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  1. Jackson, Thanks. And I hope I can make knives again one day. Still waiting for my NZ visa
  2. I just realized that, just like some politicians, who believe that all publicity is good, a person can get his name mentioned many times on this forum, whether his contributions are useful, or frivolous. Maybe this thread should go on forever. Maybe everyone should get their name mentioned many times. I’ll start. Burgess, Zygmuntowicz, Noon, Schmidt, … you know… all the famous violin makers.
  3. The fact that English is not your mother tongue renders your writing incoherent. Sorry to say. Maybe use Google translate? maybe you should just talk to chatgpt
  4. It’s interesting that the thread has gone on so long. The original statement “the arching is what makes your stringed instrument sound and function the way that it does. Without those curves (that is, with a flat top and back) your instrument wouldn't be able to stand up to the pressure of the strings.” really is a non statement. I could say “ a wheel works because it is round.” True I guess, but not very enlightening. We want to know WHICH arching works best. Enlighten us please.
  5. In the paper, quite long, the rib height is 28.5 mm. And I think it’s a viola. Is that typical rib height? Link https://maestronet.com/forum/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=161163&key=92ccbded99f12fe4b98793fda0f9f344 This paper appears to have a formal looking coat — The first pages look very formal, but it then appears to be very amateurish and informal, with frequent references to the “expert” Mr Reguz. Something’s rotten in Denmark.
  6. Michael talked about asphalting, bitumen or road tar. It looks black in bulk, but when thinned, it is dark brown.
  7. I love it when humor overtakes a thread that is headed no where. In the book “Into the Wild,” the author is walking in the desert in Wyoming. He meets a very bedraggled woman. He says “What are you doing here?” She says “Well everyone has to be somewhere.” It was funny at the time.
  8. Marty, Thanks. My life has been one error message after another. I keep thinking about the bottle of gin in the cupboard.
  9. Thanks, Don. I know we have chemists on mnet. Please let us know your thoughts.
  10. LOL. Actually we have a fair number of beautiful days, which help one forget the wind and rain.
  11. I placed a maple rib strip in sunlight for several days. Then I got another strip, which had no sunlight treatment. I applied 4% pot nitrite to both. Then placed in sunlight. After only one day of sun, one of the strips show much more darkening. Both pieces are from the same batch of wood. I wasn’t expecting this result, therefore I had not kept track of which one had been pre-treated with sunlight. I’m wondering if pre-treatment was the cause. I shall be investigating this. Does anyone have guidance or explanation for me? Thanks
  12. Jackson, I am usually in too much of a hurry to wait for natural uv only. And here in NZ there is the added problem that UV can be so intense that it actually bleaches instead of tanning. John Harte informed me of this. My next violin is 2 years away from the finishing stage. I plan to use potassium nitrite.
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