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  1. It’s probably mostly methanol. Check the ingredient. ”The main additive usually is 10% methanol (methyl alcohol), hence the name methylated spirits. Other common additives include isopropyl alcohol, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, and methyl isobutyl ketone. In the United States, mixtures sold as denatured alcohol often have less than 50% ethanol.”
  2. In North Carolina, teenagers, apparently sometimes drank 190 proof Everclear and died. Now it is illegal in North Carolina. So, when I lived there, I just drove over the border to South Carolina to buy it.
  3. He has a BA from Yale College, 1964. Don’t know the subject. from U of Texas, dissertations, so psychology, I guess. Attraction toward a Negro Stranger as a Function of Prejudice, Attitude Similarity, and the Stranger's Evaluation of the Subject Byrne, Donn ; Ervin, Charles R Human relations (New York), 1969-10, Vol.22 (5), p.397-404
  4. I can only hope that the parents really understand that the development of the whole child (heart included) is paramount. What good is a concert violinist who is not basically happy and well-adjusted? Hillary Hahn, I think, is that exceptional person.
  5. Jack, I love your sense of humor.
  6. Ditto! On Davide Sora’s videos. He’s the man!
  7. This photo was an eye opener for me. I see the very light light areas, and the deep contrast. Thanks.
  8. violins88


    Every once in a while, a ringer shows up here. Fortunately, they go away quickly. Jeffrey, thanks for monitoring this valuable discussion group, and for ensuring that it is not co-opted by anyone. Really.. thanks.
  9. violins88


    RobertL, Please do what YOU want to do. Then show us the result. When will you be finished? You probably don’t want to ask violin makers what they “like.” Just sayin’. I am going to Google “pressure differential.”
  10. Acid casein—- Is that another name for cheese?
  11. My friend here in NewZealand was going to teach me how to make my own f-hole cutters. But since we are now in total lockdown, he made them for me.
  12. It appears that it is inexpensive to put a microchip in a dog. What about a violin? Thanks.
  13. I believe there is a shortcut in calculating volume. Just use the width and thickness at the middle of the billet. sg = (mass in grams)/(volume in cubic cm) where volume = L x W x thickness L = length in cm W = width at middle in cm thickness = thickness at center in cm I recommend you check your answer by placing the billet in a very thin plastic bag (like from the vegetable section of the grocery). Immerse vertically in a bucket of water and mark the water level. Invert the billet and repeat Take the average of these two. Call this Lw. Now calculate Lw/L. If this is incorrect, please visit me and I would be glad to discuss.
  14. Mike, how about an update? It’s beautiful.
  15. I appreciate your forthrightness. That alone should help, in the long run .
  16. There must be a good video showing how to use a business card, cut and slitted, as a measure of soundpost location. I tried to find one, without success. Does anyone have a pic that shows how to do it?
  17. Jack, Your pic shows the bridge near the f-hole notch, as it should be. The bridge should be 195/196 mm from the top edge. You should ask which luthier did the work. I know your story isn’t amusing to you, but I am interested in the outcome.
  18. What is the distance from soundpost to bridge. It looks like 8 mm, which would be huge. correction: I see that you said it was 15 mm. Yeah, that just bad.
  19. Violadamore, I believe we corresponded before. You are in a flat state, just west of the Mississippi, right?
  20. The online library Wiley is not a peer reviewed journal, is it? Or in other words, if I get published there, does that make me a qualified scientist?
  21. Korean made. I got a free sample. Synthetic core. Does anyone have experience with them? If you prefer, pm me.
  22. Oded Kishony has useful tricks. I would contact him.
  23. When I first began making, I used a pattern that was larger than normal. The plate weights were always higher than recommended. What are the plate lengths and widths?
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