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  1. These two papers have a lot of information. Many of the formulae have density and speed of sound. Both papers mention RR, radiation ratio. Although RR and damping may not be causally related (you can’t derive one from the other), I believe they appear usually to accompany each other. In other words, a high RR is a good thing in violin wood. Don Noon realized an easy way to measure speed of sound without an expensive meter. His presentation is here: Link #1 Yoshikawa is lead researcher Link #2 Waltham is lead researcher One sentence is particularly interesting, perhaps bolstering the reason violin backs are maple and tops are spruce, “Although Sitka spruce and maple show the strongest response around 1 kHz and similar response below 1 kHz, the response of Sitka spruce is much weaker than that of maple above about 3 kHz. This weaker radiation of Sitka spruce at higher frequencies makes it a preferred tone wood because the emphasis of lower frequencies is desirable to the pitch sensation in Western music.”
  2. To join, please send me a pm with your email. Looks like I will have to use the password feature of ZOOM.
  3. Giovanni, i will see if the person giving the talk this week is willing to do a second talk at a different time, What time would be good for you? My brother is in Torino now and would probably participate. One of the current participants, an amateur, needs to know more about graduation of the violin back near the edges. Would you be interested in talking about that?
  4. You obviously have a musically talented kid. Lucky you. Do you know about Alma Deutcher? Do you Facebook? Or YouTube?
  5. This time it’s not Mike. But in the future, hopefully Mike will make give a talk in the near future.
  6. I can announce that someone has agreed to talk about pigments. Date: Sunday April 5 at 22:30 GMT If you wish to attend, download ZOOM and send a PM message to me with your email. John
  7. Mike, I think there would be interest in hearing about your current investigation of pigments. Please consider sharing. And Thomas Rauch has some experience with amber varnish. Thomas, please consider sharing. And I think we are open to sharing offers by others. Other Pegbox members, please contact me with your offers of sharing. Having 6 people in a chat was very comfortable. As the numbers increase, it necessarily becomes more of a lecture style thing.
  8. Jesse, Right, send me an email. john
  9. We did meet. Enjoyed each other’s company. 7 planned to meet. One person absent. Plan to meet next Sunday at 22:30 GMT. All Pegbox members welcome. My suggestion for next week is that one of us give a short presentation on a violin topic. Any volunteers? But, in any case, we will enjoy good conversation.
  10. The meeting is scheduled for 22:30 GMT Sunday in the USAJohn
  11. An app that allows meetings on the Internet. see
  12. Ok, 22:30 GMT Sunday evening. Agenda: ? — the virus reaction in your area — ?