace...
  9. Thanks! You have told us that one before, but I don't mind hearing it again. Do you know if Francescatti was always pulling pranks like that?
  10. Linux, that was beautiful...I'm so glad you're in love with me...
  11. That was beautiful One Tree. Won't you post more of it for us? Please?
  12. If you need to set your violin down on a hard surface for a minute, you can set it on that cloth to protect it from being scratched. I wish my case came with one, it's useful if you don't use a shoulder rest.
  13. "but unfortunately, in this particular kitchen, there are currently too many people throwing pots and pans at each other,..." picture that...
  14. That is picture shown as Paganini in "The Art of The Violin" documentary. So I would say yes.
  15. he crushed the shrimp.Then the violist,glad that the creepy virtuoso shrimp was dead,decided to dispose of the entire pan of shrimp;but before she could do so... [This message has been edited by Tyna (edited 04-16-2002).] [This message has been edited by Tyna (edited 04-16-2002).]
  16. Meanwhile the virtuoso shrimp,in a fit of rage,jumped out out of the pan and ran to get those chopsticks...
  17. QUOTE] one of the shrimps jumped up holding what seemed to be a miniature... violin.That little shrimp was playing the caprices better than any human the world has ever seen.
  18. I think my teacher says it gal-ay'-mee-in.
  19. Alright... I understand that Fiddlefaddle is a doctor so he may be right.I don't know,but I DO know that MY doctor told me that it was quite safe to rid myself of the aggrivating cyst by hitting it with a book.So far this has worked great FOR ME. Anastasia-When you get a steroid shot the extra fluid from the shot explodes the cyst.I would therefore think that whatever was in the cyst as well as the newly added steroid goes floating off into your body. [This message has been edited by Tyna (edited 02-01-2002).]
  20. Thanks HKV for the great info ...and thanks everyone else for all the great responses. [This message has been edited by Tyna (edited 01-29-2002).]
  21. quote: Originally posted by lynzi: Out of curiousity, do you only have a bump when you bend your wrist down? That's how mine is, but I looked at pictures and other people have it when their wrist is straight? Can you please answer? Thanks. FIDDLECHIC[/b] Mine sounds just like yours...it can only be seen when my wrist is bent.
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