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  1. How will you test to see if you have an excellent edge? I use loops of 40 wt rayon embroidery thread attached to a 65 gram weight ( 26 USA pennies). Also, I believe that a super sharp edge will oxidize over night and won’t be as sharp in the morning. Has anyone else found this?
  2. I scraped the whitish powdery glue, then used hide glue to re-install the neck. Now, a week later, the joint has failed. Does any have suggestions about the kind of glue used originally? Chinese violin from Shanghai..
  3. I, too, follow every Don Noon post on the subject.
  4. Thanks, Don. I see that the “Rode Guarneri “ has B1+ at 506 Hz. So that gives reason for hope. Does hope need a reason? BTW, this violin was made by a 72 year old student in my violinmaking class. She did a beautiful job.
  5. Does anyone have examples of a good violin with B1+ mode this low? This violin has huge volume on G and D strings. Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Bill, i sent sent an email to you.
  7. I use the red crayon found in the ceramic tile dept.
  8. I have a 3600 rpm grinder and a 60 grit 8 inch dia cbn wheel. For me, 3600 is uncomfortably scary. I fear burning the steel in blades. But I have found that pulsing on/off works because the wheel has a large momentum. I will install a foot switch to do the pulsing. I suppose a dimmer switch would also work.
  9. This paper is from 2013, so probably old news. Polish academic. Conclusion is that oil varnish sounds better than spirit. Just FYI. see attached Modal_parameters_of_two_violins_with_dif.pdf
  10. Telling tails by Ted White attached Telling_Tails.pdf
  11. I found the pic at Just guessing that the weakest thread you can find will work.
  12. Which app is good to use for sound analysis on the iPhone? i don’t find an audacity app?