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  1. What is laponite use for?
  2. I have contacted the Christchurch violinmakers. Now I will try the Auckland ones. Thanks John
  3. Mike, I am in New Zealand. I could only find it in large quantity, like 1 kg. And maybe 60 NZD. I only need a few grams.
  4. Thanks to you all. I will try Doug’s suggestion.
  5. I have an old bottle (10 years old) that now has liquid in it. I presume the lid has not been totally sealed. Moisture and oxygen have probably entered and reacted. How can I dry out this stuff? I know we have some chemists here. My search on the web did not find answers. thanks
  6. Alistaire, I am willing to lend you my copy of the Derber book, if you are willing to pay shipping. The book is in Fayetteville, NC. I am not. So I can’t use it. PM me.. Actually, perhaps others want to use it too. What can we work out?
  7. David, Yes, it occurred to me that a major thing that a violin making student needs to understand is the patient focus that your videos show. So, for a newbie, after watching the video by Michael’s student, one should also watch your videos. Really.
  8. Michael, Awesome video. Thanks.
  9. Yeah, but I saw it on the Internet, so it must be true. LOL Wouldn’t it be great if Thomas Billoux, or someone who knows him, showed up here to explain?
  10. In this video: Thomas aBilloux, is making a violin. The lower block looks extremely narrow, like maybe 9 mm. Apparently he attended the Mirecourt school. Is this in the normal range?
  11. Like these, for example? From Jerry.
  12. IMHO I think bowmakers require really special planes. Very small, metal. Tiny throat. Is Jerry Pasewicz here?
  13. Since the air volume will be drastically decreased, the A0 mode will move much higher, from 270 Hz to maybe 320. Cannot wait for you to confirm this guess. Thanks
  14. You folks don’t know about cbn wheels? They don’t heat up the blade because the substrate is aluminum. Thus the heat is absorbed into the grinding wheel. No need for a hand crank wheel. Really.. They are expensive, though.
  15. Michael, What sharpening abrasives do you use for sharpening Red Stripe steel? Thanks
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