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  1. I used the dremel tool. Spend time practicing on scrap wood until you have the depth correct. Also, I always held the top or back down to the bench with my left hand, and pushed the dremel tool away from my body. This keeps the tool pulling in toward the plate. If you pull it in toward you, the tool can pull out to the edge..
  2. https://www.internationalviolin.com/ProductDetail/t997_wifi-endoscope-55mm-tip-androidiphone-use thanks
  3. I still have not touched the inside of the endpin hole. I now see that it was originally cut at an angle, so that the spike slants toward the front of the cello, when extended. When the spike is retracted into the body, the other end it gets close to the back of the cello. Should the angle be changed? Thanks
  4. @Mark Norfleet no, I don’t have an appropriate reamer. I plan to make one, but I won’t say how, because you are professionals and would cringe. Actually, my friend is a machinist and might make me one. Yes, maybe it is a simple project for him.
  5. Inexpensive cello. The endpin hole is way too large. Can I put a coating of glue and sawdust on the inside of the hole? Then ream out? I can’t be the first to encounter this problem.
  6. Great to hear that, David. I will be watching.
  7. My error. I corrected my post. PM-V11 has 16% chromium and less than 1% vanadium.. nice to know someone cares! To Hogo: dobré odpoledne I worked in Praha in 1991. Are the Czechs making PM steel?
  8. Anyone who wants to study knife steels should read Larrin Thomas Knife Steel Nerds. Larrin has, on his website, charts and tables comparing knife steels. He has a Ph.D. in metallurgy. He does not talk about PM-V11 because it goes by another name. For reasons I cannot discern, sport knife enthusiasts are not demanding it. Only plane blade makers. I am quite sure someone here will look up a pm knife steel with 16% chromium and less than 1% vanadium. I have more confidence in Larrin Thomas’ data than the websites you listed. Plus, Larrin Thomas has not tested PM-V11 at a hardness of HRC 60.5.
  9. CPM-V3 has 3% vanadium. IMO, since vanadium carbides are very hard, I think this makes it more difficult to sharpen properly. Just a guess. You used the words “that hard.” I would have said “that soft.” HRC 60.5 is relatively soft for knives. It is surprising that softer PM-V11 works better than a harder version. Very surprising.
  10. Rico, The maker of PM-V11 tools doesn’t want everyone to know the composition. That’s why you can’t find it. And that’s why I am telling you the key elements in it’s composition. 16% chromium, less than 1% Vanadium, hardness HRC 60.5. You are welcome.
  11. Has anyone seen this: David Langsather tuning by ear. Is it valid? He says he hears a frequency like 179 Hz when he taps the sound post. I don’t think that’s possible. Maybe a subharmonic?
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