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  1. There must be a good video showing how to use a business card, cut and slitted, as a measure of soundpost location. I tried to find one, without success. Does anyone have a pic that shows how to do it?
  2. Jack, Your pic shows the bridge near the f-hole notch, as it should be. The bridge should be 195/196 mm from the top edge. You should ask which luthier did the work. I know your story isn’t amusing to you, but I am interested in the outcome.
  3. What is the distance from soundpost to bridge. It looks like 8 mm, which would be huge. correction: I see that you said it was 15 mm. Yeah, that just bad.
  4. Violadamore, I believe we corresponded before. You are in a flat state, just west of the Mississippi, right?
  5. The online library Wiley is not a peer reviewed journal, is it? Or in other words, if I get published there, does that make me a qualified scientist?
  6. Korean made. I got a free sample. Synthetic core. Does anyone have experience with them? If you prefer, pm me.
  7. Oded Kishony has useful tricks. I would contact him.
  8. When I first began making, I used a pattern that was larger than normal. The plate weights were always higher than recommended. What are the plate lengths and widths?
  9. Thanks, Joe. Much appreciated.
  10. If you have a violin that you have decided has plates which are too thin, I believe you could make a paste of casein and pumice. Apply to the inside of the plates. I did some testing of strips. Found that the mode frequencies were raised with this stuff.
  11. Thanks Doug and Don. I think the ”calc” must be quicklime.
  12. It seems that Edgar Russ is convinced that the Cremonese makers used casein on the inside of violins. I am shocked to see the water applied. I would think it dangerous to glue joints. Please share your thoughts on casein. Thanks. His video is here:
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