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  1. I saw one of these today. Wow. Well engineered. My friend used it to cut an excellent joint for me in maple.
  2. Your instructor? Violin playing instructor or violin making instructor?
  3. The burnisher I am using, lent to me by Oliver, a NZ banjo maker, is a Swissmade.
  4. On our weekly Zoom, Jordan Hess showed how he sharpens scrapers. Also, I have watched Davide Sora videos. Thanks to you both. Today, I was actually able to feel the delicate edge as I used the burnisher. Could feel it! Now I can get a scraper to work! it’s not about force. It’s about feeling, sensing.
  5. I am in Wellington, New Zealand. I cannot access Maestronet unless I use a VPN, which tricks the website. Why does this happen?
  6. Higher math involved. I am sure the three people on this board who are interested will thank me.
  7. violins88


    That makes sense to me. I use blue sidewalk chalk, but when I use it, I hold bassbar so the light glances off from the light source away from my eye. Looking down the bar. I realize that the white chalk, or pumice, will show up just as well as blue chalk.
  8. Thanks for introducing yourself. Can you help me find any research that says having methyl alcohol on your hands, or breathing its fumes is not harmful? when violinmakers use denatured alcohol, should they wear a voc face mask? thanks
  9. Jeffrey, This kind of post is actually potentially harmful. I have read that skin absorption is harmful. Permanent brain effects are difficult to measure. Avandesande needs to be challenged, by you, offline. At least he should be asked to provide evidence to support his statement. It is a huge challenge to pronounce that something is safe, and then provide supporting research to back it up. Avandesande, please introduce yourself. Jeffrey, thanks for all your great work over the years.
  10. If memory serves, denatured alcohol is mostly methanol. Not a good thing. ..Well, I not saying ethanol is good for humans, except in some circumstances. Methanol does not dissolve shellac, does it?
  11. Thought better of it
  12. эта нить должна быть размещена там, где не светит солнце
  13. .? ? .? The law of obviosity, of course! это была бы лучшая дискуссия на русском языке
  14. The real point here is that it’s not about the violin. It’s about being able to get attention. If I have the biggest pile of garbage in the world, well, people will notice me. That is the point. And look.. I just add added to the pile. What did I get out of it? Just sayin.