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  1. And now, to see the video I wish I could have seen 30 years ago... How a really sharp scraper works, and how someone with excellent hands (Davide Sora) uses it. Thanks Davide
  2. Brad, Actually it needs a special technique. Getting the drill to go through is not the problem. The steel deforms near the hole so that you have a non-flat scraper. Maybe drilling the hole with some annealed steel underneath the scraper would help. We have people on here who know the answer to this, I am sure. Scraper steel is not too hard. Some entrepreneur might have 200 sets of scrapers cut out by laser. The profit margin might barely justify doing it.
  3. Bingo, but also to hold the scraper vertical to the stone. This thing works! I bought cheap diamond stones, diamonds embedded in stainless steel. 400 grit, 1000 grit, 2000 grit. These stones are thin, 1.0 mm or so. But they are cheap, and they work. 1/2 point to Andreas.
  4. Very close. Don gets 1/2 of a point. I will use that idea when I have a belt grinder, which I don’t have now.
  5. Very interesting. But not what this was designed for
  6. No, it’s not to make the scraper stiff.
  7. I cannot imagine myself saying to any customer “I don’t think this is the right place for you.” It’s a VERY passive-aggressive thing to say. To me, it means “I don’t like you, please go away, but I really do care for you.” or perhaps “I know so much more than you do. But I don’t want to enlighten you. I am trying to cover up for ...(I don’t know what.”)
  8. The oil was spread in a thin coat on glass. After perhaps a total of 20 hours of sun, it is completely dry. Actually, it was probably dry after 8 hours.
  9. I think 27 degrees is good for maple. Lower for spruce. The jig I show in the pic facilitates accurate sharpening angle. Now, instead of sand paper, I use diamond plates. I got thin ones very cheaply from China.
  10. How do you ensure the bevel is “flat”? Also, if you use a Cbn wheel, it won’t burn the tool.