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  1. So-called quality factor is speed of sound divided divided by density Higher number is better.
  2. Salve and Jacob, Thanks. The fretsaw makes sense. For the cross grain endgrain slot, I cannot imagine using a knife on Black Maire. I have friends who are banjo and guitar makers. I imagine I will use a fretsaw for that. I just completed the endpin.
  3. Brad, Can you post a pic of the saw you have? Thanks
  4. I can’t imagine how to make the keyhole slots in the tailpiece. Since the fingerboard, nut, pegs and saddle are Black Maire wood, I want the tailpiece to be the same. I just can’t figure out how to cut clean slots. Help, please.
  5. Michael, Wow. I am impressed. Now I will go back and fiddle with it. Thanks
  6. Yes, my reamer has 2 degree taper. And I plan to make the max shaft diameter 8 mm as Davide Sora suggests. thanks
  7. I am making my own pegs, endpin, and tailpiece out of Black Maire, a New Zealand wood. Would someone please verify that the dimensions in the pic for the endpin are acceptable? Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks, people. M’net is a treasure chest.
  9. Don, well,well, well. I was only thinking that pegs MUST be finally shaped with a shaper/cutter. In actual fact, I have a very small machine lathe, Super Adept. I will try using it to bring the pegs to final dimensions. Thanks for the idea. (smacks forehead and says WDITOT) Do you use 5.5 mm dia. at the end of the pegs? BTW, what software did you use to modify my drawing? Still, if I can help spare anyone else from wasting time on this dysfunctional cutter, I hope this has helped. Also BTW, lest anyone think you can buy the above cutter and use Don’s flip the blade idea, it won’t work. I tried it. The geometry is wrong. Thanks
  10. This peg cutter will Never Work! I wasted too much time thinking about how it could be made to function. Not possible. Really. I promise. I am in New Zealand. I could not afford the time and money to buy a good one. It is NOT made in Europe or the USA, or in NZ. I am going to make my own out of wood. Hopefully I will be able to post the result here.
  11. The correct url is https://thomasguild.blogspot.com
  12. Next time I have a chemistry question, I am coming to you.
  13. A big investment company I know has capability of using your voice print instead of a password. I wonder if someone can try to identify violins. ” When you call Fidelity, you'll no longer have to enter PINs or passwords because Fidelity MyVoice® helps you interact with us securely and more conveniently. Through natural conversation, MyVoice® will detect and verify your voiceprint* in the first few moments of the call *A voiceprint is a combination of your physical and behavioral voice patterns. Like a fingerprint, it's unique to you.”
  14. https://www.cpr.org/2022/03/08/watch-violinists-play-for-ukraine/
  15. Ben Ruth was selling plaster casts in 1996. Don’t know if he still is.
  16. Michael, Thanks for sharing your experience.
  17. I hope that a very humid day will not cause the finish to come off. I read that borax has a lower pH than lime and ammonia. I will be testing borax casein with madder tincture, which is yellow.
  18. Davide, Thanks. I found this as well. https://www.sinopiamilkpaint.com/recipe
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